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September 13th, 2013 | Posted by Emily in Blog Love | Doggies! | Fostering. | Goal Setting | Moby Wonderdog | Opt to Adopt | Pit Bull Pride

Our friend Emily at Started with a Pit Bull asked me the other day how Moby is coming along with his fear issues since we started working with his cable back in March.

This has actually been a frequent topic of discussion at our house over the past few weeks because Moby has been doing so, so well. I can hardly remember that shy, scared dog who would snap at us if we moved our hands too close to his collar back in February.

But here’s the thing… I know that Moby is way more confident and trusting than he was back in February… he easily tackled disc doggin’ and took to water doggin’ like  champ…

He is much more snuggly with  us, walks pretty well on a leash (especially since I made it a goal to focus on that), and hasn’t had a fear biting incident with us in months….

But Daniel and I are wondering… is Moby just more confident now or have we just learned to avoid behaviors that caused him to fear bite in the past or is it some combination of those two things?

I find myself trying to recreate some of the scenarios that would have caused Moby to cower in fear or snap in the past and he’s not reacting to them the way he used to. But I also instinctively approach those scenarios differently than I would in the past. For instance, when I come up from behind Moby now, instead of going to pat him on the head (which would cause him to startle), I first touch him just above his tail and work my hand up to his neck so he has time to anticipate my hand reaching his collar. Or if Moby seems nervous about passing me in a tight space, I try to get behind him and then stop so he has time to get some space between us before I squat down and coo at him, offering him a scratch behind the ears (which brings him running back to me). So has he changed or have we?

I’m not sure what the answer is… but either way, I feel like we are nearly out of things to teach the Mobisher. I just have this feeling that his time with us is nearly up. I have this feeling that, even though we have had next-to-no interest in him this whole time, his forever family is just around the corner, and that they are going to look into his soulful eyes and just say, “Wow. He’s ours.”

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12 Responses

  • avatar Ashley Wagner says:

    Oh Emily, this brought happy tears! He looks so great! I hope your feeling is right and his home is right around the corner. :)

  • It’s so hard to believe that no one is interested in this exceedingly handsome pup. His ears, eyes, brown furs, athleticism and he likes to snuggle…he is the whole package! :)

  • avatar Jenny Chronister says:

    He’s such a baby doll! I wish we had room!!

  • avatar woofssi says:

    I feel like this blog post was written just for me 😉

  • I’m glad he’s doing so well, it’s so rewarding to see a pup become more comfortable. And, I hope his forever family will come get him soon!

  • avatar Anita says:

    Like so many of your posts this one really hit home and had been asking myself the same questions about Maize’s fear reaction. I am always in awe of you and your commitment to rescue. I think Moby hasnt been adopted for a reason, he has had the most amazing opportunities with you that may not have come along had he been adopted earlier. When the time is right Moby’s forever home will snatch him up, until then you are making the most amazing progress with him. Plus Rufus has a tall leg to hump on 😉

  • I think the question of is he better vs are you learning to avoid & manage triggers is a bit like the chicken & egg question. The two are so intertwined that there cannot be one without the other. By managing Moby’s triggers & approaching his collar in a manner in which he can slowly accept that type of touch is a huge part of his increased confidence. Once a fearful dog realizes they can trust their people to respect their limits, the limits start relaxing & receding. I’m so proud of you and Moby for making it this far! xoxo

  • avatar Emily says:

    You can just see in his eyes how much more confident he is.

    Sometimes I wonder with Braylon–has she completely overcome her fear of some people, or do we just make sure we don’t set her up to fail? She doesn’t appear fearful but I definitely go out of my way to make sure she’s not uncomfortable with someone and make her give our rare guests space.

    I hope his home really is around the corner!