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Sweater Weather!

October 22nd, 2013 | Posted by Emily in Blog Love | Doggies! | Sweaters - (11 Comments)

Well folks, it is that time again….  the leaves are turning gorgeous shades of orange and yellow, the salted caramel mocha is back at Starbucks, and most importantly, it is time to dress your dogs in sweaters!

We are already hard at work making sweaters for dogs all over the world, like our good friend Corbin & his foster sister Amelia in New York, as well as Bruce the Mountain Dog in Colorado, Bentley in Canada, and Lady & Belle in Mississippi!

We are especially proud of our latest sweater feature, which Moby is modeling below… a fun pocket on the back of the sweater, large enough to hold a couple of poo bags, a cell phone, or your keys on a long, chilly walk! I know firsthand how hard it can be to handle EVERYTHING one needs on a walk, so having an extra pocket to hold a few necessities is super helpful! Plus, the pocket is so adorable!

For this week only (through Sunday, October 27th), if you mention “POCKET ME!” when you place your order, we will add the pocket feature to your sweater FOR FREE! To order, follow the instructions on below:

We want to ensure that your dog is toasty warm in his/her Tiennot Knits sweater this winter season! Order today!

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Our friend Emily at Started with a Pit Bull asked me the other day how Moby is coming along with his fear issues since we started working with his cable back in March.

This has actually been a frequent topic of discussion at our house over the past few weeks because Moby has been doing so, so well. I can hardly remember that shy, scared dog who would snap at us if we moved our hands too close to his collar back in February.

But here’s the thing… I know that Moby is way more confident and trusting than he was back in February… he easily tackled disc doggin’ and took to water doggin’ like  champ…

He is much more snuggly with  us, walks pretty well on a leash (especially since I made it a goal to focus on that), and hasn’t had a fear biting incident with us in months….

But Daniel and I are wondering… is Moby just more confident now or have we just learned to avoid behaviors that caused him to fear bite in the past or is it some combination of those two things?

I find myself trying to recreate some of the scenarios that would have caused Moby to cower in fear or snap in the past and he’s not reacting to them the way he used to. But I also instinctively approach those scenarios differently than I would in the past. For instance, when I come up from behind Moby now, instead of going to pat him on the head (which would cause him to startle), I first touch him just above his tail and work my hand up to his neck so he has time to anticipate my hand reaching his collar. Or if Moby seems nervous about passing me in a tight space, I try to get behind him and then stop so he has time to get some space between us before I squat down and coo at him, offering him a scratch behind the ears (which brings him running back to me). So has he changed or have we?

I’m not sure what the answer is… but either way, I feel like we are nearly out of things to teach the Mobisher. I just have this feeling that his time with us is nearly up. I have this feeling that, even though we have had next-to-no interest in him this whole time, his forever family is just around the corner, and that they are going to look into his soulful eyes and just say, “Wow. He’s ours.”

* Only a few hours left to enter our Be Good Natured giveaway! To enter, scroll to the bottom of this blog post!
* Moby is available for adoption through Unleashed Pet Rescue. Check out his adoption profile here or email me at {} for more information.

Recently I attended the Strawberry Swing Indie Art Market.

There were lots of amazing vendors at the event, but I hit it off with one vendor in particular: Dani from Be Good Natured.

Dani’s wool animals instantly stole my heart… and Dani was pretty awesome, too. We chatted, exchanged emails, and I binge read her blog. She agreed to answer some of my questions and even has a good deal for you at the end… now… let’s get to the questions…

You work at a zoo. What is your favorite zoo animal and why? 
Well, my favorite animal at the zoo where I work is Henry the Hippopotamus. Hippos are such enormous and fascinating animals.  And Henry is just so cool!  (I even took some wedding dress photos with him!) For treats, he eats whole watermelons and pumpkins!  My absolute favorite animal (which is not found in my zoo) is the naked mole rat. They’re not pretty, but they are SO neat!
What made you start felting? 
Well, my husband had just introduced me to Etsy back in 2010.  I was exploring the infinite listings when I saw something made out of needle felted wool.  I was intrigued and HAD to learn more!  So, I did some research, ordered a starter kit, and I was hooked!

What is your favorite felt/animal character that you make? 
I’m a big fan of my zombie chicken.  I giggle every time I make one.

You have dogs of your own. Tell me a little about them.  
YES! We have two dogs: Elphie, a  Weimaraner, and Luna, an English Setter.  Both dogs were adopted from local shelters.  Elphie (a.k.a. Elphipotomus, Elphie Lou)  is seven and has calmed a bit as she has grown older.  She “talks” a lot to us, making hilarious noises trying to tell us what she wants (or doesn’t want.)  Luna (a.k.a. Pickles), on the other hand, is a crazy dog.  She loves to run and stalk squirrels and chase bunnies and hop after moths and…you get the picture.  She is an incredibly sweet dog, and we are lucky to have found her.

Have you immortalized your dogs in felt yet?
Sadly, no. Actually, I’ve wanted to try a wool “painting” version (like these) of a pet portrait, so I’ll probably practice using my pups as subjects.

You seem to love gnomes as much as I do.  Tell me about that. 
Well, I might have a history with gnomes.  I may or may not have been involved in a series of gnome snatchings in high school….  Regardless, they are super cute and fun to felt.

Isn’t Dani so fun? Seriously, if she didn’t live in Springfield, MO, I would already been attempting to make her one of my best friends. As I mentioned before, Dani makes these amazing felt custom pet portraits… and you know how much I love custom pet portraits.

So, of course, I was super psyched when Dani immortalized adorable adoptable Moby Wonderdog in felt.

I mean, are you serious?! She got his pink nose… his pointy ears… his epic tongue… she even got his little white spot on his back! It’s absolutely perfect! Now I’m thinking that my former fosters need to be immortalized in felt too, no? But wait… remember how I said there is something in it for you? Dani is pretty generous and offered up one custom felt pet portrait for one of you lovely readers! Enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway below…but if you want to forgo the giveaway and just order a custom felt pet portrait right away, Dani also offered up a 15% off coupon code CUSTOMPET that is good through September 30th. I told you she was cool. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

* All photos in this post from Be Good Natured by Dani *

Hello! Mobisher here! The Battle of the Tongues is over… and let me tell you… it was a close one! First I was ahead, then Corbin was ahead, then I was ahead, then Corbin, then me. Then I pulled the orphan card. Then Corbee pulled the foster brother card. It was CRAZY!

My tongue is longest!

But Corbee I must disagree… I believe MY tongue is the longest!

After a hard fought battle, and with over 300 votes, it truly came down to the last couple of minutes last Thursday and guess what?

It turns out we have equally longest tongues! I know! I’m as shocked as you. Corbee’s mom and my Foster Mom decided that it was too close to call, and so they called it a draw. So now Corbee’s mom is sending ME a bag of noms and donating $25 to Unleashed for my win and my Foster Mom is sending Corbee a bag of noms and donating $25 to Homeward Bound Rescue for Corbee’s win. So really… everyone wins because the Mobisher and the Corbee get noms.

But guess what? Foster Mom wants YOU to have a chance to win something too! So check back tomorrow because she is going to have a super special giveaway of one of her fave dog products, shown below… can you guess what it is?!

Mobisher here!

Pretty much everyone knows my tongue is the longest tongue known to dog-kind, right? Well guess what? My buddy Corbin thinks that HIS tongue is the longest tongue known to dog-kind! Sacré bleu!!!

So Corbin challenged me to a good old fashioned duel… a Battle of the Tongues to settle once and for all who has the longest tongue in all of the blog-o-sphere!

While I won’t dispute that the Corb-meister has an exceptional tongue… he totes does… I want to show you how my tongue is just a tid bit longer… and then I want to show you all why having such a long tongue can come in handy from time-to-time.  So, go check out Corbee’s tongue in the photo above or go check out his bloggie then observe my tongue in action…

Having a long tongue (aka “the longest tongue in all of the blog-o-sphere”) comes in handy in all sorts of situations…

Like when you are busy deathing a stick at the Sea of Potatoes, and you get some stick on the sides of your mouth? You just use your extra long tongue to remove the extra stick parts!

Or when you want to keep on hanging out on the docks, but Foster Mom tells you it is time to go inside and take a nap? You just use your extra long tongue to tell her what you think of N-A-P-S!

Or when you feel your pink nose is starting to burn from being out in the sun too long? You just use your extra long nose to cover it up!

But most of the time, I just use my extra long tongue to show Foster Mama how happy I am to be alive and to be hanging out with her and Foster Dad and my foster bros…

Now Corbin and me were ready to just settle this with a paw shake and some butt sniffs, but Foster Mom and Corbee’s mom are competitive, so they decided to make this Battle of the Tongues “interesting” by asking YOU guys to vote…

They are asking you guys to decide whose tongue is longer and the losing dog has to buy the winning dog a bag of Orijen Freeze-Dried noms from!) and the losing mom has to donate $25 to the winning mom’s rescue of choice. Pretty cool, huh? Foster Mom and I are playing for Unleashed Pet Rescue, who the Mobisher is being fostered through. But the noms… that’s what I’m most excited about…

So now it’s up to YOU! Will you vote in the poll below on who you think has the longest tongue? You have until Thursday at midnight (CDT) to cast your vote! Not to sway your decision or anything, but the Mobisher would reeaaaallly love it if you picked him! K?  XO, Moby

Who has the longer tongue?

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