One Couple + Two Dogs = Our Waldo Bungie

Recently I attended the Strawberry Swing Indie Art Market.

There were lots of amazing vendors at the event, but I hit it off with one vendor in particular: Dani from Be Good Natured.

Dani’s wool animals instantly stole my heart… and Dani was pretty awesome, too. We chatted, exchanged emails, and I binge read her blog. She agreed to answer some of my questions and even has a good deal for you at the end… now… let’s get to the questions…

You work at a zoo. What is your favorite zoo animal and why? 
Well, my favorite animal at the zoo where I work is Henry the Hippopotamus. Hippos are such enormous and fascinating animals.  And Henry is just so cool!  (I even took some wedding dress photos with him!) For treats, he eats whole watermelons and pumpkins!  My absolute favorite animal (which is not found in my zoo) is the naked mole rat. They’re not pretty, but they are SO neat!
What made you start felting? 
Well, my husband had just introduced me to Etsy back in 2010.  I was exploring the infinite listings when I saw something made out of needle felted wool.  I was intrigued and HAD to learn more!  So, I did some research, ordered a starter kit, and I was hooked!

What is your favorite felt/animal character that you make? 
I’m a big fan of my zombie chicken.  I giggle every time I make one.

You have dogs of your own. Tell me a little about them.  
YES! We have two dogs: Elphie, a  Weimaraner, and Luna, an English Setter.  Both dogs were adopted from local shelters.  Elphie (a.k.a. Elphipotomus, Elphie Lou)  is seven and has calmed a bit as she has grown older.  She “talks” a lot to us, making hilarious noises trying to tell us what she wants (or doesn’t want.)  Luna (a.k.a. Pickles), on the other hand, is a crazy dog.  She loves to run and stalk squirrels and chase bunnies and hop after moths and…you get the picture.  She is an incredibly sweet dog, and we are lucky to have found her.

Have you immortalized your dogs in felt yet?
Sadly, no. Actually, I’ve wanted to try a wool “painting” version (like these) of a pet portrait, so I’ll probably practice using my pups as subjects.

You seem to love gnomes as much as I do.  Tell me about that. 
Well, I might have a history with gnomes.  I may or may not have been involved in a series of gnome snatchings in high school….  Regardless, they are super cute and fun to felt.

Isn’t Dani so fun? Seriously, if she didn’t live in Springfield, MO, I would already been attempting to make her one of my best friends. As I mentioned before, Dani makes these amazing felt custom pet portraits… and you know how much I love custom pet portraits.

So, of course, I was super psyched when Dani immortalized adorable adoptable Moby Wonderdog in felt.

I mean, are you serious?! She got his pink nose… his pointy ears… his epic tongue… she even got his little white spot on his back! It’s absolutely perfect! Now I’m thinking that my former fosters need to be immortalized in felt too, no? But wait… remember how I said there is something in it for you? Dani is pretty generous and offered up one custom felt pet portrait for one of you lovely readers! Enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway below…but if you want to forgo the giveaway and just order a custom felt pet portrait right away, Dani also offered up a 15% off coupon code CUSTOMPET that is good through September 30th. I told you she was cool. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

* All photos in this post from Be Good Natured by Dani *

It is only natural that the art in your home will reflect who/what you love the most.  So it shouldn’t be a surprise that our art is very canine-centric.

But everybody knows that you aren’t set in the doggy art department until your dogs are immortalized in a Yellow Brick Home portrait… lucky for me, I was able to join the YBH portrait club recently!

The process of ordering a custom pet portrait from YBH is so much fun… Kim and I emailed back and forth to discuss what characteristics of Turk and Rufus I’d like her to focus on for their portraits. I asked her if she could capture the dichotomy of Rufus’ puppy-like mischeviousness  and his old man wiseness… and she totally nailed it.

For Turk, I asked if Kim could capture his salt & pepper face and bushy eyebrows. And… she nailed that too.

Amazing, right?! It blows my mind how much detail Kim is able to pack in a 4″x4″ portrait… how she was able to make the portrait look 3 dimensional… how she captured the sparkle in their eyes! I was really interested in Kim’s process so I asked if she wouldn’t mind snapping a few photos while she worked…

To say Kim is talented is a gross understatement. Kim’s got skilllllz, yo! I haven’t been able to stop staring at these little bad boys since they arrived at my doorstep last week. Honestly, it’s becoming a bit of a problem.

So I have two questions for you…

1. Which one is your favorite? Turk’s soulful eyes have me one second and then Rufus’ little smirk draw me in the next.

2. Have you ordered your pet’s portrait yet?

If you haven’t placed your order for a custom pet portrait just yet, I have a little surprise for you… Kim graciously offered Our Waldo Bungie readers a 10% discount off anything in her shop (including original paintings, art prints, gift certificates, and of course, custom pet portraiture!) with the code WALDOBUNGIE10 from now through Friday (June 7th) at midnight. Now I’m off to decide what I’m going to order next…

Rufus here!

No Old Dog Wisdoms today (but keep sending them in if you’re dog has a wisdom to share!)… instead I have a little hint for you about what is coming on Monday…

Can you guess what I’m sharing on Monday? Okay, I’ll  give you one more guess… it rhymes with “Schmellow Schmick Schome.

Check back Monday for the big reveal (and a little something for you too)!


Spring has officially sprung in Kansas City!

Since it was the first really nice weekend in awhile, Moby (and his ball) and I decided to hit up Dogs on the Lawn at The Nelson-Atkins Museum.

Dogs on the Lawn is a really fun event put on by the museum with doggy finger painting, t-shirt making, photo booths, and adoptions. Moby wasn’t quite ready for all the action though, so instead we hung back from all that and just enjoyed ourselves on the museum lawn.

Despite sitting away from the action, Moby’s dashing good looks and winning personality drew people to him like a moth to the flame.

It became evident very quickly that our hard work is starting to pay off – he did not act fearful when people approached him – even strange men! But then, we did discover that Moby can get a bit defensive when other dogs get near his beloved ball, so it’s one step forward and, well, you know… So away his ball went and Moby spent the rest of the time playing a rousing game of “which blade of grass is the best?” with his new friend Dana from Life with Beamer.

Fun times were had by all… and all that hard work had Moby exhausted when we got home. He spent the rest of the evening taking up 3/4 of the couch and snoring up a storm.

Sigh. Life is rough for a wonderdog…

PS – We happened to miss each other, but Crystal from Wayward Dogs was at the event also – read about her experience here.

* If you are interested in adopting Moby, email me at {} *

I’ll admit it – our lives revolve our dogs.

So it only makes sense that the dogs would make an appearance in our decorations too. Their influence in our decorating started out small, with our first commissioned piece of art by Kevin Stinehart – a reclaimed wood pit bull.

Then it was this beautiful print from Aleks at Love and a Six-Foot Leash

And these sweet Kathy Henn magnets I got from Crystal of Wayward Dogs 

Then around Christmas, our decorations became even more dog-centric when I won a Printcopia canvas print from Lili’s Notes. I thought this photo of Turkey in his mint julep-drinking bow-tie would look  awesome canvas-ized!

And of course I couldn’t leave Rufus out, so I ordered a 12 x 12 print of him from Printcopia as well.

And do you notice the furry little creature to the left of the frame? Yeah, that’s a little Yeti my friend Cori got me for Christmas to remember our pal Yeti (who, at the time, we believed had been murdered).

There’s also this cute print I got from Hammerpress – it’s not necessarily dog-related but it sums up how the dogs make us feel. Oh, and I found this cute little dog trinket when I tagged along with Daniel to an estate sale.

But the pièce de résistance didn’t arrive until yesterday evening…

Yep. Turk and Rufus were made into paper dolls by the talented Mollie Green of La Familia Green!

I was first introduced to Mollie’s amazing paper dolls during the 2012 Pittie Posse Secret Santa reveal, when Katharine from Two Kitties One Pittie commissioned this super cool I Love Lucy-themed paper doll print for Josh from That Touch of Pit.

The day of the Secret Santa reveal I emailed Katharine to get Mollie’s email address so I could request my very own paper dolls in Turk & Ru’s likeness. A few short weeks later, it arrived and I am in lurrrrrrrve…. I mean, do you see how she was able to include all of Turk & Ru’s favorite things? It is completely unique to them! I’m not sure what part is my favorite – the little Snug-a-Bull snood, the Molly Mutt bed, or the little Yeti. I’ve even thought about how easily this piece could transition into art for a baby room someday (like, way, way, waaaay in the future). Wouldn’t it be adorable in a kiddo’s room?!

So, in a nutshell, we are very dog-focused in our decorating. But I like to be surrounded by the things that matter most to me… and our dogs matter a whole heck of a lot!

How do your dogs influence your decorating style?
What would accessories would you include for your dog was made into a  paper doll?