One Couple + Two Dogs = Our Waldo Bungie

I walked past this gem in the dollar section at Target and couldn’t resist.

Inspired by the creativity of Kim from Yellow Brick Home, I decided to give Barry the Barapasaurus a little makeover.

Barry shall live out the remainder of his days amongst the other creatures of the Bungie… including a certain super spy that we all know and love (except for Turk).

Cost breakdown for this project: $1 for Barry the Barapasaurus. I just used to some silver spray paint we had on hand. Pretty sweet if I do say so myself. Now I am thinking I need another dinosaur so Barry has a friend to hang out with? Which type of dino should I go for next?

If you follow me on Pinterest, you know I have a slight wreath obsession.

The problem with pinning is that I pin and pin and I never actually follow through on any of my pinspirations. Thankfully, there are people like Kate who reminded me of the Fall installment of Young House Love’s Pinterest Challenge. Oh JOY!

Of course I missed the deadline, but it’s cool to be fashionably late, right? So, this weekend I decided to STOP PINNING and START DOING when it comes to my unhealthy obsession with wreaths.

Here was my pinspiration photo:

After a quick trip to Joann, I returned with a wreath form, and Excelsior moss, natural filler, and some paddle wire. My bestie Deanna provided the glue gun. Rufus supervised.

The basic premise of making this kind of wreath is just to stretch out the moss and glue with wild abandon. As you stretch and glue, your wreath will start to look like this…

Once the moss was on just the way I liked it, I attached the natural filler, which basically looks like Safflower or Craspedia, with the paddle wire.

To attach them, I strung the paddle wire through the middle of about 4-5 at a time, then bent and arranged them how I liked it. Once they were exactly how I wanted them, I hot glued them into place. By the end, it looked like this…

This is how it looked on the door…

What do you think? The total cost for this project was about $8 (with a coupon) so I am pretty psyched! I am linking this up to Young House Love and Bower Power, where you can see all the other awesome Pinterest Challenge submissions!

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Remember when our mantle looked like this?

I have hated our mantle since we moved in. It was thin and weirdly rounded on the edges and I hate hate hated it! Daniel is awesome and understood my hatred and made. me. a. new. mantle. Yup.

Isn’t Daniel awesome?! He didn’t even tell me he was working on the mantle – he just built it and installed it one day. I know ladies…but back off…he’s all mine! Let’s just check out some more angles on this mantle…

I love how much room the mantle has now – it’s about an inch wider than before, much brighter with a high gloss white coat of paint, and it looks so much nicer! I love how I finally have room to showcase my Memory Vase and favorite books.

Pretty much the best. mantle. ever.

Happy Friday everyone!