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Moby’s Valentine Wish (for the sweet, sweet ladies)

February 14th, 2013 | Posted by Emily in Doggies! | Fostering. | Moby Wonderdog | Opt to Adopt

Hey everyone!
Moby here (again)! Thanks for all of your help picking out my new collar from Sirius Republic! In case you didn’t hear, the winner was “Sock Monkeys!” My Foster Mama thought that was perfect because she says I am such a goofy dude that I could totally rock a monkey collar. Don’t you agree?

But I didn’t take over the blog (again) today to talk about sock monkeys and collars and how handsome goofy I am, I came here to talk about lurve, Valentines, and wooing the sweet, sweet ladies out there. You see, I believe that the reason my past homes didn’t work out so great is because I was living mainly with dudes. I mean, I can totally rock a bromance – have you seen me help Foster Dad with all of his projects?

But while I enjoy a good bromance now and again, I just really, really lurve the ladies. The sweet, sweet ladies. I am looking for a lady who will let me snuggle up close and whisper sweet nothings in her ear (or just lick them furiously in search of the peanut butter I just know is stuck down in there – that’s a thing, right?). I want a lady who will coo at me and tell me how sweet and sensitive I am.  I want one who will let me eat any food she drops help out in the kitchen. I want a lady who doesn’t mind that I sleep with a blankie.

So…to all the sweet, sweet ladies out there who are looking for a tall, sensitive, ginger-man to make all their dreams come true this Valentine’s Day, well baby, I’m just the dog man for you. Here are some very special Valentines cards from me to you…because baby, you’re worth it.


Moby Wonderdog

If you would like to adopt me, Moby Wonderdog, please contact my Foster Mama at {}

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