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Fraggle Rock: Part 1

April 24th, 2013 | Posted by Emily in Blog Love | Bungie on the Road | Doggies! | Goal Setting | Pittie Posse Secret Santa

It all started when I visited Chicago a few years ago and walked with Chicago Sociabulls… meeting K from Two Kitties One Pittie, Kim & Scott from Yellow Brick Home, C from A Franklin a Day, H from In Black & White, and of course, A & E from Two Pitties in the City.

After realizing how nice all the bloggers I met were, I decided to make a point to meet more bloggers on future trips…which led to me meeting Sarah from Married with Dawgs and A & B from Pitlandia this past fall when I visited Portland, and J from Sirius Republic, and Alzbeta from Sharing a Life when I visited California

Daniel and I used to joke that if I were to ever get into trouble when meeting a new blogger (say, if they happen to be a psychotic murderer), I should just call or text him the phrase “Fraggle Rock” and he would know that I was in need of assistance. After meeting so many bloggers with no issues, it’s become kind of a joke amongst the bloggers I meet… and the five bloggers I met on my visit to Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Northern Virginia were no exception!

I started my weekend in Baltimore, where fellow Pittie Posse Secret Santa members Jess from Pittieful Love and Juliana from Peace Love Foster showed me around the harbor. We laughed ( a lot), talked dog stuff, and checked out the set of American Ninja Warrior (which was prepping to film there the next evening).

I also got to meet this dude…

… and it took everything in my power to not try to lure him away with me back to Kansas City. Seriously, Chocko is the sweetest dog! He wanted nothing more than to be near his mama, but when she wasn’t available, he willingly cuddled with me and offered up kiss after kiss with that glorious bottom lip. It was amazing.

Jess was a gracious host… so kind and funny… I mean, who offers to pick you up at the airport without even knowing you?! Seriously, she was great! After a fun-filled evening in Baltimore, Jess got me set up on the public transit towards D.C…. but I’ll tell you more about that on Friday!

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