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Operation: Get Moby Adopted

June 12th, 2013 | Posted by Emily in Blog Love | Doggies! | Fostering. | Giveaways | Moby Wonderdog | Opt to Adopt | Stuff that comes in the mail

Moby here! Guess what? I have been living with Foster Dad and Foster Mama for 4 months now!

First week with us… delicious!

Hanging out with Foster Mom and Foster Dad has been a ton of fun, and I have discovered so many loves since I got here…. like my love of the ‘bee and playin’ fetch

 … and my love of the swimmings

… even my love of arts and cultures!

I love hanging out with Foster Mom and Dad, and I love all my news loves…but more than disc doggin’ and fetch playin’ and water doggin’, I really just want a home to call my own. I want a Mom or Dad (or both!) who loves snugglin’ – because I luuuuurve snugglin’!

I want a Mom or Dad (or both!) that love to smile – because I luuuuurve to smile!

But most of all, I want a Mom or Dad (or both!) who will help me to be the best dog that I can be and love me for who I am! I am getting better and finding more manners every day, but I still have a ways to go! I want someone to find my adoptions with someone who will take me to training and work on finding my manners (they’ve got to be around here somewhere!) – maybe even take me to an agilidoggin’ class or teach me to be a dock dog!

But here’s the deal… no one has tried to find my adoptions yet! Can you believe it?! Foster Mom thinks she knows what the problem is – my handsome mug hasn’t gotten around the internets enough yet! She saw that her friend Juliana asked all of you to help share her friend Frankie and he got lots of attentions, so she wants to try the same thing with me.

So we have a BIG favor to ask – will you share me on the Facebooks and Twitters? Maybe, just maaaaaaaybe my Foster Mom or Dad (or both!) are your FB friend/Twitter follower and they will fall in love with my red furs or honey eyes or giant tongue because of you! And my Foster Mom will reward you heftily for your efforts! She has a very fancy mystery prize pack for one lucky sharer of the Moby man (worth over $50)!

You can enter our giveaway in many different ways – commenting on this post, sharing me on Facebooks or Twitters, or just liking Foster Mama’s FB page! Easy peasey, right? The giveaway ends on Friday at midnight so what are you waiting for? Get sharing! Foster Mama (and I) thank you!

XOXO, Moby Wonderdog

a Rafflecopter giveaway

PS – I am available for the adoptions through Unleashed Pet Rescue! Check out my adoption profile here. If you are interested in adopting me, contact my Foster Mama at {}

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