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Meet Keiko

August 23rd, 2013 | Posted by Emily in Doggies! | Fostering.

Yesterday I spent 13 hours running social media at a Radiothon for the nonprofit I work for. Needless to say, I’m pretty fried today. Luckily, my buddy Marisa from high school offered to take over the blog to share her first experience as a foster mom of an adorable Husky named Keiko… so give her some love and encouragement as she embarks on her foster journey, k?!

There have been two common themes in all of the dogs in my life over the years – they are usually fairly small and don’t shed too much. Imagine my surprise when I ended up with a 5 year old, 68 pound, female purebred Husky – dogs not known for their lack of shedding! Now, in all fairness, she is not going to be a permanent member of our household – we are simply her foster family until the right forever home comes along.

We are fostering this sweetheart for Nebraska No Kill Canine Rescue – an organization based in Lincoln, NE.  I found out about them through a high school friend who is very passionate about animal rescue.  I’ve been on the fence about how I could help with rescue – I wasn’t quite sure we would be a good foster family.  We have one dog, a 4 year old beagle/bassett house named June – she is the sweetest girl in the world, but admittedly not the best trained.  She is very much the Queen of our castle and knows it! I travel for work and my boyfriend works on the other side of town so he doesn’t usually come home during the day.

Queen Bee June

Despite my doubts, when my friend posted a link on her Facebook page about a two year old lab and two of her puppies who needed a foster family, I was tempted.  Although I love puppies, I travel for work and knew we couldn’t help the little guys out but we thought we might be a good fit for the momma.  So we went ahead and filled out the foster home application.  When the rescue came to do our home check, we were told that Callie Jo (the momma) had two adoption applications pending and they were unlikely to need a foster for her.  After discussing what types of dogs would be the best fit for our home and dog, the volunteer told us that they didn’t have any dogs who would meet our needs currently in the system that needed to be fostered.  She said it could be a few weeks or even months until we were needed, but they would keep us in the loop. We expected to be waiting for awhile but wouldn’t you know it? The surprise was on us…

I got a phone call that same night letting me know that they had a dog in need – Keiko.  I wasn’t sure about how June would react to such a large dog since she’d never been around one before and I doubted my ability to control and/or train a large dog.  And to be perfectly honest, I am super anal about how clean my house is – the idea of a dog who sheds wasn’t super appealing to me.

Despite my reservations, we agreed to do a ‘meet and greet’ with Keiko.  The dogs did fine together and it was very clear what a sweet dog Keiko was.  She was very affectionate and just wanted some love from us.  We decided to go for it – and Keiko officially became our foster dog.  Within a few days of filling out the application, we officially became foster parents.

Hooray Foster Family!

It has been a huge learning curve already – but Keiko is such a sweetheart.  She is very well trained and walks great on her leash.  It is clear all she wants is love – but you will need a good vacuum to keep the house clean with all her hair! To adopt Keiko, contact the Nebraska No-Kill Canine Rescue.

All you need is noms… and a vacuum.

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