One Couple + Two Dogs = Our Waldo Bungie

Hey everybody! Moby (aka Mosby/Mosbius/Mo’ Knuckles/Mo’ Nasty) Wonderdog here!

I’m pretty new around here, so I’m still learning the ropes at Foster House… like how peanut butter is the best. thing. ever.  and how we have to wait nicely at the backdoor so Foster Mama can wipe off our muddy paws (or, as she calls my feet, raptor toes)! Or how all I have to do is give Foster Mama the “look” and she’ll give me lots of treats or let me up on the bed to snuggle (I’ve been practicing that look quite a bit). 

I’ve also learned that Foster House is a Sirius Republic house. That means that all dogs in this house wear Sirius Republic collars and snoods – no ifs, ands, or butts about it. 

The Turkey Man has been cool enough to let me borrow his plaid snood and his Rory collar, but I’ll admit, I feel sirius-ly naked without a Sirius Republic collar of my own. Do you feel bad for me?

Foster Mama took to the Facebooks to ask you all to pick a fabric for the Sirius Republic collar she is going to order for me. Everybody had such good ideas – and Foster Mama couldn’t make a decision on her own. I told her she should just order one of each (since I am so fashion-forward, I’d like to change out my collars daily) — but she said no. Then she asked me if I had to pick just one collar, which would I pick…um, Foster Mama, that’s a harder question that deciding between noms and more noms (oh wait, that’s an easy decision – more noms. Always). Since we are both so indecisive,  she decided to take allllllll of your suggestions and then put the vote back on you

So pick which one of these collars you think would best compliment my handsome ginger furs! Leave your choice in the comments below and the fabric with the most votes by midnight tonight will be the one I get for my new start in life! Now, I’m off to check out Sirius Republic’s collection of bow-ties and snoods…because a dude needs to accessorize if he wants to get noticed… if you know what I mean.

— Mo-Mar Gaddafi OUT!

** If you would like to adopt Moby Wonderdog, please email my Foster Mama at {} **

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