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One Year.

February 3rd, 2014 | Posted by Emily in Doggies! | Fostering. | Moby Wonderdog

“We’ll just evaluate him for four days and then he’ll go to another foster house.” — Foster Mom speaking to Foster Dad 365 days ago about me, Moby Wonderdog. Ha ha ha… yeah right.

Foster Mom predicted in her very first bloggings about the Mobisher that I would be adopted in just a few days… well… that wasn’t exactly in my plans. You see, the Mobisher came to Foster House from a house where I used to be kept in my crate A LOT. And at Foster House, I get to be out of my crate and with my people almost all of the times… which is my favorite.


But also, I had a lot to learn at Foster House before I was even READY to be a forever dog. You see, sometimes Foster Mom or Dad would reach for me really quickly or I felt like they were getting too close, so I would show them my teeths to show them that I was tough so they wouldn’t mess with me. But guess what? I wasn’t actually tough, I was scared. I just showed my teeths so they would THINK I was tough. But Foster Mom and Dad figured out that my toughs were actually my scareds, and so they worked with me to show me that when they put their hands near me, it is for GOOD things like lovings and pettings and noms. And until I felt safe for lovings and pettings, they gave me a long cord so I could keep my distance from them. They are pretty smart, huh*?


Foster Mom and Dad have worked tirelessly to give me lots of confidence. They took me to the Sea of Potatoes, where I dock dived and stick deathed and boat chilled.




They took me to all of the dog-friendly culture places, like the Nelson-Atkins Museum Sculpture Park, so now I can speak confidently on arts and cultures.


I reduced my flat-chu-lance and became a better walking buddy (with help from my bro Bullseye).

photo (56)

I lent all of my handsomes to Sirius Republic so I could become their number one super model show off all of their coolest collars! I even let Sirius Republic out me as a super hero.





I’ve answered all of your questions (twice!) and taken more bathies than I’d like to admit.


I’ve Chuck-ed It and disc dogged and posed for selfies with Foster Mom (well, sort of)…



Moby kisses

I’ve learned to cuddle #likeaboss and made more progress than Foster Mom could have ever dreamed.




But here’s the thing… while I luuuuurve doing stuff and learning things with Foster Mom and Dad, I know they aren’t my forever peeps. They are my for right now peeps. So even though the last 365 days have been pretty awesome, I am about ready to move on to my forever. And Foster Mom tells me that some things have developed on that front, but I have to be patient… so I’ll work on my “wait” like I do with my noms. Thanks for following my story all these days… you are awesome! XO, Moby


* Foster Mom says that she actually got help from her friend Aleksandra about the cord, so she actually borrowed her smartness on that one.

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14 Responses

  • avatar mloehle says:

    Oh Moby! I’m so glad that Foster Mom and Dad love you too and have helped you along the way! I can’t wait to hear about how awesome your forevers are 😉 I’m sure that they’ll love you to pieces and do fun things with you too!

  • avatar Alyssa Severn says:

    Big booty pats, Moby! You lucked out with your foster people, and hoping your forevers are just as badass.

  • avatar Laurie says:

    What a great post, Moby– I bet with all if your handsomeness, personality and quick learning you’ll find your forever home soon!

  • avatar Renée says:

    Sweet and great friend. I wish you all the best.

  • avatar OhMelvin says:

    Moby-man, you needed that year with your AWESOME foster family but I just KNOW deep in my heart that your forever family is going to be JUST as wonderful as foster family is. You were meant to be happy my love!

  • Oh Moby, my sweet boy…I am SO happy you’re doing so well at foster house, and I will never be able to thank your foster mama and dad enough for taking you in. I can’t wait to hear about your forevers! Much love to you!

  • avatar Jen says:

    You are so loved, Moby. Your forever peeps will come at just the right time. You have some pretty great for right now peeps! :)

  • Sounds like you’ve had a great year, Moby! I know your forever will be just as great when it does happen!

  • Moby is so lucky to have such a dedicated and diligent foster home! You guys have done great things for him. Can’t wait to see what his forever looks like!

  • How exciting! You guys are always so committed for the long haul with your fosters, it’s amazing:D

  • One of my favorite posts from your foster mama said within it, “while it does take longer sometimes to find the perfect adopter (the average stay at foster home is 5 months), I believe that the wait pays off.”

    First of all, I think that means you are officially documented as well above average. :)

    But also, I know a year can seem like a long time to wait for happy ever after, but you’ve obviously been doing so much more than waiting this past year. You’ve been living it up, and learning so much. You and your foster fam are the best kind of inspiration to so many kinds of people and pups, and your fans are so grateful to follow your adventure towards happily ever after.

    I really hope you find your forever family soon, partly because you deserve it, but also so your foster parents can move onto changing another foster dog’s life who truly deserves the special kind of love and support they give.

  • avatar gvannini says:

    Wow I can’t believe it’s already been a year! I was always wondering about that – I remember you saying he was supposed to be temporary and now it’s a year later 😉 Thanks for being so committed to Moby, looking forward to the day we see that “adopted!” post!

  • Moby, I can’t believe it’s been a year since you moved in with Foster Mom and Dad. You’ve learned and grown so much and we’re so proud of you. We just know that the right furever people are around the corner for you and you’re going to have such fun with them.

  • Oh Moby, you are just the most funnest and happiest looking boy and I love that you get to spend time waiting for your forever family with such wonderful people :-)