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Oooh la la bath times!

August 8th, 2013 | Posted by Emily in Bungie Reviews | Doggies! | Fostering. | Moby Wonderdog

Moby here… and guess what? Last weekend was the dreaded bathtimes again!

Foster Mama says I have to get bathtimes more than Turkey and Rufus because I can get a bit of a funk going. Isn’t that rude?

But for this last bathtimes, Foster Mama didn’t just pull out the good smell’ums shampoos like normal – she also pulled out this stuff she calls her Ooooh La La!

Now I don’t know too much about the Oooh La La!, but I know that when Foster Mama puts a couple of drops into her hands, it means that I am going to get a super awesome Moby rubdown, complete with head noogies, which as you know are my favorite.

Foster Mama got a bottle of the Ooh La La! to try (she says it’s actually called Viva La Spa French Moroccan Oil) on me, Turkey, and Rufus to see if it would help us have extra shiny coats. You see, “Moroccan oil (oil of the Argan tree) is easily absorbed by hair and skin, giving a smooth finish and infusing a bright shine to the hair. It re-conditions dry, damaged hair and coats that may be affected by heat, wind, salt water, chlorine water, color, antibiotics or diet. It moisturizes and hydrates the hair, making it easy to detangle. Argan oil is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids (anti-oxidants) and vitamins which add shine to hair. It has a fresh, exotic scent and makes hair smooth, shiny, very soft and healthy looking. It tames frizz and reduces fly – away. Restoring the moisture in the hair adds body and strength to it.”

Pretty fancy, huh? So after my bathtimes, Foster Mama put some of the oils on me and then let me dry off with a towel… then we waited to see if I was as soft and silky as the oils said I should be…

And wouldn’t you know it? I was pretty soft and silky! My ginger furs looked like amber waves of grains!

Now since Foster Mama was asked to review this oil, she has to be honest. While she did lurve that the oil made me all silky soft, she didn’t really feel like she would probably buy this product herself in the future. Not because it wasn’t awesome (because it was), but just because she didn’t really think it was something a short-haired dog would use as much as a long-haired dog. And we’re all short-haired dogs! But who knows? Foster Mama sure does lurve my silky soft furs!

* Foster Mama was given a bottle of Viva La Spa Moroccan Oil and asked to review it. While she was supplied the bottle, the thoughts in this post are hers (and mine)!

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