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Dear Moby…

April 8th, 2014 | Posted by Emily in Doggies! | Fostering. | Moby Wonderdog | Smiling through tears

Dear Moby,

It’s been 24 days since your adoption was finalized. I cannot even begin to tell you how quiet things are around Foster House. Your absence is felt with nearly all of my senses… no more seeing you running around like a crazy dog in the backyard, smelling your warm breath on my face when you would snuggle in to be just that much closer to me, touching the velvet-y soft furs on your ears and nose, and hearing you bark to tell me that you are hungry, want to go out, want your ball, or just so I’ll look at you (you were very vocal with me, buddy). Your presence loomed large in our tiny house… and now that you’re gone, it feels very, very empty.


You were supposed to be at our house for four days. I was going to evaluate you and then you were going to move on to a longer term foster situation. But one look into your honey brown eyes and I just knew that you weren’t going anywhere (much to Daniel’s chagrin). Somewhere along the way, you picked up the notion that you were a “bad dog” and you would lash out if you thought someone was going to hurt you. It broke my heart that I couldn’t reach my hand towards you without you recoiling and snapping half-heartedly in the air, associating human hands with pain and fear. But that just made me more determined to show you how awesome human hands can be. That human hands distribute noms, throw Chuck-Its and ‘bees, and provide hours upon hours of pets if you’ll snuggle up beside them.


It took awhile, and the change was gradual, but you blossomed into one of the happiest, goofiest, and most trusting dogs I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. By the end of our time together, I didn’t have to worry about scaring you if I absent mindedly put my hand on your head. You would eagerly bring your head up to meet me. And I knew that if something scared you, you’d run to me for protection, instead of running away to hide in the bathtub (yes, you did used to do that, silly boy!). You learned that human hands can be kind, protective, and most of all, full of love.


Everywhere you went, people fell in love with you. You only came to work with me a handful of times, but EVERYONE knew who you were. You managed to guilt nearly everyone who passed by into giving you noms or scratching you behind the ears. And you know that your friends on the internet just think the world of you (they shared your story over 500 times to help you get adopted!). You did a lot of growing up in your time with us, Mobes, and you were with us just long enough to learn that you truly are a good dog (some might even say one of the BEST dogs) and that given the chance, humans can be pretty awesome, too.

Thanks for loving on Moby, internet friends!

Thanks for loving on Moby, internet friends!

Lots of people have asked me if it was hard for me to let you go after 13 months together. And to them I always say something silly like “it would have been cruel for me to keep a water dog like Moby from living at the beach!” But when I get home and Turk and Rufus are snoozing in their beds and the house is very, very quiet, my mind drifts to a memory of you and I get a little sad. But just for a minute or two, because without fail, when I start to get sad, your mom sends me a text with a story about something silly you did or a sweet photo of you that reminds me that you are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be.

Moby with his mama

I am so thankful that your mama is so generous with her updates on you. Even before she took you home, she knew that you had a knack for wiggling your way into people’s hearts. Even Foster Dad was pretty fond of you….

You and your new family were walking on a path towards each other before you even realized they were your One(s). You helped heal their hearts from the loss of their sweet Dixie (and Brutus before her), and they are going to take you the rest of the way on your path to being the best Moby you can be. I am just happy we were able to shepherd you along for this small part of your journey.

I love you, Moby Hawkins Loehle.


Foster Mom

Love you forever.

Love you forever.


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  • LOVE! What a sweet letter to the wonderful Moby! I have had a similar situation, with my senior foster dog Petey. He was returned to me twice, and I had him in our home for over a year. He suffered from separation and thunderstorm anxiety, too. But he finally found his forever home, and when sometimes I find myself missing him or wondering if he is ok, I see a picture of him cuddled on the couch with a member of his family…then I am reminded that I was the bridge for him, and he has finally found his way to where he is meant to be. Thank you for sharing!!

  • Beautiful letter to a beautiful soul. Glad you shared him with us, and glad that I’m can follow him still! If I would have lived near you (and as it is, I don’t even live in the USA), I would have want him to be mine.

  • It takes a special kind of person to do what you do. Me I am a foster failure.Thanks for doing what you do. Opening your home and heart to dogs and help them find their way.

  • avatar peaceabull says:

    I have to admit, (sniff, blow, sniff) that I thought about Mr. Mobes and the length of time he spent at Foster House. In general terms I wondered how a dog knows, or if he knows, that he is in a temporary situation. Would he be confused when he left for his forever home? Would he wonder why he was no longer in the warm, safe environment that he blossomed so in? Well, as I follow along in his new adventures, I have to say that yet again you nailed it. You so completely. nailed. it. You brought Mobes to this point and handed him off to such a special forever family and as happy as I was to follow along so far, I’m absolutely loving following along in his forever life too. Good job, or as they used to say “Bully for you!”

  • tears!!! gah! You are an AMAZING person. I know fostering Moby for such a long time wasn’t in your plans or always easy on you, but you sure did a wonderful thing by taking him in and showing him so much love. I know I haven’t met him, but I feel like I *knew* him through you and your blog. I’m so glad he found the most perfectly awesome forever home, and with someone who loves to share his antics as much as you! Lots of love to you and Moby and his fantastic new forever mama. <3

  • avatar Anita says:

    I am at a loss for words with tears welled up in my eyes. Emily, you are truly an amazing woman and foster mom. Your journey with Moby taught you AND him the meaning of patience, love, and commitment and that will forever be a part of both of you.

  • Awww…this was so sweet. I’m so happy that Moby found his perfect forever home. What a smush!! I’ll miss his updates but I can’t wait to see how will come next. :-)

  • This is just the best. What a happy ending for a wonderful dog and wonderful people. I’m so happy for you (and for us!) that Moby’s forever family has kept blogging about him!

  • Happy tears, happy tears!!!!! You did such an amazing job with Moby and I know he’s got a great forever home now that will pick up right where you left off!

  • avatar OhMelvin says:

    Everything about the Moby story, is perfection. That he found his way to you (for four days plus 365+ more), that you sensed he needed more of you (who doesn’t??)and that in his time with you, he healed, and your conviction grew, and the universe decided it was time to take Dixie (as non-peferect as that is), but to also move Moby on. One of the best rescue stories ever!

  • avatar Ashley says:

    What a beautiful tribute to such an amazing boy. It was absolutely incredible to see him transform under your care. His attitude was completely different when we came to say goodbye before he moved. He was happy, confident, excited, and knew just who his forever mom and dad were. You’re such an amazing foster mama and I’m so glad to now call you a friend–now that we finally met in person! Thank you, again, for opening your home and heart to him when no one else would (or could). I’ve loved watching every part of his journey.

  • avatar Kelly says:

    What an amazing letter. I really enjoyed reading about him and watching from afar. You can tell he was an amazing dog locked inside and you did such a wonderful thing by helping him transition into his full potential. I’m sure it’s been hard. I foster too and understand the sorrow you feel when they leave. You were so important in his journey and I hope you’ll blog about any future ones too. :)

  • avatar Patty says:

    Beautiful letter! Thank you for sharing with us. I have been following Moby and his forever family on ig. You did an amazing job getting him ready for his forever home.

  • avatar Meg says:

    Awww, that was beautiful. I am so lucky to have met your sweet Moby before he moved to his forever home. You are a true hero and have given Moby the chance that all dogs deserve, but only some are fortunate enough to get. You made the difference!

  • avatar Liliana says:

    Though I do not comment often, I loved Moby and always thought he was an amazing, gorgeous boy. Thank you for sharing the letter his new mom wrote, and thank you for sharing your letter.

    I know its very hard to put into words how one feels after loosing someone you love. But the good thing is that Moby is well and being loved, and you will see him again.

    Hugs to Moby! Im going to miss seeing his happy face on Facebook.

  • So, SO sweet. We love you AND Moby and are so thankful that not only did you take this sweet boy in an help him become amazing, but you let him go so he could be with a family who needed him more!!