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These Paws are Made for Walkin’

September 24th, 2013 | Posted by Emily in Doggies! | Fostering. | Moby Wonderdog

Moby Wonderdog here! Since Foster Mama made her pledge to get my walkings under control back in August, she and Foster Dad have been walking me a lot…

In the first couple months that Foster Mama had me, she said she hated walking me because I would pull her down the street like a sled dog. She even blamed me for hurting Foster Dad’s shoulder when he walked me. Can you believe that?! So rude! So even though Foster Mama was super rude and accusing me of stuff I didn’t do, she thought I would be “more adoptable” if I wasn’t hurting people by pulling them down the street on a leash. So she got me a SENSE-ation Harness and then got to work teaching me about how walks are for workings and not a race to the finish line.

There were a few things Foster Mama did before we even started walking on the actual road… we started just walking up and down the driveway with Foster Mama using the clicker and treating me when I just. didn’t. pull. Easy as that. We seriously just walked up and down the driveway for a bazillion hours and I got a bazillion treats just for walking nicely. When I didn’t walk nicely, Foster Mama would just ask me to sit – because I am really, really good at that. Then she treated me for that too. Seriously, I got treated for EVERYTHING! Then, once Foster Mama felt like I could handle it, she started walking with me my Foster Brother from another mother, Bullseye.

You see, Bullseye is quite the good walker, so Foster Mama thought I might learn how to walk nicely if I followed his lead. It definitely helped a lot. I kept paced with him pretty well.

Then, after I was keeping the pace well with Bullseye, Foster Mama tried walking me with the Turkeyman, which was cool too, even though I don’t think Turk likes me too much.

I was walking better after my practicings with Bullseye and Turkeyman, but I still pulled, so Foster Mama tried a trick that she remembered from Two Pitties in the City‘s Mr. B – giving me something to carry!

And wouldn’t you know it? Carrying that ball was the final thing I needed to walk nicely on a leash! Foster Mama thinks I am so busy making sure the ball stays in my mouth that I don’t have time to think about pulling on the leash. Pretty awesome, huh?

Foster Mama says she doesn’t hate walking me anymore! I still have some more practicings to do, but that just means more walking with the Foster Mama, because as they say, practice makes perfect!


Moby Wonderdog

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19 Responses

  • avatar peaceabull says:

    Dear Mobe-a-licious,
    Your foster mama is pretty much a genius.
    Juli-bean and Ray-Ray.

  • avatar Alyssa Severn says:

    Good job, Moby! Bullseye is really proud of you! Maybe you can show Riggins the ropes of how to be a good foster dog next…

  • Loose-leash walking is a skill doggies like you need to learn just like any other behavior :-) Your foster mama is a smart cookie for being so patient with you while you learn! Good job Mobers!!

  • YAY for walkings! Even though I know you would never, ever hurt anyone with your pullings, I know your future family will appreciate all your nice walkings. Plus, it’s always great to get lots of treats!

  • avatar Andrea Joy says:

    You’ve motivated me to stick with it with our foster dog Jeanie. She is a horrible puller but sometimes it’s easier to just let her pull when we’re in a rush to fit our morning walks in! Thank you. :-)

    • avatar Emily says:

      It can be super frustrating dealing with a puller, but if you can just take some small steps (working in the driveway or backyard with lots of treats), you’d be surprised how quickly they catch on! I’ll admit, there were a few months where I refused to walk him and tried any other form of exercise for him because walking was just “too hard.” I finally realized that NOT walking him did more damage to his potential for getting adopted than just getting in there and putting in the work. Really glad I bit the bullet because walking him is such an adventure!

  • avatar Morgan says:

    Yay Moby! We are constantly working on this at our house and, errrr, not progressing as nicely as you have. Way to go buddy!

  • Walking is def one of the toughest things to teach, but it is def the most rewarding since it makes walks so much more fun! Great job!

  • avatar OhMelvin says:

    Dearest Moby-rific, Although your fosta-mamma was probably making it seem worse than it really was, I think you probably needed to do some compromising on the walking. That foster lady knows her stuff, and also, she loves you a lots. I mean a huge amount. So much that she did ALL THIS just for you. Let’s keep her.

  • E, I am loving all of your creative training ideas! Mobster is so lucky to have a foster mama that is willing to accomodate his preferences in order to make training fun AND effective! Thanks for sharing. PS – Bullseye is RIDICULOUSLY adorable!

    • avatar Emily says:

      Thanks! I learned a lot from other bloggers who posted about loose-leash training and just followed their lead (with a few tweaks to fit Moby’s personality)! I’m so happy it worked (and all with POSITIVE reinforcement)!

  • Way to go with your walkies Moby! Do you think you could teach Dottie how it’s done? She seems to think she’s the lead dog in a sled team!

  • Did you need to use any tricks to get him to carry the ball? We’ve tried that trick with a ball for Eddie and a stick for Gambit. They would hold on for about 20 seconds then see/smell something better!

    • avatar Emily says:

      No tricks… he just really, really loves the ball. So much so that it makes fetch difficult because he doesn’t want to give the ball up. So… when we were looking for things for him to concentrate on with walks, we figured the ball would be the perfect thing! He loves it so much, nothing distracts him from it. Obviously this doesn’t work for all dogs, but if you have a dog who really loves a certain stuffy or ball, I’d give it a try!

  • Good job! We’ve been working on our walking skills too lately. It’s a lot of work, right? The ball is a great idea:D

  • I remember when I thought dogs could just go out and be walked, but until I adopted Miss M I never realized all of the intricacies. Yeah for being so patient with Moby…and thanks for the Mr. B shout-out (I think Doodle walks with a ball too!)

  • avatar Anita says:

    Maize walks soooooo much better with a ball or stick in her mouth as well. Work it Moby, you are be classy pup! Foster mama is also pretty awesome.