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Toots McGoots.

October 29th, 2013 | Posted by Emily in Doggies! | Fostering. | Moby Wonderdog | Overly dramatic | Silliness

Moby here. Foster Mom says I have a problem with flat-chu-lance.

You don’t like my “Eau de Moby?”

She says that when I eat my rubber ball or my rubber toy or the rubber part of an eraser, my flat-chu-lance smells like burning tires.

No, I cannot tell you where that burning tire smell is coming from.

She says she doesn’t like it that I come over and pretend I want to cuddle, but then I just fart on (or near) her.

Tricked ya with the old “wanna-snuggle-oh-wait-I-farted” move. Gets ’em EVERY TIME!

She says I have been spending too much time with Foster Dad and my foster bros and they are teaching me bad habits that the ladies DO. NOT. APPRECIATE.

You don’t mind my stinky farts, right, Foster Dad?

She says she doesn’t get why I am so tooty when I eat all-natural foods supplemented with pumpkin and goats milk and seaweeds to make my breath so fresh and so clean, clean. She says she needs help from YOU GUYS to make me less of a Toots McGoots. I think my flat-chu-lance smells awesome, but she is the boss, so do you have any suggestions to make my “Eau de Moby” have less fart-y notes?

Don’t like my Tooty farts? LAME!

To adopt me (in all my tooty glory), contact Foster Mom at {}!

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