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(White) Front Door

October 11th, 2010 | Posted by Emily in Fall fun | Home Improvement - (1 Comments)

Do you like my subject line? It’s a reference to one of my favorite bloggers, who happens to live in the KC Metro also.

Since we’ve yet to decide on a color for our front door, it remains white. But, we did get a small addition to our front door awhile back when Daniel’s Aunt Carol & Beth (and their husbands) came to KC for a whirlwind weekend of renovation. Most of their work was done in the crawlspace, adding support beams and insulating our pipes so we don’t have an incident like last winter. Because I was sick that weekend, and also because I don’t go in the crawlspace, they did a quick project for me that I could actually see the results with my own eyes. And here it is:

We got a storm door! I’ve been wanting one for a long time – it adds so much light to our living room to be able to open the main door and get all the light through the window on the storm door. Also, it’s been nice on cool evening to open the window on the storm door and let the breeze come into the house. Preston and Bill (Daniel’s uncles) did an amazing job installing it – apparently, our door frame was slightly crooked, so they had to do a lot of work to make sure the door was installed correctly. They also did a lot of amazing work in the crawl space, but I will leave that up to Daniel to explain to you another time. They are a great resource for us in working on our little bungalow, and the free (extremely skilled) labor is always appreciated!

Here are a few more shots of the door, my latest Hobby Lobby find, my rose moss, and the porch area – please don’t judge me on how dirty it is. Those stripes are hard to keep clean!

More IKEA love…

August 3rd, 2010 | Posted by Emily in Home Improvement | IKEA Love | Kitchen - (1 Comments)

In the last post I spoke of my love for the BYGEL rail and wire basket and the GRUNDTAL cutlery caddy and how we used them in my parent’s kitchen renovation. We actually loved them so much we got the set for our kitchen also!

We had two of the cutlery caddies before this photo was taken, one holding a fern, as seen above, and one holding an aloe vera plant. Well, apparently I have no idea how to care for aloe vera and it promptly died within days of being planted. So I decided that I will get my aloe vera from a bottle from now on, thank you very much! Here’s another shot of the IKEA goodness…enjoy!

We went back to Lincoln a couple weeks ago to hang the cabinet doors in my parents’ kitchen after they got back from France. It’s exciting to see the room coming together!

We also installed an IKEA GRUNDTAL cutlery caddy and BYGEL wire basket on a BYGEL rail above the sink.

Instead of using the cutlery caddy for, well, cutlery, my mom planted some english ivy and some herb seeds.

We have the cabinets installed with new hinges and the walls painted, so now we just have to install new counter tops, a new range hood and convince my dad that new appliances are ENTIRELY necessary!

But at least it’s a working kitchen in the meantime!

My parent’s house in Nebraska is, shall we say, not exactly a model of 21st century living. There is tons of wallpaper, almond colored toilets (apparently this was popular in the 80s?!), and more brass accents than I care to mention. But, with a little help from their darling daughter and her hot, intelligent, sexy handyman husband, we are slowly bringing my parent’s house up to date.

We decided to start this major overhaul of their house over Memorial Day weekend (relaxation, what’s that?) with their kitchen. First, feast your eyes on the before:

Check out that yellow sink! And the wallpaper!  And the yellow range hood?! Oh my, we had our work cut out for us! We knew we needed to start with the wallpaper, which we thought would take maybe, maybe, MAYBE one day but, oh no! It took 20 hours of work between 3 people to get the devil paper down! I even posted something about it on Facebook to get some ideas from friends. I heard everything from using a steamer, fabric softener, and soap. Well, we went with two different wallpaper removers, one from Lowe’s and one from Home Depot. The Lowe’s version is called Piranha and I wouldn’t recommend it – it was gloopy and didn’t spread well so it took twice as long to take care of a section. We did like the Piranha scraper though! The second remover we used was from Home Depot called WP Chomp. It was AMAZING! Not only did it get the job done quickly, but it’s also non-toxic, hypoallergenic and smelled like oranges! I definitely recommend it for anyone who’s planning on taking on the thankless task of removing wallpaper. Here’s a shot of the walls sans wallpaper:

This is my one “mid-way through” picture…the wallpaper is stripped and we had just begun to re-paint the cabinets a bright white (Behr’s Falling Snow). By the way, we used Behr’s Paint + Primer for the first time this weekend. The verdict? I liked it but I don’t think it was necessarily worth the extra $7 per gallon. Luckily, Home Depot was running a Memorial Day sale where you could get a $5 rebate for every gallon of Behr paint you bought, so that helped with the cost.  Okay, are you ready for the big reveal? Keep in mind, this isn’t the absolute “After” pic because we still haven’t replaced the counters or the sink & faucet, and the cabinet doors are still drying so we haven’t re-hung them. I am also working on convincing my parents to upgrade to stainless steel appliances. Let’s call these my “Temporary After Pictures.” So, after 43 hours of work, we have:

The wall color is Behr’s Pale Honey. The pictures don’t do the color justice, but it is such a nice, pale yellow. Daniel replaced my parents outlets with GFCI outlets to protect them from being electrocuted. Apparently this wasn’t required when the house was built – isn’t that crazy? Maybe it wasn’t invented yet, I don’t know. Anyways…I picked out the light plates, nice, huh? What a team we make! By the way, can we all please take a moment to check out the pattern on my parent’s 1970’s counter tops. Seriously, they are amazing. Love it. Let’s take a close up:

So, that’s what  I did over my vacation. We’re heading back to KC today for a couple hours of rest and relaxation before we head back to work on Tuesday…seriously, where did the weekend go?

I told Daniel awhile ago that I wanted some kind of garden edging along the side of our detached garage. It was a barren area when we moved in – no decent grass grew there – it was mostly dirt.

I wasn’t a big fan of the view, obviously. So, a couple months ago I started lamenting to Daniel that I wanted some sort of garden edging along the side of the garage. Luckily, at the start of spring, we noticed some bulbs spring up that kind of helped us to envision what exactly the garden might start to look like. Then, one night I came home from Gap to find Daniel had pulled a bunch of paver stones from underneath the house in the crawl space  (don’t ask why they were there). Anyways, he totally surprised me!

So, with a blueprint of how our “garden” might look, we started pulling up the random bulbs that were strewn about our yard.

It was a lot of work getting all of those bulbs out, but after I moved them to the new garden and added some mulch, it looked pretty good!

I’m looking forward to seeing how it looks when the bulbs bloom! We even planted a small raspberry bush at the end of the garden to see if we can get it to flourish – right now they just look like two sticks, but they are actually kind of pretty once they get some leaves!

So, that’s our latest gardening project – more on the horizon once we get a little bit of free time – things have been crazy around here for the past couple weeks and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon…but I’ll try to keep you posted on what we do get done!