One Couple + Two Dogs = Our Waldo Bungie

Dear Moby,

It’s been 24 days since your adoption was finalized. I cannot even begin to tell you how quiet things are around Foster House. Your absence is felt with nearly all of my senses… no more seeing you running around like a crazy dog in the backyard, smelling your warm breath on my face when you would snuggle in to be just that much closer to me, touching the velvet-y soft furs on your ears and nose, and hearing you bark to tell me that you are hungry, want to go out, want your ball, or just so I’ll look at you (you were very vocal with me, buddy). Your presence loomed large in our tiny house… and now that you’re gone, it feels very, very empty.


You were supposed to be at our house for four days. I was going to evaluate you and then you were going to move on to a longer term foster situation. But one look into your honey brown eyes and I just knew that you weren’t going anywhere (much to Daniel’s chagrin). Somewhere along the way, you picked up the notion that you were a “bad dog” and you would lash out if you thought someone was going to hurt you. It broke my heart that I couldn’t reach my hand towards you without you recoiling and snapping half-heartedly in the air, associating human hands with pain and fear. But that just made me more determined to show you how awesome human hands can be. That human hands distribute noms, throw Chuck-Its and ‘bees, and provide hours upon hours of pets if you’ll snuggle up beside them.


It took awhile, and the change was gradual, but you blossomed into one of the happiest, goofiest, and most trusting dogs I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. By the end of our time together, I didn’t have to worry about scaring you if I absent mindedly put my hand on your head. You would eagerly bring your head up to meet me. And I knew that if something scared you, you’d run to me for protection, instead of running away to hide in the bathtub (yes, you did used to do that, silly boy!). You learned that human hands can be kind, protective, and most of all, full of love.


Everywhere you went, people fell in love with you. You only came to work with me a handful of times, but EVERYONE knew who you were. You managed to guilt nearly everyone who passed by into giving you noms or scratching you behind the ears. And you know that your friends on the internet just think the world of you (they shared your story over 500 times to help you get adopted!). You did a lot of growing up in your time with us, Mobes, and you were with us just long enough to learn that you truly are a good dog (some might even say one of the BEST dogs) and that given the chance, humans can be pretty awesome, too.

Thanks for loving on Moby, internet friends!

Thanks for loving on Moby, internet friends!

Lots of people have asked me if it was hard for me to let you go after 13 months together. And to them I always say something silly like “it would have been cruel for me to keep a water dog like Moby from living at the beach!” But when I get home and Turk and Rufus are snoozing in their beds and the house is very, very quiet, my mind drifts to a memory of you and I get a little sad. But just for a minute or two, because without fail, when I start to get sad, your mom sends me a text with a story about something silly you did or a sweet photo of you that reminds me that you are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be.

Moby with his mama

I am so thankful that your mama is so generous with her updates on you. Even before she took you home, she knew that you had a knack for wiggling your way into people’s hearts. Even Foster Dad was pretty fond of you….

You and your new family were walking on a path towards each other before you even realized they were your One(s). You helped heal their hearts from the loss of their sweet Dixie (and Brutus before her), and they are going to take you the rest of the way on your path to being the best Moby you can be. I am just happy we were able to shepherd you along for this small part of your journey.

I love you, Moby Hawkins Loehle.


Foster Mom

Love you forever.

Love you forever.


House Tour

March 31st, 2014 | Posted by Emily in Goal Setting | Home Improvement - (14 Comments)

After nearly five years of blogging about life, love, and dogs at our bungalow in Waldo, we are finally ready to reveal our official house tour! When Joe & Miranda came to Kansas City to make it official with Moby, Joe (who is an amazing photographer) graciously agreed to photograph our house! We are getting ready to put it on the market this spring, and I just know that his amazing photos will help us get our place sold super quickly. So, without further adieu, here is our bungalow in the heart of Kansas City….

Our Bedroom:

Guest Bedroom:

Guest Bathroom:


Dining Room:

Living Room:

Master Bathroom/Laundry Room:

Don’t the photos just look so great?! Daniel and I were both like, “is that really our house?!” Joe managed to make our home look both bigger AND cozier than it is in real life. He definitely sold me on the idea of hiring a real estate photographer when selling a house! We are so thankful that he agreed to photograph our home and couldn’t be happier with the photos. And while we love our little bungalow, we are finally finished with the last of our renovations and feel ready to tackle a new house project. We’re looking at moving to midtown, which is another historic are of Kansas City, or possibly just to another house in Waldo. Our house isn’t on the market yet, but we’re hoping to get it up for sale any day now. So stick with us… some exciting things will be happening around our neck of the woods in the coming days!

** My letter to Moby is coming soon too… I just haven’t been able to write it yet. So don’t worry! It’s coming! **

Yo dudes! Moby here!

So Forever Mom told ME that Foster Mom told YOU that I’m adopted!

Joe and Miranda with Moby3
I also heard that Foster Mom showed ya’ll Forever Mom’s letter to me that she wrote me back in May. So I figured it was about time that I told you about the road to my forever from MY perspective, because let’s get serious, you guys read this blog because of the Mobisher, amiright?!


So when I got that letter from FFM (Future Forever Mom) back in May I saw that she lived at the ocean and I was like, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, LADY?! But then Foster Mom told me about how she had just lost her soul pup Brutus to cancer and right after he passed, found out her other soul pup, Dixie, ALSO had cancer. That’s a lot of cancers to handle so closely together. Also, back in May I wasn’t quite finished building up my braves and my manners, so I wasn’t even READY to be anyone’s forever pup yet… and Foster Mom knew that.


But since Foster Mom and FFM (Future Forever Mom) were friends anyway, Foster Mom kept FFM in the loop about my progress and sent her funny photos of me from time-to-time. And FFM would ask about me when she would get sad about Dixie’s cancers and needed a pick-me-up. And even though Foster Mom kept sharing my adoptableness with the world, no applications came in for me.

Then something incredible happened in October… Dixie went into remission from her cancers!


My sister, Dixie (photo by my dad, Joe Loehle)

FFM and FFD (Future Forever Dad) were excited that Dixie was getting better, and they thought that maybe they could bring me home since she was feeling so much better. So in November, they flew out to Kansas City JUST TO MEET THE MOBISHER (well, I guess they wanted to hang out with Foster Dad and Foster Mom too, but whatever, they cared more about meeting me – duh)!

As you can see, I totally stole their hearts with all of my charms. I even gave FFM all of my sweet, sweet kisses.

I was just sure they were going to pack me in their suitcase and take me home to their island in Georgia (FFM says its not their island but whatever, it’s AN island, and that’s WAY more than Foster Mom has), but it just wasn’t my time yet….


Dixie’s cancer came back not too long after they got back to Georgia and so they decided to focus on making her last few months super fun and comfortable. Foster Mom kept working on my braves and my charms and I kept working on my handsomes, but still no applications came in for me (I know, I can’t believe it either). 


And this whole time, Foster Mom and FFM were still talking, and FFM was still really feeling that I was supposed to be HER dog. She got the news that Dixie most likely wouldn’t be long for this world, and she just knew that she I was going to be the one to help heal her heart when Dixie passed. So she asked Foster Mom if it would be okay to put in an application for me… even though she couldn’t actually adopt me for a couple more months. And Foster Mom just had this FEELING that FFM and FFD were my supposed to be my family, so she said “of course.”


Dixie passed away last week and FFM and FFD knew that they couldn’t wait anymore to pass on the love they had for Dixie to me. So they hopped in the car and drove 17 hours from Georgia to make my adoption final. Foster Mom said it was obvious that we were meant to be together. It was like I’ve been waiting my whole life for them to claim me as their own.

Joe and Miranda with Moby2

So after one last weekend with Foster Mom and Dad, I said my goodbyes Judd-Nelson-in-The-Breakfast-Club-style by bursting through the baby gate and into my Forever Mom’s arms! We hopped in my new car and headed on the road to my new island to meet my new brother, Boney.


Forever Mom and Dad know that you all are going to miss me LIKE CRAZY, so wanted to let you guys that Forever Mom has her own blog where she is going to share about my exploits: WOOF! Tails from St. Simons IslandForever Dad has his own blog for his business, but he shares about us doggies from time-to-time too: Joe Loehle Blog. Oh, and you can follow them on Instagram too: Forever Dad is @joeloehle and Forever Mom is @mloehle.

So don’t think of this as goodbye, think of it as see ya later…. thank you for following my story! Now I’m off to learn how to surf – COWABUNGA!


Moby Hawkins Loehle (Forever Mom & Dad gave me Foster Mom & Dad’s last name as my middle name to commemorate my time with them – isn’t that cool?)

In May, Moby received this email from my friend Miranda

Dear Moby,

I don’t know if your foster mom has told your or not, but I am in love with you!  I haven’t even met you and I know you are the boy to help fill the hole in my heart that Brutus left this world with.  Please understand, I know that you won’t ever be able to fill that hole completely, but I think you can do a great job of helping to heal it.  There’s only one problem – your future sister is sick and frankly, she’s kind of a b***h (not literally though, as she is spayed).  

I want you to know that your foster mom is going to look for the perfect forever home for you in the meantime, but if we’re meant to be together (and I believe we are), someday you’ll come racing into my arms, slobber me with your kisses and curl up and spend your forever days in my heart and home.  I can’t tell you if that someday will be days, weeks, or even months.  I know that your foster mom takes very good care of you and she’ll know if someone else comes a long that would be a good fit.  

Since you don’t me, I’ll tell you a little about myself and your future family.  Much like your foster mom and dad, we like to get out and explore.  We live at the ocean.  Your mom says you really like the water and I might let you swim a little in the ocean, but only on a leash.  The current is sometimes too strong and there are lots of icky things in our water (not like in a lake!).  I like to run, hike and spend time in the yard playing. Your future dad works from home, so there is almost always someone around. We have a big fenced yard that is fun to run around and play in.  There’s a dog door so you can go outside whenever you want.  We get up pretty early, but every once in a while we like to sleep in.  

I hope to meet you sometime this summer/fall so you can decide if you love me as much as I love you. Until then, please be good for your foster mom and dad and be patient with Turkey and Rufus.  Put on all your charm when you go out just in case there might be someone more perfect for you than me!  

Your (hopefully) future forever mom

Well, a lot has happened between that email and now, which I will be sharing with you this week, but I can officially say that Moby has left the building… and his new family is PERFECT. Stay tuned…

Joe and Miranda with Moby
(Photo by the amazing Fido Fetch Photography)


Am I That Obvious?

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So, my 30th birthday was a couple of weeks ago and there seemed to be a recurring theme with my cards and gifts…

photo (1)


Apparently the dog blog, fostering, and working at an animal shelter made it very easy for my friends and family to pick out gifts for me… so, what did I get?

Perhaps my favorite gift from Daniel was this t-shirt from Sirius Republic.

photo (2)

It is incredibly soft, fits perfectly, and of course, shows my love for the pitties! Oh, and the very sweet gift certificate from Jen at Sirius tucked in with the shirt was pretty awesome, too!

photo 3

My friend Miranda from Tails from St. Simons Island sent me this adorable monogrammed tote from Molly Mutt! I’ve already used it to tote Moby’s toys to and from work… it is the PERFECT size!

Molly Mutt

When we got our Fit, I begged Daniel to let me put a pit bull window decal on it and he resisted for several months… but he finally gave in with this adoraBULL decal from Dog Park Publishing. I think it looks a bit like the Turkeyman, don’t you?

photo 2

I also got this very cute little treat container and noms from one of my rescue friends… but really, that’s more of a gift for the Mobisher, Turkeyman, and Rufus, no? But seriously, it is really cute and the PERFECT size for noms.

photo 1

Okay, so there was one gift I gave myself… a bulldog speaker from Urban Outfitters! It was $9.99 and I was turning 30 so… I’d say I deserved it, right?! Surprisingly, the sound is actually pretty good. And Daniel and I have been using it to jam out when we’re cleaning the house. And it is just so dang cute!

photo (3)

So that’s about it. I’d say my transformation to crazy dog lady is officially complete, huh? But that’s alright… I loved every single one of my presents…  no matter how much of a crazy dog lady it makes me!