One Couple + Two Dogs = Our Waldo Bungie

We’re Baaaack!

August 8th, 2014 | Posted by Emily in Doggies! | Fostering. | Polly Pocket

I know, I know… I haven’t blogged in forever. I contemplated just shutting down the blog permanently when I realized that I’d gone months without blogging. We’re taking a long-term hiatus from fostering, and I’ve thought a lot about whether you all would want to read about what’s going on in our neck of the woods if fostering isn’t a part of it. But I’m hoping that you guys will come back despite the lack of new furry faces around the blog. So, now that that’s out of the way, let me catch you up on a few things that have been going on around here….

The bungie…


It went under contract within a few days of us putting it on the market. The housing market in Kansas City is insane right now, and it was purchased by an investor who has several properties in our area. While I’d rather it went to a cute family who would love it the way we did, I’m just thrilled it sold for what we’d hoped. Our buyer wanted to close within the month, but every house we made an offer on (or even looked at, for that matter) immediately went under contract. There were a few major heartbreaks, including a mid-century modern house that went under contract after one day on the market while we were out of town. I’m not going to lie, I stalked that house for weeks hoping it would miraculously come back as “active.” Alas, it did not. We were getting pretty stressed about the time crunch to find a new place until the investor agreed to let us rent back our house from him month-to-month until we found our next home. Whew!

Luckily, just a few weeks ago we found this…

It is definitely not a bungie… and it’s not in Waldo either, but we are in lurve! From the start of our house search, we said we wanted a house with good bones that is just dated on the inside. This house is that and more. It is in an older neighborhood full of ranches and wide, tree-lined streets. It is a foreclosure, so even though we put an offer on it the first weekend it was on the market, we had to wait an excruciating nine days before we heard if our offer had been accepted. The morning we found out, I did a happy dance around the office and my co-workers were kind enough to join in the celebration. Daniel and I are in the thick of inspections and the back and forth with HUD right now, but once everything is done and we are moved in, I’ll be sure to start sharing the “before” photos. Needless to say, Daniel and I have our work cut out for us (subtext: it is the crappiest looking house on the block)!

That’s the main thing that’s been occupying my time as of late… oh, but since my last post (back in MAY!) was about Polly being returned to the shelter, I should probably report….


After just a few days at the shelter, Polly was adopted by the sweetest couple who came to the shelter looking for “a dog they could help!” We spent a couple of hours going over everything they could possibly want to know about Polly and they were in love (I mean, duh, right?)! They are both finishing up school to be therapists, and are hoping to make Polly a therapy dog! They are working on Polly’s anxiety and are taking extra care to put Polly in situations where she will succeed. To say I’m thrilled they found her is an understatement.

So that’s what’s going on in our neck of the woods. Did ya miss us?


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  • Yes! I also still like to here about your furbabies Turk and Rufus so even if no fosters you still have those cuties to blog about! Congrats on the selling of the Bungie and the purchase of your new home! Don’t stress I have not been Blogging a whole lot as with so many disasters from winter and the mountain of repairs I have been so busy. My furbabies are mad as we have not went creek hiking yet! Right now I have been painting my Mobile home and doing necessary repairs and am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!My son wanted me to move and get a house but I have a great view , lots of space outside, great hiking creeks all around me and i am at the top of the hill can’t ask for more than that!I also have 2 state parks close by. Please don’t stop Blogging.

  • avatar Jenna Krabacher says:

    Yay! You’re back!
    Um, so Turkey and Rufus might not be so thrilled to know that they are not blog worthy 😉 Once a rescuer always a rescuer and we all know you’ll be back in the thick of it in no time so keep us in the loop with the new home! Flipping/renovating older homes is always “fun” so keep us posted about the house, the boys and the awesome adventures you’re about to encounter :)

  • avatar Jill Heisterkamp says:

    Yay! Your stories are always blog-worthy! And once you’re a rescuer, always a rescuer. Hello, where do you work again?! Maybe you can highlight a shelter dog or two each week. Can’t wait to see the house transformation! I love what you two can accomplish! Yay!

    I have neglected my blog for over a year now, but I hope to start again soon, so it’s never too late to start posting again. :-)

  • I’m happy you’re back! :-)

  • I’m THRILLED you’re back!!! This is my favorite blog :) Also pretty much the only one I read at this point, haha. So I was doing my own happy dance when I checked my email and saw a Waldo Bungie post :) I’d definitely still be reading about your adventures without any foster dogs!! I’m also looking forward to seeing the before and after pictures of your house! My boyfriend and I just purchased a house the end of June and are moving in in just a few short weeks!!! Sooo exciting!!!

    • avatar Emily says:

      * Blushing * So excited for your new home! House buying is such a fun/horrible experience – I hope you are savoring every minute of it! :)

  • avatar Anita says:

    Dont ever leave blogging! I love reading your posts and getting fun updates. DONT LEAVE ME 😉

  • avatar Kendra says:

    Please do not stop blogging. Reading your blog makes me feel like I’m closer to home. So around what neighborhood is the new place?

  • avatar Kristy says:

    I’m happy you’re back and happy to see that Polly has a new home!
    We all have our areas of interest and one of mine is decorating and vintage homes in general. We moved last year from a 1920s bungalow into a fabulous home built in 1964. Luckily for us the home had only had one previous owner and is mostly original other than an unfortunate 1990s kitchen remodel. One of my other favorite blogs is Retrorenovation. Such a fun site for older homes and the purpose of the site is keeping the original flavor of a home intact while still doing necessary updates and decorating. If you don’t know it check it out!
    Looking forward to seeing your future posts!

    • avatar Emily says:

      Wow! I will definitely check that out! I’ve been desperately pinning away on Pinterest trying to figure out what I can do to give this house some updated flair while staying true to its 1970s glory! :)

      • avatar Kristy says:

        Oh I just love Pinterest! So much inspiration to be found there. You can have so much fun with a 70s home.

        We’ve had to do some new flooring in the bathrooms and were able to find some retro options that fit the style of the home – Retrorenovation is really helpful with that. We will be renovating our kitchen back to a more mid century modern style as the “updated” 90s kitchen looks terribly dated now, and does not fit the style of the home. I like to keep the bones of the house fitting the era of the home and then I decorate with a mix of vintage 50-60s items and current items!
        Sorry to blabber on so much! :)

        • avatar Emily says:

          Oh I could go on and on about decorating… you’re not blabbering at all! 😉 I’ll be excited to check out your renos!

          • avatar Mary Jane Sepmeier says:

            I just wish that I had a tiny bit of the talent and eye for design that each of you above seem to share! I can’t seem to see anything past the “carpet-needs-replacing”, in my current home, and what are “the bones of an older house”? What does this refer to? Can you help me see my house with some ideas for its restoration? I’ve just discovered this blog, and I hope you keep enthralling me with your dog and home-design reports!

          • avatar Emily says:

            Hi Mary Jane! The “bones” refer to the layout/structure of a home. If that is solid, I can handle bad carpet or wallpaper. But if the basement is wet (typical of a lot of older Kansas City homes) or the walls are caving in (also typical around here), then that is where Daniel & I get nervous because those are expensive fixes we can’t DIY.

            If you are looking for home design inspiration, I would suggest falling down the rabbit hole on these design blogs (my fave)
            Yellow Brick Home (pitties + DIY = obsessed)
            Young House Love
            Apartment Therapy

            These three give me endless inspiration! :) Hope you enjoy!

  • avatar Patty says:

    Welcome back! Congrats on the sale and purchase! Looking forward to seeing your before and eventual after photos 😀

  • avatar Kerin says:

    Not sure if my “entry” from the iPhone made it in. How about Where’s Waldo??? 😉
    As for blabbering, bah! I’ve always enjoyed your blog. You have a real gift for writing and sharing ideas and experiences that resonate with the rest of us that don’t know if we’re alone or that can’t get them on “paper” to share as well as you or at all (I’m a perfectionist procrastinator, myself 😉 )
    The rest of the Pittie Posse are mostly out of the blogging and even FB business with new family obligations. Can’t blame them a bit, but do miss their adventures AND training tips, consumer finds, etc. When I found the first one, maybe Two Pitties in the City, I didn’t have any pibble resources that were people like ME instead of well, you know. It was an embarrassment of riches to find so many for awhile.
    As for not having foster dogs, I dunno, can you share stories from your new job if you feel like it?
    I go on, but wanted to make sure you know how much you are appreciated. I can’t help but think we’d be great help with all your new projects in the new house as well (I’ll be pouring over Retrorenivation tonight!). The DIY channel hosts will be your besties, not just us!
    Congratulations, don’t forget to b r e a t h e!!!

    • avatar Emily says:

      It is good to know people want to read what I have to say! You all have renewed my passion for the blog and I promise I won’t let you guys down! :)

  • avatar Kristy says:

    Mary Jane with my “bones of the house” comment I was referring to the original features and details of an older home. When updating things like bathrooms and kitchens I like to keep them as original as possible – or do a remodel that fits the style of a home. So often people update to what is current and popular in an older house and then in 10 years time it will just look dated and like it doesn’t belong- like my 90s kitchen in my 1960s mid century home! Modern updates can be done in an older home and look really good, I just prefer to keep the style of the house intact and introduce modern elements in the decor. Older homes had so many wonderful design features that I think are worth saving.
    Anyway didn’t mean to send us off on a tangent! I’m really looking forward to posts on the new home and dogs too! Love your dogs Emily and look forward to seeing their cute faces again!

    • avatar Emily says:

      Kristy – you are very right! I’m a little unsure how to keep the true 1970s charm without looking kitschy, so that will be my challenge with this house! I’ve always been a fan of a mishmash of styles and I definitely don’t skew modern, so hopefully my esthetic will fit in this house (with a few 1970s splashes added for authenticity). :)

  • avatar Kerin says:

    Oh…. one more tip:
    Don’t put up wall paper unless you’ve had the joy of removing first.
    You’re welcome 😉

    • avatar Emily says:

      Kerin – I have definitely removed wallpaper (lots and lots of it) and will have to remove some in this house as well, and I’m not sure I’d be willing to put someone through that hell, so wallpaper is probably out! :)

  • Yay on the sale of the bungie! Congrats on the new house! And I’m soooo excited for Polly, it sounds like she’s got the perfect family!

  • avatar Deb says:

    I missed you bunches! I’m looking forward to reading about you new house adventure and watching all the progress. Welcome back.

  • avatar melluann says:

    So.. after listening to you and Jason converse over the awesome-ness of your blog today, I had to take a break from, well, procrastinating all of the other things I should be doing, and take a look for myself. :) Your blog is great, and I am glad you are back at it, at least for now. **this encourages me to keep up with my blog as well, thanks**

    Thank you for all your help with Polly to get her well adjusted to life with Jason and I. She has been such a blessing to us, my home, and our relationships. Despite all of her uniqueness.

    Lets stay in touch, as always!

  • avatar OhMelvin says:

    The blogosphere is right again!!!!! That’s right, YOU COMPLETE US!

  • avatar cafall says:

    Congratulations on your new house and Polly being adopted!

    Monty and Harlow

  • avatar mytwopitties says:

    Love the new house! I know buying and selling can be a stressful nightmare. We went for the same kind of house with good bones but needed updating. A year later, renovations are done, phew! Well worth it though:)

    Polly is such a beauty. Glad she found such perfect people!