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Moby + Chuck-It = Lurve

March 28th, 2013 | Posted by Emily in Blog Love | Doggies! | Fostering. | Moby Wonderdog | Silliness | Smiling from ear-to-ear! | Stuff I Love

Moby lurves his Chuck-It Launcher. It rivals the greatest loves of all time… Romeo & Juliet, Jack & Diane, Rufus & Yeti

I’ll admit it… I had never heard of a Chuck-It or the Chuck-It Ball Launcher before Pitlandia wrote about it back in September. At the time, we were fostering Polly Pocket, who didn’t seem to enjoy the concept of “fetch” and Turk always pooped out one or two throws in, so I never really thought  I would get the opportunity to try one out. Then we got Moby…Moby is a younger dog and his energy level is pretty high. If he doesn’t get his exercise, our tiny house can start to feel a bit chaotic. During the last couple of crazy snowstorms, getting out for walks wasn’t an option, so I thought I could get Moby’s energy out by seeing if he liked to play fetch. Like though… well, saying Moby likes to play fetch is the understatement of the century. This dog was made for fetch.

When I realized Moby loved fetch, I immediately picked up a Chuck-It and am now completely hooked! As soon as Moby sits nicely (a prerequisite for the game to occur – it is a great game for working on focus and manners), I can chuck the ball through the air with little effort and watch Moby sprint, twist, and jump to catch his beloved orb.

To see the look of joy on Moby’s face as he retrieves the ball and goes after it over and over again is a sight that I wish every person could see. This dude is in his element when it comes to the art of fetching.

I don’t even mind that our more recent games of fetch have resulted in him being covered eyeballs to toes in mud…

…because he just seems so happy, I can’t deny him that kind of joy over a bit of mud, right?

Besides, by the time we’re done with a 20-30 minute game of fetch, Moby is so tired that bathing him requires very little effort…

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