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August: Goals

August 5th, 2013 | Posted by Emily in Goal Setting

Is it August already?! Sheesh. Where did this summer go?! I had a lot of goals for myself over the summer – most of them having to do with getting a tan, putting the final touches on the house, finally getting it sold, and moving away to some exotic new location.

But… things never quite work out the way we plan, right?

Nope… they certainly don’t, Mama.

Major home renovations were put on hold about a month ago when Daniel messed up his shoulder, which meant the house didn’t go on the market. My only chance to tan came when we visited the Sea of Potatoes in June, and any chance of moving to some exotic new location went out the window when my trusty Civic finally bit the dust and we had to use our savings to buy a new car.

The Bowser Mobile

But I like to believe that everything happens for a reason. While we aren’t moving to an exotic new location right now, I have fallen back in love with my adopted city (remember, Daniel is from Colorado and I am from Nebraska originally).

We’ve been making a point to get out more this summer – try new restaurants, visit new parks with the pups, meet friends for happy hour – and my love for this city has been renewed in a way that I did not think was possible just a few short months ago. So we’re staying put for awhile. And I’m okay with it. I’m more than okay. I’m happy. We may not be here forever, but I’m going to enjoy the time we do have here and not waste it dreaming of where we could move to, you know? There’s just too much fun to be had.

Did somebody say “fun?”

Oh, but this post wasn’t just about the not moving stuff… the title said “August Goals” so I wanted to talk about some goals I have for this month. I made a goal in July to FINALLY stop drinking Diet Coke once and for all and I did it(!), so I want to keep on making goals for myself (and letting people know about them) because it seems to help me stick to them. So… for August I have a few goals…

1. Write at least twice a week on the blog. Three times preferably. I have been a bit spazzy about my publishing schedule lately so I want to get back into a routine, but also…

2. Not spend more than 1 hour per night doing blog related things (writing posts/taking photos/answer reader emails/posting on social media). I want to spend more time focusing on Daniel, the dogs, and frankly, myself. The blog can be a bit of a time suck, and while I luuuurve writing it, I don’t want the people (and animals) who live with me to suffer because of it.

3. Re-finish one piece of furniture.

4. Work on Moby’s leash skills. 

I’ll write how I did on each of these goals at the end of August and then make a new set of goals for September. What do you think of my goals? Do you make monthly goals for yourself? Do you have any goals for August that you are planning on working on?

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  • avatar woofssi says:

    Those are awesome goals! I have recently set a goal in our house for there to be less time spent in front of the TV. I could care less about the TB, but when the hubs sits down to watch it I sit down just to be with him. So – we’re cancelling cable, and I’ve made a list of things we can instead of watching TV. I ALWAYS have goals that I am working on – sometimes I can follow through with them and sometimes I can’t. My goal for August is to run at least 3 times a week and Crossfit at least 4 times a week. I have a GORUCK Challenge at the end of the month and I want to be ready (and lighter!).

  • avatar Debra says:

    Love those goals. I didn’t make any for the month but maybe I should …

  • Love the goals and I love the big goal list — I’m thinking I need to steal some of these! And I should definitely start making and posting (even just on the fridge) some monthly goal lists. Between the pooches, the house, and life…there are so many things we are trying to accomplish!

  • Way to go with the goal making! I have been a blog spaz lately too and I can totally relate to how the blog can be a total time sucker.

    You’ve got me thinking about setting some goals for myself now…I’ll let you know when I think of them!

  • I’m not that good at goals because if I set one and don’t follow through then I get discouraged for the next goal I set, even if it’s completely unrelated. If I were you and had succeeded in the diet coke challenge then I’d tots be doing what you’re doing and saying LET ME MAKE ALL OF THE GOALS. My biggest goals are exercise related, which makes it super frustrating when I don’t see results/reach goals/try to set other goals. Anyway, can’t wait to hear how August goes for ya. Good idea to restructure your blogging plan, too! Gotta do YOU!!

  • avatar Corbin says:

    Love your goals and love that you’ve found your “happy” in your current town. Around the time my dad passed away, it was like a light switch in my head that went from “worry worry worry, plan plan plan, stress stress stress” to “find what makes you happy and be happy.” Now the only time I really get frustrated is when the other people in my life don’t live that way. It’s been a major change, but the problem with me is that 9 million things make me happy and every week I try to do them all. So, I’m always running. Helping my mom, doing dog rescue, taking pictures of the dogs, blogging, spending time with my nephew, pet sitting… Since I live with Adam, I tend to take spending time with him for granted. So, my goal for August is to spend more time with Adam. To get up to the lake for a few weekends and to spend time with him that doesn’t involve running in 9 directions at once. Thanks for making me say that out loud :-)
    -Corbin’s momma, Jenn

    • avatar Emily says:

      That is an awesome goal, Jenn! And I like the idea of “find your happy and be happy.” I might make that my new quote on my chalkboard for this month! :)

  • I’m awfully glad you are staying in KC. At least for a little while longer =)

  • I have to make daily goals for myself.It is what makes me be able to function and do the things I need to do. I always try to put a fun goal in there everyday and usually involves my dogs.

  • We haven’t had money for an extra trip, so we too are trying to Staycation and enjoy everything about our city. I also have a goal of staying away from the Internet as I tend to get sucked in.

  • avatar OhMelvin says:

    I love goals, and lists and your new hot ride! You. Go. Girl!

  • I’m such a sucker for lists and goals, I’ve always got something on a post it note somewhere!

    I had no idea you were looking to move… where have I been? We went through something similar, we thought we would have put the house on the market 6 months ago but it kept getting pushed back. But, we finally did it and it sold and we are going to be settling into a rental while we decide where we would like to buy in our new town.

    And, by the way when you are done working with Moby’s leash skills you can soooo come help me with Dottie’s!

  • Awesome August goals – sorry about your car and vaca, we had the same thing happen with us a couple weeks ago!

    Operation Love Each Other is in effect at our house – interspecies living is so much fun. :)

  • avatar mytwopitties says:

    I’ve had to take a backseat from the blog lately too:( I miss it but life does have to come first!

  • avatar Emily says:

    I miss posting and reading and need to post at least twice a week two–I miss it and when I sit down to do it I just spit out an unorganized mess.
    Falling in love with your city again is the best! I need to remember why I loved Phoenix so much in the first place and start doing all the things that only Phoenix has to offer. (Which will be a lot easier when the bitch we like to call summer here is over.)