One Couple + Two Dogs = Our Waldo Bungie

Wow. It’s been awhile, huh?

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As you may recall, I started my dream job at the beginning of December, and to say things have been busy would be a huuuuuge understatement. In my interview, my now-boss asked me how I felt about being busy… and when I said I loved it, she said “well, here, we are busy at a whole other level.” She was not kidding! Luckily, I love the busyness. And even when I work a very long day, I head home smiling because I know all of my hard work is helping to place shelter pets in loving homes. Oh, and my workmates help make a long day worth it too…


So I love my job, but obviously, the blog has suffered…. no posts in over a month?! What is wrong with me?! I am also HUNDREDS of posts behind in reading all my fave blogs. I am engrossed in social media all day long at work, so when I get home, I am trying to be present with the dogs and with Daniel…. not always successfully, but I am trying. One cannot survive off dog blogs alone, right??? So while I try to find balance between home life, blogging, and my new job, I will try to blog at least once or twice a week… but if I can’t do that, make sure to at least follow me on Instagram and Facebook, because I will still be posting there regularly.

Alright, now that we got that settled, let’s talk about my 75 pound snow monster.


To say that Moby loves snow would be like saying that I love Mexican food or Dexter loves killing serial killers. It is just a simple, undisputable fact. But really, what doesn’t Moby love? Fostering him is like fostering Buddy the Elf. Let’s try hiking! OK! Frisbee? SURE! Chuck-It? SIGN ME UP! Tromp around in the snow and chase a ball? THIS IS MY FAVORITE THING EVVVVVVER!


Unfortunately, unlike the other activities that are Moby’s “favorite,” running around in the snow and ridiculously frigid temps tends to cause the strangest reaction for the Mobisher’s toesies. If we stay out longer than 10 minutes, his toenails bleed. Not a lot, but enough that this very unperceptive person noticed when it happened. It might have something to do with his crazy long quicks… but regardless, it freaks me out.

I have considered purchasing Muttluks for him, but I’m not sure he’d keep them on. So for now, we are limiting his outdoor playtime to 10 minutes or less… which leaves him less than pleased with me, but keeps his blood inside his body…. where it belongs.


Have any of you ever experienced your dog’s toes bleeding due to extreme cold? Any suggestions of things I could do? Moby doesn’t seem to be in any pain… he whines and pleads when I bring him back inside after just 10 minutes… but obviously, even a little blood is like a Carrie-esque style blood bath to me when it is coming out of my baby dogs.


Thanks for sticking with  me as I navigate how to balance life, blogging, fostering, etc. You all are the best!

I started my dream job yesterday.

I am now the Social Marketing Coordinator for Great Plains SPCAKansas City’s “most comprehensive No Kill animal welfare organization, serving more than 30,000 needy pets annually – more than any other agency in the area.” 

I get to go to work and help homeless animals find homes through social media… seriously. That is my JOB. I had been searching for a long time for a job where I could feel really passionate about the work that I do day-to-day, knowing that it really matters. Then Polly’s Adoptomomma called me about this job. There is not much I feel more passionate about than homeless animals – as I am sure you know – and Great Plains is on the forefront of animal welfare in Kansas City and across the United States. Plus, the snuggling-puppies-and-kittehs thing is icing on the cake! Can you tell I’m pumped about this?!

So if you want to see some of the fun things I’m doing, go like Great Plains on Facebook! And I’m sure I’ll share some of my adventures here too…

In December of 2012, my life changed. Foster mama, Emily, kept telling me to be patient, that my furever home would come, but I wasn’t so sure. I had been framed for a crime I didn’t do (Yeti lives!!), and had endured the limitations of sharing a family with other dogs (Rufus, and Turkeyman) and still, I hoped for permanency and life as an only dog-child.

Thanks to internet doggy dating, my Adoptomomma, Susan, found me under a profile that foster momma, Emily, created. You see, my foster momma, Emily, has a God-given gift of writing about everyday things, and making them sound like the cutest things ever (although it is pretty easy to make the things I do sound cute!). She is soooo good at this, that my future momma fell head over heels in love with me! Yep. That’s right. Just from reading about my story, as told by Emily, and seeing the (adorbs) pictures that Emily took of me, being me. Fell. In. Love. Woohoo!!

So, now, a year has passed (boy that was fast!), and I got to some thinkings about my new furever home, and my journey at being an only dog-child. When I first came to Adoptomomma’s house, I really didn’t know what to think. I mean, it’s quiet, and there are no other dogs or furbabies. Except for Earl the Squirrel, and the bunnies who live outside, I have this whole place to myself.

I am now the master of my domain.

Adoptomomma doesn’t have to ever worry about anyone sneaking up or by our house. It is my full time job to monitor and report any suspect activities, and I take this job seriously (As a retired secret agent, I have skills, you see). I am so good at this, that Adoptomomma says I can relax a little, but that would not do. I have to stay ever vigilant and make sure that no one intrudes without my knowing.

Who goes there? You going to hurt my Adoptomomma? Better not!

Adoptomomma has lots of friends who come over. I get so excited to see our besties, that I have to really try to not jump and kiss them all over. Adoptomomma tells me to sit when we have company and stay to be petted, but that is not fun, at all. It is much more fun to jump around and do my hula dance for our guests. I am really good at hula dancing, and Adoptomamma’s friends love it. I will keep working on sit and stay, though, since I know that adoptomomma wants me to get better at this. Sigh.

Being silly for Adoptomomma’s friends is one of my many specialties!

I really like it when Foster Momma, Emily, comes over for visits, too.

Is that really YOU, Foster Momma?! Come look at my toys! No, my noms! No, my bed!
Nevermind just KISS ME! AHHHHHHHHHH!

The last time she came by, I nearly had a stroke from so much excitement at seeing her! She is the best, and I am so thankful for her being such an awesome dog-vocate. Her online stories and bloggings helped my Adoptomomma find me, and I know that she is going to help a lot of other dogs find their furever homes in her new job (which she will tell you about very, very soon!). What could be more perfect??

I can sleep soundly knowing that Foster Momma is still up to her bloggings…

Okay, I gotta get back to my Adoptomomma… I think I heard her open up my noms jar (which, as you know, I campaigned hard for back in Nom-vember of 2012)!

P to the Pocket (Polly Pocket)

I’m Baaack! (As Told by Yeti)

November 26th, 2013 | Posted by Emily in Doggies! | Rufus | Silliness | Yeti - (8 Comments)

Everyone’s favorite furry secret agent is back on the job!

As you may remember, I faked my own death last year (briefly framing Polly Pocket for offing me) in an effort to protect my secret agent identity.

But one my identity was revealed, it was no longer safe for me to stay in Kansas City, so I departed for the land where all yetis feel most at home: The Pacific Northwest.  

I thought I could wander around Portland, Oregon unnoticed, but when I was looking to send home some sweet treats home to my bro Rufus, I happened to walk into NoPo Paws, which is owned by Sarah from Married with Dawgs.

Sarah insisted that she shadow a real live yeti secret agent, and so I obliged her as I checked out the many beautiful bridges of Portland, checked out a coffee shop, bought some stamps… ha ha… I was really just running errands and doing a little sightseeing! I totally tricked her!

Luckily she wasn’t too mad at me… she even let me crash at her place… maybe getting slobbered on by Hurley was her revenge? Or maybe it was the close call I had with Miss Maggie? Snuggling with Sadie was pretty cool… but nothing compares to my bro Rufus.

Anywho, I’m back in Kansas City now… snuggling with my bro Rufus and keeping a close eye on this Moby dude. Because honestly, this Moby character needs a whole HOST of yeti secret agents to keep his shenanigans under wraps.

Peace out,

I know, I know. I’ve been a bit absent around the old blog lately. I blame work being (insanely) busy and our house being in a jumble as we work to cross one of our house goals off the list (more on that another day). I’ve also been working with Moby a lot to help make him as adoptable as possible… but that’s not what I am taking to the blog to talk about today. I am here to talk about one of my favorite topics: Elderdogs. November is Adopt a Senior Pet month, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about it. Because as many of you know, my very first foster was the ultimate elderbelle diva, Ginger Rogers.

While I love all of my fosters for different reasons, Ginger holds a special place in my heart. She was 24 hours away from euthanasia when I met her at an adoption event where I was volunteering. When I took her out of her cage, she just melted my heart with her chocolate brown eyes and sweet demeanor. How could no one want her?! But she had the trifecta of bad luck – she was a pit bull, she had medical issues, and she was OLD. I remember a fellow volunteer saying to me that people don’t want to adopt old dogs… especially not a pit bull with medical problems. But I was determined. I agreed to foster her right then.

The 6 months we had Ginger before she was adopted were some of the most fun I’ve ever had fostering. Ginger is so easygoing and sweet – always up for an adventure! Ginger just loves to be loved… and is willing to do whatever it takes to get a belly scratch… even if it meant dressing up like a fairy princess, a bumblebee, or one of Santa’s helpers.

While it did take awhile to find adopters who would appreciate Ginger for the sweet elderbelle she is, she lucked out when she met Aaron & Jenny. Jenny was running past one of our local coffee shops one day and was stopped in her tracks by Ginger as we were sitting enjoying the unusually warm fall day.

Jenny didn’t see Ginger’s age, she only saw her velvety smooth ears, her broad smile that appears whenever she gets a belly rub, and those warm, chocolatey eyes that promised to love her forever. And Jenny was smitten. Ginger was adopted by Jenny and her husband Aaron (and their two pugs & corgi) a few days later.

Ginger has been with them for nearly two years now. And every time I see her, I can tell that they adore her as much (maybe more!) than I do.

And I smile to myself when I remember the words of that fellow volunteer, “no one wants to adopt an old dog.” Well, to those people who overlook and underestimate the old dogs, I say to you… you are missing out.