One Couple + Two Dogs = Our Waldo Bungie

I lurve leather. I love how it feels, how it smells, and most importantly, how it looks. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard that Jen from Sirius Republic was rolling out a line of leather collars. Then I met this dude and his SR “Freebird” collar and my excitement grew…

Then while I was fraggle rockin’ all over the greater D.C. metro area I got an email from Jen at Sirius telling me that I had received a hefty gift certificate to her website from a blog reader* (who wished to remain anonymous). What?! 

Gimme that leather!

So I immediately scoured the Sirius site, emailed back and forth with Jen and Daniel (of course) about options (I am terrible at making decisions without some input), and settled on the Brass Monkey for the Turkus. And let me tell you, he looks good in leather!

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Jen also kindly sent Moby his very own collar** too! But not just any collar, the first ever Sirius Republic  leather “Adopt Me” collar!

Jen has been offering free “adopt me” embroidery on her fabric collars for years – we used one with Miss Ginger Rogers a few years back – but Moby’s is the first of the leather variety. I love how the painted black letters pop off the supple tan leather… and how the brass buckle looks so cool…there will be no shortage of attention when we take Mobe-a-Lobe out on the town in his new collar. I could barely stop taking photos of him!

While Turk tends to be a bit camera shy, Moby was proudly strutting around the yard showing off his new accessory… I think we might have another Sirius super model on our hands…

* Thank you so much to whomever bought me the gift certificate to Sirius Republic! It was such a nice surprise!
** While I did receive Moby’s leather collar at no cost from Sirius Republic, I was not asked to blog about it. I blogged about it on my own accord out of my love for the product! Thank you, Jen!

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