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Dear Polly…

February 28th, 2013 | Posted by Emily in Doggies! | Fostering. | Opt to Adopt | Polly Pocket | Smiling through tears | Yeti

Dear Polly,

Wow. You have been with your new mama for almost three months now and I think I am finally ready to say goodbye to you.

Life with you was… well… it was never dull, that’s for sure. I remember the first time I laid eyes on you at an adoption event – you were dragging Jill (a fellow volunteer) outside so you could roll around in the grass.

You seemed so happy to be alive – and extremely confident! I thought I had another Lucy Lou on my hands – so I was surprised when I heard that you were on the short list for euthanasia at the shelter due to your leg injury. Of course I couldn’t let you meet that fate, so after some major begging, Daniel finally gave me the okay to bring you home. And thus the adventure with you began….

I loved being able to bring you to work with me every day. You always knew how to make our clients smile – wiggling your little butt and snuggling up to each and every person who smiled at you. You weren’t the best co-worker (always falling asleep on the job) but you were so cute I couldn’t get mad at you.

I’ll always cherish our trips for ice creams in the heat of summer… it was so much fun having our girl time, eating ice creams  and dreaming about what your perfect adoptive home would look like.

I wasn’t sure if the “perfect” home for you even existed… I mean, could we find a family that was into politics – a family that would encourage your political aspirations?

Could we find a family who would make sure you were always well-dressed? I mean, you always loved to be dressed up because it meant that you would get lots and lots of attention!

You would need a family who was sensitive to your anxieties… both your fear of separation and your reactivity on a leash… and a family that would be able to manage your persistent skin issues

And it goes without saying, you’d need a family who would be okay with your past as a secret agent. I mean, did that family even exist?!

I’ll be honest, Polly… I thought that when your new mama called to adopt you that she was too good to be true. When I dropped you off at her house for your one week trial adoption, I worried I’d receive a call to pick you up a few hours later. I mean, even though I adored you, I knew it would take a special person to truly appreciate you.

I held my breath every time your new mama’s name showed up on my cell phone… only to hang up pleasantly surprised when she only called to tell me about something cute you’d done or ask advice on how to handle a situation that she worried you might become reactive over.

She never wavered about whether or not you were the dog for her. She chose you and you chose her. When I get photo updates from her, I can see how you are finally at a place where you are completely at peace. You found your forever home

Polly girl, I am so happy for you that you found your peace… you weren’t the easiest dog to foster, but you taught me more than you’ll ever know… and I’m a better foster mama for it. I love you, baby girl…and wish only the happiest life for you.


Your Foster Mama

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