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Lurve: BuddyRest Beds

July 23rd, 2013 | Posted by Emily in Bungie Reviews | Doggies! | Elderbulls | Rufus | Stuff I Love | Stuff that comes in the mail | Turk's Takeover

We are dog bed aficionados around Casa Hawkins. But our newest bed takes the cake as far as dog beds go. I mean, its so comfortable, I would curl up on it! Friends… let me introduce you to the BuddyRest Deluxe Orthopedic dog bed. The BuddyRest bed is made of 4.5 pound high quality True Comfort® visco memory foam made right here in the U S of A!


Since Turk and Rufus are approaching elderdog status, I’ve had to start thinking about purchasing items that will make them more comfortable as they age. Rufus recently was diagnosed with bulging discs in his back and with as many walks as we’ve been giving Turk lately, his bones and joints have been getting quite the workout.

Why would their health issues affect our choice of dog bed? Well, the BuddyRest Dog Bed is veterinarian recommended because it relieves arthritis pain and reduces joint stiffness. According to their website, “BuddyRest beds conform to your animal’s body, evenly redistributing their weight across the surface. This eliminates the painful pressure points on their joints and hips. Memory foam is a proven technology that decreases pain and stiffness in your animal.” Yep. It’s like Dr. Scholls, but in bed form!

And while lots of dog beds claim to be the best, they don’t even compare to BuddyRest…and while all the joint relief and arthritis relief and awesome sleep for the pups stuff is awesome, I also love that there are a few perks for me too, such as:

  • Stays clean
  • Doesn’t smell over time
  • Doesn’t break down or get dips
  • Chew resistant
  • Prevents bacteria
  • Repels hair, stains and odors
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Keeps pet at optimal temperature
  • Easy to spot clean or machine wash 

When this bad boy arrived, I’ll admit, I was a bit intimidated. At 33 x 40 inches, it looked like a baby’s mattress. The dogs actually were a bit freaked out by it at first, too. But after a little while, the dogs claimed it as the prized bed of the house. Turk can now be found lounging on it on any given day, and Rufus has even been known to forgo the top of the couch for the BuddyRest. 

Besides all the health benefits and ease of cleaning, the thing I like the best about the BuddyRest bed is that you just buy one and you are DONE.

One BuddyRest bed will last for your dog’s entire lifetime. So while the price is a bit spendier than the typical pet store dog bed, you are getting the highest quality and since you are only buying one, you are actually saving money over time. And who doesn’t love saving money? Oh, and the beds are backed up with a 10 year warranty. That’s unheard of in the pet products industry.

So needless to say, we are big fans of the BuddyRest bed. Annnnnnd they are made just a few hours down the road from Kansas City in Wichita, KS! So do yourself a favor and check them out… especially if you have an elderdog… you won’t regret it!

** Our friends at BuddyRest were kind enough to give us a deluxe orthopedic bed to review. While we received the bed for free, the opinions in this review are our own. **

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18 Responses

  • avatar Kate says:

    Ooh those look comfy! Grammar nerd alert: They spelled “their” wrong when they said 45% set up a special bed for there dog.

    Why do these things bother me so much?

  • Oh man. The dogs at Wayward House are totally jealous!! A Buddyrest would be ideal for my old guys.

  • That looks like one comfy bed. We just bought Sarge an orthopedic bed from L.L.Bean (we like to buy local from Maine!), but if we hadn’t this would def be a bed to consider!

  • Dottie is completely jealous of this bed, she has several orthopedic ones but nothing like this one, like you I’d stuff it in her new Molly Mutt bed for her!

  • Gosh this looks like an awesome bed, and I should know I go through beds at my house like they are no tomorrow and have spent a fortune!!!! Wish they had offered a discount code!

    • avatar Emily says:

      A discount code would have been awesome! I’ll see if I can’t twist their arm to get one for you guys!

    • avatar Emily says:

      Right now they are offering a discount code of 20% off ANY bed with the coupon code FACEBOOK20 for the next 7 days if you want to order a bed! :)

  • I get the cheap beds because we have had too many puppies destroy them but a time will come when we give those up. That one looks great, and huge, too. Nellie’s LL Bean bed has comfortably fit 3 adult dogs and I bet that one would fit 2-3.

  • Very timely. At Super zoo planning on purchasing Buddy Rest for the store. :-) I’m glad your old men have a nice comfy and supportive place to rest their Old Dog bones. Pairing it with the Molly Mutt Duvet = brilliant (as always)!

  • avatar peaceabull says:

    Love that, even for my not-even-close-to-being-an-elderbull yet pooch. What I love even more is the Turkey-man’s big smile in the photo above. <3

  • avatar mytwopitties says:

    Nice! And they look so darn cute on it:) I bought dog bed covers at Target and filled them with memory foam I got for free on Craigslist:) The dogs love them. We have 6…3 inside, 3 outside!

  • What the heck? My dog completely chewed up our buddy rest bed. I really think the whole business is a total sham! They market them as the “tough titan” and “almost impossible to destroy” — My dog isn’t even a real chewer and he bit it right up. Don’t be foolish like i was and buy one of those beds. If you think it’s going to last it isn’t! Unlike an LLBean they don’t offer product replacement if you’re unhappy. I did call and the best they could do was offer 30% off. I choose no. So i threw my chewed up bed away. Oh well.

    • avatar Happy Husky says:

      Muffin- I am a retailer that sells Buddyrest beds (among others) and the titan beds are the most durable dog beds I have ever found in 6 years in business. ( I go to trade shows and am constantly on the look out) This is totally unsolicited by Buddyrest. We have sold many of the titans and we do accept returns for just about any reason and have never had one of these beds returned to us and have had numerous customers comment on “this is the first bed that my dog did not chew the corner off.” If your dog can chew up a bed of this strength, I think you might want to reconsider the idea that your dog is not a real chewer. :)

      • avatar Emily says:

        Todd, our BuddyRest bed has been great for our Turkeyman – no issues with tears or anything! Muffin, we’re sorry to hear you had a bad experience but we just can’t identify with your experience because it is the opposite of the experience we had with the Buddyrest folks.