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Take your Moby to Work Day

February 18th, 2014 | Posted by Emily in Doggies! | Fostering. | Moby Wonderdog

Foster Mom works at an animal shelter helping homeless dogs and cats find forever families. But since Foster Mom has never actually BEEN a homeless animal, she enlists my expertises from time-to-time so she can be better at her job. I’m basically a consultant.


I have to show the shelter dogs how to do their best “adopt me” faces and try to show the kittehs how to not look mean and scary (why are kittehs so scary?!) and help Foster Mom with her postings of cute puppies and kittehs on the Facebooks. Helping Foster Mom do her job is hard work! I usually have to take a nap to recharge my brain.


I’ve also offered to lend my face to the shelter’s retail store, where they sell all of my favorite things like Chuck-Its, Kongs, and Z-Bones! And the best part? I get to do the product testing All of the proceeds go to help shelter pets!


Now I am sure you must be thinking – why are you lending your expertises and face to help shelter dogs when you are homeless yourself?! And I’ll admit, I thought that too when Foster Mom first asked for my helpings.


Are you CRAZY, lady?!

But then she reminded me that I have a home while I’m looking for my forever home. These puppies and kittehs have to live at a shelter. A really, really, reeeeaaaalllly nice shelter, but still a shelter. They don’t have foster parents to snuggle them all night long or a comfy couch to lay on or foster brothers to take the blame for their toots! So after she told me that, I committed myself to giving ALL of my expertises and energy to help them find their forever families as quickly as possible. I’m even working overtime!

Well, sorta.


And who knows? Maybe my future forever family is looking for a dog who is the face of a retail store or a dog who is really good at the Facebooks. Or maybe a dog who can come with them to work? The way I see it, I’m just rounding out my resumé, which will make me even more adoptable! Oh, and Foster Mom pays me in noms, which ain’t too shabby, AMIRIGHT?! XOXO, Moby Wonderdog


Oh hey, Foster Mom, can I get an advance on next week’s paycheck?

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