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Moby the Answer Man!

July 26th, 2013 | Posted by Emily in Doggies! | Fostering. | Moby Wonderdog | Opt to Adopt

Hey guys! It’s the Mobisher! I’m here to answer some questions you might have about me and my life here at Foster House. So here goes…

Mister Moby, you are such an active dog! Do you have a cool-down technique or stretches you do to prevent injury? – Jill

Jill – what a great question! I definitely have all of my muscles working when I’m playing with my Chuck-It or my ‘Bee.

And all that hard play deserves some hard restings! So Foster Mama makes sure that I take lots of breaks during my play times to drink water and catch my breaths. I also like to sit frog-dog style to stretch out my back legs – but Foster Mom says that’s not really a stretch. Here is a post from an agilidoggin’ blog with a few simple stretches to try with your dog to keep them limber and ready for action at all times!

 Dottie would like to know, she’s nosy like this, which do you like better, butt scratches or tummy rubs? — Emily, Adventures of a Dog Mom

Hello Miss Dottie (and her mama)! Truth be told, I’m partial to noogies… scratch me right on my noggin’ and I’m yours forever.

 Moby, you are a very very handsome pup, what is your favorite feature and why? — Anita

Anita, you obviously have very good taste, because you noticed how handsome the Mobisher is. Thanks for that, by the way. I think my favorite feature would have to be a tie between my nose and my mouth and I will tell you why. My nose because it is pink and freckled and all the ladies tell me how cute it is, but also because it helps me to smell all of the foods within a 10 mile radius. This is very important. My mouth is also my favorite because it is big and it’s where my smile lives and it’s also how I eat the food that my nose finds within the 10 mile radius. You see, my nose and mouth are both handsome AND get me food. So they are equally awesome!

Moby, who is your boy crush? -Dante (of Fido Fetch Photography)

While I am all about the ladies (Hellooooo Thean Bean!), I am not ashamed to admit that there a few dudes I wouldn’t mind getting to know in the blog-o-sphere! There’s my man Corbin who could show me a thing or two about the ladies, Mr. B who is living large in the Second City, and my brother from another mother, Melvin, who I think could probably go toe to toe with me on best nap time snuggle positions. There really are so many dudes I’d like to meet. Obviously, Dante, we need to meet up at a KC Pittie Pack walk sometime too…

Foster Bros are cool too.

Moby, how on earth is a dog as handsome and athletic as you not adopted yet???? — Lynn

Lynn, that is quite the mystery. Foster Mama says that my family just hasn’t found me yet and that I am still working on being the best Mobisher I can be so that when they DO find me, I am ready to be the dog they will need me to be. Now, I’m sure you are thinking, “Aren’t you the best Mobisher you can be already, Mobisher?” Well, apparently not. I still have some work to do. But I’m getting there…. Foster Mama thinks my new family could be just around the corner. So I’m keeping my eyes peeled like they were a big bag of noms… just in case! XOXO, Moby Wonderdog

* Thank you for all of your great questions! There were so many that we couldn’t answer them all in one post but we’ll be back next week to answer some more! So if your question wasn’t answered today, stay tuned! *

** Moby is available for adoption through Unleashed Pet Rescue. If you would like to meet him, please email his Foster Mom at {} **

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