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Snow Day… and an Explanation

January 8th, 2014 | Posted by admin in Doggies! | Fostering. | Moby Wonderdog | Overly dramatic | Winter

Wow. It’s been awhile, huh?

photo 1
As you may recall, I started my dream job at the beginning of December, and to say things have been busy would be a huuuuuge understatement. In my interview, my now-boss asked me how I felt about being busy… and when I said I loved it, she said “well, here, we are busy at a whole other level.” She was not kidding! Luckily, I love the busyness. And even when I work a very long day, I head home smiling because I know all of my hard work is helping to place shelter pets in loving homes. Oh, and my workmates help make a long day worth it too…


So I love my job, but obviously, the blog has suffered…. no posts in over a month?! What is wrong with me?! I am also HUNDREDS of posts behind in reading all my fave blogs. I am engrossed in social media all day long at work, so when I get home, I am trying to be present with the dogs and with Daniel…. not always successfully, but I am trying. One cannot survive off dog blogs alone, right??? So while I try to find balance between home life, blogging, and my new job, I will try to blog at least once or twice a week… but if I can’t do that, make sure to at least follow me on Instagram and Facebook, because I will still be posting there regularly.

Alright, now that we got that settled, let’s talk about my 75 pound snow monster.


To say that Moby loves snow would be like saying that I love Mexican food or Dexter loves killing serial killers. It is just a simple, undisputable fact. But really, what doesn’t Moby love? Fostering him is like fostering Buddy the Elf. Let’s try hiking! OK! Frisbee? SURE! Chuck-It? SIGN ME UP! Tromp around in the snow and chase a ball? THIS IS MY FAVORITE THING EVVVVVVER!


Unfortunately, unlike the other activities that are Moby’s “favorite,” running around in the snow and ridiculously frigid temps tends to cause the strangest reaction for the Mobisher’s toesies. If we stay out longer than 10 minutes, his toenails bleed. Not a lot, but enough that this very unperceptive person noticed when it happened. It might have something to do with his crazy long quicks… but regardless, it freaks me out.

I have considered purchasing Muttluks for him, but I’m not sure he’d keep them on. So for now, we are limiting his outdoor playtime to 10 minutes or less… which leaves him less than pleased with me, but keeps his blood inside his body…. where it belongs.


Have any of you ever experienced your dog’s toes bleeding due to extreme cold? Any suggestions of things I could do? Moby doesn’t seem to be in any pain… he whines and pleads when I bring him back inside after just 10 minutes… but obviously, even a little blood is like a Carrie-esque style blood bath to me when it is coming out of my baby dogs.


Thanks for sticking with  me as I navigate how to balance life, blogging, fostering, etc. You all are the best!

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  • avatar Laurie says:

    I’m so glad you’re so happy at your job! My 2 dogs don’t have bleeding toenail issues since they are only out for a couple of minutes at a time (they hate the cold and the snow).

  • avatar rottrover says:

    It’s HARD to do it all! Nice to see you. Oh, and being from California, we’ve never even SEEN snows!!

    -Bart, Ruby and Otto

  • avatar Diana says:

    Sorry to hear about Moby’s toes! We tried boogied for Dazz and they didn’t stay on, either. Glad he’s loving the snow so much – the pictures are totes adorbs! :)

  • avatar Corbin says:

    I love the Muttluks! Once Corbin got used to them a few years ago, he hasn’t attempted taking them off. He’s still not a huge fan of them on his back feet and walks super funny until we get outside and get running. We had an issue a few years ago where we got snow, a thaw and a freeze all within a few days, so there was a layer of ice over the snow and the ice would slice his skin in between his pads. You could also try putting vaseline or some other type of balm on his toes before you go out? That might help protect the skin around his nails a bit.
    -Corbin’s momma Jenn

  • I’m coming up on a month myself! Stupid real life, getting in the way of bloggings!! :-)

    Last year one of Oscar’s toenails started to bleed when we had them in Ohio playing on the snowy tennis court. We figured out that he was just skidding and sliding a lot more than usual and it wore his one nail down to the quick. So it wasn’t necessarily due to the cold, but the sliding. Could that be the case with Mobisher?

  • avatar OhMelvin says:

    The photos in the post are so awesome and happy inducing! I use Mushers on the boys paws (during winter and summer). I am just now trying to get Jake used to boots in hopes the traction helps his balance but he does not enjoy them one bit. Typical! Anywho, you KNOW I’ll be here, posts or not! Doy!

  • avatar gvannini says:

    Have you tried Musher’s Secret on his feet? That’s the key for my dogs, though our pittie mix does need boots for long periods of time outside. The rest of them all are built for the snow. Glad to hear the job is going well – I also manage social media for a shelter (in addition to a bunch of other things – I bet you know how that goes!!) and it’s awesome to see what a huge role social media can play in the rescue world. I just liked Great Plains SPCA on FB, looking forward to following you!

  • avatar Lindsay says:

    I live in Ohio and I have the exact same issue with my dog Zoey. Her nails will bleed at the base and often times look as if they have rug burn in spots where the fur is thin. I have tried MANY different options including muttluks. She did not enjoy ANY of them, and lots of them fell off or didn’t work well. I have found what works the best for her are the PawZ waterproof dog boots. They will rip from time to time, and are generally disposable, but I usually get quite a few uses out of them before they go to the trash. They don’t protect against the extreme temps, but they do protect the paw enough to allow some extra play time in the snow. I have also heard good things about Mushers, I just haven’t tried it yet.

  • avatar Amy Jo says:

    Here in SW Michigan it was more than 40 below zero yesterday with wind chill….Even being that cold, it is hard to explain to Lainey, who LOVES the snow, that she has to simply do her business and then indoors immediately. I let her romp around the yard this morning since it was only around -9 actual temp and only -20 wind chill, but after about 3 minutes she began limping and by the time she was close enough to the door to come in, she had stopped walking all together and simply stood there whining. I had to carry my 65 lb baby girl to get her inside and immediately wrapped her up in a blanket. Her space between her toes was beet red and I was panicking for a minute. She quickly warmed up and was back to normal, but mama learned her lesson. No more play time when the weather is this frigid!

    I’ve thought about the boots, but I have not tried them. Although, I love the compilation video online of all the pups trying out their boots for the first time. Hilarious!

    Best of luck as you try to maneuver LIFE! We will still be around when you find the time to blog….who could resist seeing pics of Moby!

  • avatar Dani says:

    “Even a little blood is like a Carrie-esque style blood bath…” This made me chuckle. Our poor dogs are getting restless with all this too-cold-to-go-outside-and-chase-squirrels-for-hours temperatures. At least there’s an end in sight!!

  • Just wanted you to know that I am one of your biggest fans! That’s all :)

  • So good to be busy doing something you love and get great satisfaction from, I’ve been loving the Moby pics on Facebook – he is such an awesome fun loving dog. We don’t get snow, instead I have to limit the sunbathing that my little staffy boy loves to do, especially when we’re having a heatwave. We’ve seen the incredibly low temperatures on the news and hope that things improve soon and the Moby gets more time in the snow without bleeding toesies.

  • You know when my boy judge plays in the snow his nose bleeds on and off it is the oddest thing..i think it is due to the dry air but it doesn’t seem to bother him and as long as he isn’t hemorrhaging i don’t think it should be too much to worry about.

  • I’ve missed your blog, but I’m really glad you’re loving the new job!

    As far as the bleeding nails it’s not something Boomer and Dottie have ever had to deal with before. If you don’t want to do the boots you could try something like Musher’s Secret, that’s my best guess.

  • I am so happy for you, and I also totally, completely relate to the life/balance factor, of course. I get excited every time a Great Plains post shows up in my Facebook feed. :) I’ve never noticed bleeding from the toesies of any of my dogs from being out in the snow. Luke just gets ice balls between his toesies if he plays too long without his booties.

  • Love the pics! Sorry that Moby is having toe issues. When it’s really cold out we tend to play games inside, like “run up and down the basement stairs while the peeps do laundry” and indoor fetch.