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Who has the longest tongue?

August 20th, 2013 | Posted by Emily in Blog Love | Doggies! | Fostering. | Moby Wonderdog

Mobisher here!

Pretty much everyone knows my tongue is the longest tongue known to dog-kind, right? Well guess what? My buddy Corbin thinks that HIS tongue is the longest tongue known to dog-kind! Sacré bleu!!!

So Corbin challenged me to a good old fashioned duel… a Battle of the Tongues to settle once and for all who has the longest tongue in all of the blog-o-sphere!

While I won’t dispute that the Corb-meister has an exceptional tongue… he totes does… I want to show you how my tongue is just a tid bit longer… and then I want to show you all why having such a long tongue can come in handy from time-to-time.  So, go check out Corbee’s tongue in the photo above or go check out his bloggie then observe my tongue in action…

Having a long tongue (aka “the longest tongue in all of the blog-o-sphere”) comes in handy in all sorts of situations…

Like when you are busy deathing a stick at the Sea of Potatoes, and you get some stick on the sides of your mouth? You just use your extra long tongue to remove the extra stick parts!

Or when you want to keep on hanging out on the docks, but Foster Mom tells you it is time to go inside and take a nap? You just use your extra long tongue to tell her what you think of N-A-P-S!

Or when you feel your pink nose is starting to burn from being out in the sun too long? You just use your extra long nose to cover it up!

But most of the time, I just use my extra long tongue to show Foster Mama how happy I am to be alive and to be hanging out with her and Foster Dad and my foster bros…

Now Corbin and me were ready to just settle this with a paw shake and some butt sniffs, but Foster Mom and Corbee’s mom are competitive, so they decided to make this Battle of the Tongues “interesting” by asking YOU guys to vote…

They are asking you guys to decide whose tongue is longer and the losing dog has to buy the winning dog a bag of Orijen Freeze-Dried noms from!) and the losing mom has to donate $25 to the winning mom’s rescue of choice. Pretty cool, huh? Foster Mom and I are playing for Unleashed Pet Rescue, who the Mobisher is being fostered through. But the noms… that’s what I’m most excited about…

So now it’s up to YOU! Will you vote in the poll below on who you think has the longest tongue? You have until Thursday at midnight (CDT) to cast your vote! Not to sway your decision or anything, but the Mobisher would reeaaaallly love it if you picked him! K?  XO, Moby

Who has the longer tongue?

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