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Old Dog Wisdoms: 2nd Installment

May 10th, 2013 | Posted by Emily in Blog Love | Doggies! | Old Dog Wisdoms | Silliness

Rufus here… back with the second installment of Old Dog Wisdoms

This time, I got some of my old friends to disperse some of their best wisdoms to you whipper snappers. For instance, my good friend John (who is up for the adoptions in NYC) has some wise words about dressing for the occasion…

My friend Baby Girl (who is not really a baby anymore because she just turned 8!) also has some wise wisdoms to share about what can get you into trouble (although I never get in trouble so I just have to take her word on this one)…

And this last one is from my home girl Sadie in Portland… 

That’s it for this week… I am going to take Sadie’s wisdoms to heart and go settle in for a snooze… but if your old dog has some wisdoms to share, send them to my mama (with a photo) to {}.

 XOXO, Rufus

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