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I know, I know. I’ve been a bit absent around the old blog lately. I blame work being (insanely) busy and our house being in a jumble as we work to cross one of our house goals off the list (more on that another day). I’ve also been working with Moby a lot to help make him as adoptable as possible… but that’s not what I am taking to the blog to talk about today. I am here to talk about one of my favorite topics: Elderdogs. November is Adopt a Senior Pet month, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about it. Because as many of you know, my very first foster was the ultimate elderbelle diva, Ginger Rogers.

While I love all of my fosters for different reasons, Ginger holds a special place in my heart. She was 24 hours away from euthanasia when I met her at an adoption event where I was volunteering. When I took her out of her cage, she just melted my heart with her chocolate brown eyes and sweet demeanor. How could no one want her?! But she had the trifecta of bad luck – she was a pit bull, she had medical issues, and she was OLD. I remember a fellow volunteer saying to me that people don’t want to adopt old dogs… especially not a pit bull with medical problems. But I was determined. I agreed to foster her right then.

The 6 months we had Ginger before she was adopted were some of the most fun I’ve ever had fostering. Ginger is so easygoing and sweet – always up for an adventure! Ginger just loves to be loved… and is willing to do whatever it takes to get a belly scratch… even if it meant dressing up like a fairy princess, a bumblebee, or one of Santa’s helpers.

While it did take awhile to find adopters who would appreciate Ginger for the sweet elderbelle she is, she lucked out when she met Aaron & Jenny. Jenny was running past one of our local coffee shops one day and was stopped in her tracks by Ginger as we were sitting enjoying the unusually warm fall day.

Jenny didn’t see Ginger’s age, she only saw her velvety smooth ears, her broad smile that appears whenever she gets a belly rub, and those warm, chocolatey eyes that promised to love her forever. And Jenny was smitten. Ginger was adopted by Jenny and her husband Aaron (and their two pugs & corgi) a few days later.

Ginger has been with them for nearly two years now. And every time I see her, I can tell that they adore her as much (maybe more!) than I do.

And I smile to myself when I remember the words of that fellow volunteer, “no one wants to adopt an old dog.” Well, to those people who overlook and underestimate the old dogs, I say to you… you are missing out.

We are no strangers to dressing up our pups for Halloween… but this year, I totally dropped the ball. So while I may not have any photos (yet) of the dogs in costumes for this year, enjoy this smattering of costumed cuteness from years past….

I’m trying to think of something I can throw together quickly tonight for the trick-or-treaters – any ideas?! What is your dog going as for Halloween this year?


Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

I remember hearing this quote when I was in college and it really resonated with me. It has also been kind of a motto for me in fostering. Each dog we have fostered so far has faced/is facing some sort of “battle.”

Ginger Rogers has chronic medical issues, Ginger Jr. was a “cage painter” (dog who poops in her crate and then smears it around her crate) in the shelter, Lucy Lou is a fence jumper, and Polly Pocket suffers from separation anxiety. And then our latest foster, Moby Wonderdog, is fear reactive.

 Coupled with the label of “pit bull,” my fosters have all come to me with some sort of strike against them. My bestie Jo and I were chatting last night and she asked me, “with so many dogs in the shelter who don’t have (fill in the blank with an issue), how would you convince someone to adopt one of your fosters when they do have issues?”

And without thinking, I replied, “I wouldn’t.”

You see, I know that each foster isn’t the perfect dog for everybody. But I do know that each foster is the perfect dog for somebody. So I make it my job to find the perfect adopter for each foster.

I’ve been pretty lucky so far to find the absolute perfect home for each of my fosters…Ginger Rogers was adopted by an amazing couple who have past experience with medical issues similar to Ginger’s. How did I know they were perfect? When I rattled off the list of meds Ginger was on and Jenny replied “Oh, our last dog was on that too!” Polly Pocket’s new mom had a dog with similar issues to Polly that past away a few years ago. When I told her about Polly’s issues, she replied, “well, I know how to do with that because I’ve already dealt with it.” Lucy Lou and Ginger Jr. are both thriving with their families too!

While it does take longer sometimes to find the perfect adopter (the average stay at foster home is 5 months), I believe that the wait pays off. Daniel often jokes that I like to foster the “broken” dogs, but I prefer to think of them as “diamonds in the rough.” Ginger Rogers was passed over at the shelter for weeks before narrowly escaping the euthanasia list… but after just a few weeks in foster care, her personality came shining through and she endeared herself to so many people.

I believe that Moby’s perfect adopter is out there, too. He may not be the perfect dog for everybody, but he is the perfect dog for somebody. Now the hunt is on to find out who that somebody is…

* Moby Wonderdog is available for adoption through Unleashed Pet Rescue. If you are interested in finding out more about him, please contact me at {} *


The lovely Miss Ginger Rogers wrote a letter to you all to catch you up on her life over the past year since was adopted by her amazing furever family, Aaron and Jenny (and Kali, Karma, Princess, and Macalen)! Here’s what she had to say…

Hello Our Waldo Bungie Readers!

My name is Ginger Rogers.

I don’t remember what my name was starting out, because I don’t have to think about those days anymore.  I found my forever home in January of 2012 and I haven’t looked back.  I have 3 dog sisters, Karma, Kali and Princess and a human sister Macalen.

I like Macalen the most because she is a person and I LOVE people – sometimes, when Mac hasn’t been home in a while, I go and lay in her room and smell for her and wish that she will come back soon.  I would prefer to be with my people above anything in the whole world.  I like my dog sisters enough, although the pugs, Kali and Princess scare me a lot.  They are small and make weird noises and I suspect they are half cat.  I stare them down and bark, but if they come near me, I run away.

Karma gets mad at me for barking at the pugs sometimes but she doesn’t bite me, just yells at me.  I sit on my Dad’s lap when I’m scared and sometimes when I’m just tired.

In July, my tummy started hurting and I couldn’t eat, which is sad because there is not a time of day I love more than breakfast and dinner.  I got really tired and sad and my mom and dad took me to Aid Animal Hospital and they made me stay for a week!  Mom says I had a freak liver failure and I almost died, but I’m okay now.

My favorite thing to do is knock things over and pulling things off the table.  This makes my mom and dad yell, but I don’t really hear much anymore, so they stomp around, which is so funny I forget about what I wanted to knock off the table and sit on my daddy’s lap instead.  He likes to play a game where he pretends not to want me to sit on him but I just push harder and I usually win the game!
 I am so happy I live in my forever home and although my dog sisters are a little nerve wracking, it is nice to have someone to follow around since my hearing is not so great anymore and they are fun to go on walks with!
My foster momma chose a good home for me and my mom and daddy love me very very much.
Ginger Rogers

Is 2012 seriously over already?! I can’t believe how much has happened in the last year… fosters have come to stay and moved on to adoptive families… I finished school… I started a new job… craziness. Well, before we officially embark on our 2013 journey, let’s take a quick look back on 2012 and all of the fun we had!

Number of posts: 169
Number of hits: 62,000 (up from 21,604 last year)
Most comments on a post: 58 (on our third blogiversary!)
Most hits in one day: 1,311 (the day we shared the story of Kimba)
Giveaways: 9
Blog friends met in real life: 5 (Amber from Mayzie’s Dog Blog, Sarah from Married with Dawgs, and A from Pitlandia, and Nigel & Alzbeta from Sharing a Life)
Blog dogs met in real life: 9 (Mayzie & Ranger – Mayzie’s Dog Blog) (Hurley, Maggie, & Sadie – Married with Dawgs) (Athena – Pitlandia) (Abbey, Jake, & Petey – Sharing a Life)

Blog friends I haven’t met in person yet but want to: Just like last year – too many to count!

Forever dogs: 2 (just Turk and Rufus)

Hikeabull hikes attended: 3 (and blogged about two hikes here and here)
KC Pittie Pack walks held: 27
Times Turk has “taken over” the blog: 5 (here, here, here, here, and here)
Foster dogs adopted: 4! (Ginger Rogers, Ginger Jr, Lucy Lou, and Polly Pocket)
Scariest foster moment: Ginger’s sudden liver illness (luckily she fully recovered – although she took about 5 years off my life from all the worrying)
Longest 2012 foster resident: Polly Pocket (6 months)
Sirius Republic collars: 6
Custom Sweaters my mom has knitted since her shop opened: 83
Yetis found and lost: 1

Goals completed: 7
Proudest accomplishment: Completing my Masters program

Overall GPA at graduation: 4.0!
Favorite home improvement goal completed: Tie between Daniel’s adirondack chair and the pallet mirror

Favorite travel goal completed: Girls trip (blogged about here and here)

2012 was a blast… but I have a feeling 2013 is going to be even better! Here’s to more fosters, more goals completed, and more traveling in 2013! Thanks for joining us on this crazy journey!