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Fraggle Rock: Part 2

April 29th, 2013 | Posted by Emily in Blog Love | Bungie on the Road | Doggies! | Goal Setting | Stuff I Love

Before I finish out the second part of my East Coast trip, I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who commented on my last post about Charlie. Friday was a heartbreaking day… but it was heartwarming to read everyone’s kind words. If you would like to do something to honor Charlie Machete, I would like to suggest that you make a donation in his name to the Missouri Puppies for Parole… a charity that is near and dear to Crystal’s heart. Alright… back to our regularly scheduled post…

So after I left Baltimore, I  braved the metro system in D.C. and headed to Northern Virginia, where I was picked up by the coolest chick in the blog-o-sphere, Tracey from Oh Melvin (and Yo Jake). She not only has the most chic, Anthropologie-esque house I’ve ever set foot in, she is crazy hospitable (her guest bed is basically the equivalent of sleeping on a cloud), hilarious, and to top it all off, she mama to these two:

While I thought I knew Melvin and Jake from their blog, meeting them in person was a whole other story. Melvin has these deep, soulful eyes that just break your heart… until you see his little tail nubbin wagging furiously. He slept with me my first night at Tracey’s house, only to walk of shame out of the room at 6 in the morning to his mama’s room. And Jake… well, Jake… it never was completely clear who (or what) he was looking at. You could hear him coming from the other room… his snorts, mouth breathing, and chortles never failed to crack me up.

I also was lucky enough to meet the pack at Kate with a Camera… Kate was

Melanie is just about the sassiest little pittie I’ve ever met. I guess I should have known from her recent blog post that she would be a firecracker, but meeting her in person was a different story. She is full of personality and I could not get enough of her. Moe is so much bigger in person than he looked on Kate’s blog! He is a ball of energy and kept me laughing with his antics. And Heidi… oh Heidi…..

Tracey got it right when she described Heidi as “ethereal.” She practically floats around, she is just so quiet and graceful. It was astounding to me that she shares the same breed characteristics as Moby, the clumsiest dog on the planet. Nothing seemed to faze Heidi – not when Moe chomped on her face while we were sitting on the couch (ain’t no thang, she just sat politely while he went to town) or when rude dogs barked at her at Reston Town Center. She just looks at them and floats on by. Really, Kate is lucky I didn’t try to stuff Heidi in my oversized duffle bag and take her home with me. She is the most perfect dog ever. Seriously.

I also got the opportunity to meet Miss Johnnie Cash – a go-go girl who bounces through life on her pogo stick legs. Seriously, she was a trip!

I went “hiking” with Johnnie and Juliana from Peace Love Foster one afternoon at a beautiful lake near Tracey’s house.

I was a little nervous that J was leading me to some scary cabin to murder me, but luckily, she just wanted to show off Johnnie’s superior off-roading skills… and maybe she wanted to see me fall in a puddle (which I did). With the exception of Johnnie’s intro to Virginia ticks (3!), we had a blast!

Perhaps the best part of the whole trip was my final night in town when Juliana, Kate, Tracey, Katie from The Crowded Couch, and I got together for a delicious dinner in Tyson’s Corner.

We laughed and laughed and chatted like we’d known each other for years. I’m serious when I say if you are a blogger and you haven’t made a point to meet some fellow bloggers yet, DO IT! Seriously, we were joking that blogging is like online dating… but for friends. I loved hanging out with each of those girls and feel so special that they all took time out of their busy lives to hang out with me. Rest assured I will be back in the D.C. area soon… but next time I am going to make a point to actually see some monuments…

Oh, and that goal of meeting 10 bloggers in real life? Consider it officially completed! Also, if you want to read about my trip from another perspective – check out Kate with a Camera and Oh Melvin‘s posts about it!

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