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Introducing Marigold

April 27th, 2015 | Posted by Emily in Elderbulls | Fostering. | Marigold - (6 Comments)


My name is Marigold and I’m new around here. I lived with my Mom my whole life – from puppy-dom until I was 10 years old. But she had some personal issues and ended up having to move very suddenly. She cried so much when she said goodbye to me but she took me to a place where I’d be safe – Great Plains SPCA. I was confused at the shelter because I haven’t been in a place like that before but after a week I was doing alright. I got to go on walks with volunteers and the people who brought my food were always very nice to me. I was sad though. I missed hanging out with my Mom and living in a home.


But then one Sunday afternoon this nice lady came to the shelter and told me that I was going to stay with her until someone new adopts me. She said that she is my Foster Mom and I love her so much already. She calls me Goldie Gal when I snuggle with her and give her my slobberiest kisses. She takes me to work with her almost every day and is teaching me about how she helps save other dogs like me. I work very hard alongside her practicing my manners – she said they were a bit rusty so in between her real job, we work on my sits, stays, waits, shakes, lay downs, and she even is working on teaching me how to catch food she tosses to me!


Oh, did I doze off, Foster Mom? Sorrrrrry!

We’re still learning about each other and I’m teaching Foster Mom something new every day – like how good I am at defending her against that awful vacuum! We were just hanging out minding our own business and it tried to hurt her so I grabbed it and picked it up and told it to stop hurting my Foster Mom. Then it turned off! I showed that vacuum who was boss! I’m also showing Foster Mom how nice it is to have a dog who always wants to keep her company. The Turkey Man prefers his alone time but I want to be with Foster Mom at ALL times… like when she’s doing her chef thing in the kitchen, I’m Sous Chef-ing.

Are you sure you're going to need all that bacon? I'd be happy to take a slice off your hands, Foster Mom!

Are you sure you’re going to need all that bacon? I’d be happy to take a slice off your hands, Foster Mom!

She says that I am such a good girl that she doesn’t see me needing to spend that much time in Foster House. She says that if I keep my hopes up and keep practicing my manners, the best family ever will scoop me up in no time. So in between naps, I keep checking to see if my Furrever family has arrived. They still haven’t shown up but I’m hoping maybe tomorrow….

Furrever Family, is that you?

Furrever Family, is that you?

We haven’t really fostered since Moby. There was that brief stint with Twiggy (Turk’s miniature doppelgänger) that you may have seen on our Facebook page, but it was five days total and she didn’t really need me that much. I held off on fostering after Moby because Rufus was starting to have some health issues and we wanted to spend some time focusing on him and Turk. I’m thankful for that time I had to put all of  my focus onto Rufus before he passed, but the idea of fostering again has never really gone to the back burner in my mind.

Twiggy's perpetual "unimpressed" face.

Twiggy’s perpetual “unimpressed” face.

Then this weekend I met Chuck…. and proceeded to lose my mind.


I mean, with a face like that, who wouldn’t go just a bit crazy? I met his awesome foster mom and set up and meet & greet. Daniel rolled his eyes and took deep, calming breaths as I explained all the reasons why adopting a four month old puppy was an amazing idea. Probably the best idea I’ve ever had. WHY DIDN’T HE LIKE MY IDEA? WHY WAS HE CRUSHING MY DREAMS?! Somehow he managed to get me to take a deep breath and reminded me that if we adopted another dog, we could never foster again. Two dogs is his limit. He also reminded me that my heart has always been with the throw away dogs, the ones that nobody wants… why was I losing my mind over a dog that could be adopted by anyone and do perfectly fine?

Chuck left and went to another meet and greet where he was adopted (of course) and I proceeded to ugly cry and finally just admit to myself (and Daniel) that I’ve been really sad since Rufus passed. It’s been too quiet in our house and as much as Turk loves me, he is Daniel’s dog. If we were both on a burning bridge and Turk could only save one of us, he’d choose Daniel in a heartbeat. They are soul brothers. I’m just the one who fixes his food (and he’ll settle for a snuggle with me but I know he’s pretending I’m Daniel). So I told Daniel that I’m ready to foster again. I need to feel like I am helping a dog that needs me. One who may not have a chance without me. One who is an amazing furever dog just waiting to be discovered. And lo and behold, a dog just like that came to the shelter where I work just recently. And now she is the newest foster at Casa Hawkins. Meet Marigold. I’ll be sharing more about her as she reveals her personality to me! Stay tuned!


Photo Credit: Alyssa Severn