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I’m Baaack! (As Told by Yeti)

November 26th, 2013 | Posted by Emily in Doggies! | Rufus | Silliness | Yeti

Everyone’s favorite furry secret agent is back on the job!

As you may remember, I faked my own death last year (briefly framing Polly Pocket for offing me) in an effort to protect my secret agent identity.

But one my identity was revealed, it was no longer safe for me to stay in Kansas City, so I departed for the land where all yetis feel most at home: The Pacific Northwest.  

I thought I could wander around Portland, Oregon unnoticed, but when I was looking to send home some sweet treats home to my bro Rufus, I happened to walk into NoPo Paws, which is owned by Sarah from Married with Dawgs.

Sarah insisted that she shadow a real live yeti secret agent, and so I obliged her as I checked out the many beautiful bridges of Portland, checked out a coffee shop, bought some stamps… ha ha… I was really just running errands and doing a little sightseeing! I totally tricked her!

Luckily she wasn’t too mad at me… she even let me crash at her place… maybe getting slobbered on by Hurley was her revenge? Or maybe it was the close call I had with Miss Maggie? Snuggling with Sadie was pretty cool… but nothing compares to my bro Rufus.

Anywho, I’m back in Kansas City now… snuggling with my bro Rufus and keeping a close eye on this Moby dude. Because honestly, this Moby character needs a whole HOST of yeti secret agents to keep his shenanigans under wraps.

Peace out,

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