One Couple + Two Dogs = Our Waldo Bungie

What in the world does “Our Waldo Bungie” mean?

June 5th, 2013 | Posted by Emily in Explanations

I remember taking a walk with my friend Anne before she and her husband left to be missionaries in Costa Rica. I told her that I wanted to start a blog to document the improvements on our first house. I told her that I wanted to call it Our Waldo Bungie and she replied “what does that mean?”

Oh how I wish I’d taken that as a sign. If I had a dollar for every time I had to explain what Our Waldo Bungie means, I’d have a bunch of dollars!

So here is the explanation for all of you who were wondering…

Waldo refers to the neighborhood we live in.  Notice anything familiar about the photo on the left?

Now that part is easy enough to get, right? The next part… the bungie part… that’s the part that usually stumps people. Most people think it is pronounced “bun-jee” as in “bungee jumping.”

Ha. If you know me in real life, you know that I am terrified of heights and I am terrified of any activity where I am not in control of my own movement. So nope, it’s not “bun-jee!” Actually, it’s pronounced “bun-gee” with a hard G. As in “bungalow.” Our bungalow.

Our bungalow (“bungie”) today.

I am the kind of person who shortens everything. “Jelly” instead of “jealous.” “Totes” instead of “totally.” “Bungie” instead of “bungalow.” Eh, it seemed cute at the time. Also, remember how I said I started the blog to track the improvements we made on our first house? Well, it seemed fitting at the time to call it Our Waldo Bungie. Especially considering how far our little bungalow has come since we first moved in.

Our bungalow in 2009.

But as you know if you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, the DIY/Home Improvement stuff has fallen by the wayside as we found our passion in fostering and animal advocacy when we met this beautiful girl.

So now we are on our fifth foster and finishing up the final projects on the ol’ bungie. Not sure how much longer we’ll be here… not sure if we will keep the blog name if we end up moving… but for now, I am going to embrace our goofy blog name!

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