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Am I That Obvious?

March 4th, 2014 | Posted by Emily in Doggies! | Pit Bull Pride | Stuff I Love

So, my 30th birthday was a couple of weeks ago and there seemed to be a recurring theme with my cards and gifts…

photo (1)


Apparently the dog blog, fostering, and working at an animal shelter made it very easy for my friends and family to pick out gifts for me… so, what did I get?

Perhaps my favorite gift from Daniel was this t-shirt from Sirius Republic.

photo (2)

It is incredibly soft, fits perfectly, and of course, shows my love for the pitties! Oh, and the very sweet gift certificate from Jen at Sirius tucked in with the shirt was pretty awesome, too!

photo 3

My friend Miranda from Tails from St. Simons Island sent me this adorable monogrammed tote from Molly Mutt! I’ve already used it to tote Moby’s toys to and from work… it is the PERFECT size!

Molly Mutt

When we got our Fit, I begged Daniel to let me put a pit bull window decal on it and he resisted for several months… but he finally gave in with this adoraBULL decal from Dog Park Publishing. I think it looks a bit like the Turkeyman, don’t you?

photo 2

I also got this very cute little treat container and noms from one of my rescue friends… but really, that’s more of a gift for the Mobisher, Turkeyman, and Rufus, no? But seriously, it is really cute and the PERFECT size for noms.

photo 1

Okay, so there was one gift I gave myself… a bulldog speaker from Urban Outfitters! It was $9.99 and I was turning 30 so… I’d say I deserved it, right?! Surprisingly, the sound is actually pretty good. And Daniel and I have been using it to jam out when we’re cleaning the house. And it is just so dang cute!

photo (3)

So that’s about it. I’d say my transformation to crazy dog lady is officially complete, huh? But that’s alright… I loved every single one of my presents…  no matter how much of a crazy dog lady it makes me!

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