One Couple + Two Dogs = Our Waldo Bungie

I’ll admit it – our lives revolve our dogs.

So it only makes sense that the dogs would make an appearance in our decorations too. Their influence in our decorating started out small, with our first commissioned piece of art by Kevin Stinehart – a reclaimed wood pit bull.

Then it was this beautiful print from Aleks at Love and a Six-Foot Leash

And these sweet Kathy Henn magnets I got from Crystal of Wayward Dogs 

Then around Christmas, our decorations became even more dog-centric when I won a Printcopia canvas print from Lili’s Notes. I thought this photo of Turkey in his mint julep-drinking bow-tie would look  awesome canvas-ized!

And of course I couldn’t leave Rufus out, so I ordered a 12 x 12 print of him from Printcopia as well.

And do you notice the furry little creature to the left of the frame? Yeah, that’s a little Yeti my friend Cori got me for Christmas to remember our pal Yeti (who, at the time, we believed had been murdered).

There’s also this cute print I got from Hammerpress – it’s not necessarily dog-related but it sums up how the dogs make us feel. Oh, and I found this cute little dog trinket when I tagged along with Daniel to an estate sale.

But the pièce de résistance didn’t arrive until yesterday evening…

Yep. Turk and Rufus were made into paper dolls by the talented Mollie Green of La Familia Green!

I was first introduced to Mollie’s amazing paper dolls during the 2012 Pittie Posse Secret Santa reveal, when Katharine from Two Kitties One Pittie commissioned this super cool I Love Lucy-themed paper doll print for Josh from That Touch of Pit.

The day of the Secret Santa reveal I emailed Katharine to get Mollie’s email address so I could request my very own paper dolls in Turk & Ru’s likeness. A few short weeks later, it arrived and I am in lurrrrrrrve…. I mean, do you see how she was able to include all of Turk & Ru’s favorite things? It is completely unique to them! I’m not sure what part is my favorite – the little Snug-a-Bull snood, the Molly Mutt bed, or the little Yeti. I’ve even thought about how easily this piece could transition into art for a baby room someday (like, way, way, waaaay in the future). Wouldn’t it be adorable in a kiddo’s room?!

So, in a nutshell, we are very dog-focused in our decorating. But I like to be surrounded by the things that matter most to me… and our dogs matter a whole heck of a lot!

How do your dogs influence your decorating style?
What would accessories would you include for your dog was made into a  paper doll?

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29 Responses

  • Awww, so cute! If it were up to me, I would have dogs all over my walls! We have some photos of our pups in collage frames and, of course, a bunch of magnets on the fridge with their faces that Kathy Henn made for me. :)

  • avatar Hannah K. says:

    Yes! They totally dominate our decor. I bought 2 Dean Russo prints for a fundraiser a year ago, and the two I picked just happen to look like Tess & Ed. We also have several photos of them in my black & white frame collage, and as silhouettes in the bedroom (they denote “his” & “her” side). Not to mention the rotating photos…Christmas, Valentine’s, St. Patty’s…

  • We actually don’t have dog decor! A fridge magnet and Gambit’s picture with Santa that I still haven’t put away. I could definitely see pictures of Gambit and past fosters working their way into our photo wall down the line.

  • LOVE IT! I’m so happy your collage worked out so well. Mollie is the best. (And thanks for the shout out!!!). xoxo

  • avatar tholupka says:

    The part I love is that your dog decor is the perfect balance of dog (the best part) and style (fun colors, frames)! You do this well my friend, I’m VERY jealous of it all!

  • avatar peaceabull says:

    Most of my doggie decorating runs to covering any furniture that Ray might be on, but I do have a small and growing collection of prints of V dogs and others that I have accumulated from online auctions and chip ins. I’m still in the process of framing them so that I can display them on a wall upstairs.

    I would love to paper doll-ize Ray. He would have his kongs, jolly ball, bully sticks and his bow tie.

  • avatar kkoira says:

    I seriously love, love, love that wooden cutout. I may need one!

  • LOVE this post. I have been adding slowly to our dog-centric art pieces hoping that M won’t notice until our whole house is FILLED with doggy art. You will need some Yellow Brick Home portraits next!

    • avatar Emily says:

      Yellow Brick Home portraits are definitely on my list! I just need to convince a certain someone (ahem, Daniel) to buy me some for my birthday or anniversary or Christmas or Festivus or SOMETHING!

  • Isn’t Mollie so talented? Her cards are always so, so clever too. And I have a tote bag I picked up from her booth at Renegade Craft Fair that I use at SociaBulls. I always feel I might be pushing the envelope a bit with our pups. We had their pictures taken at a fundraiser a few years ago (they also remind me of the photos in the Bachelor when they are pondering who they are sending home). We also have a portrait from Yellow Brick Home, and Mollie made us papercuts of Miss M and Mr B. Oh…she was the one who designed this shirt too:

    • avatar Emily says:

      I love that t-shirt, A! I think I saw a photo of Anita wearing one on FB and now I am majorly coveting one! :)

      Also, your house was totally my inspiration for ramping up our doggy art! I love how your house incorporates the dogs so well!

  • avatar kate with a camera says:

    Very cute. For the most part our “doggie decor” is about slip covers and other easy to clean stuff 😉 Your version is way cuter!

  • I think I need to have paper doll versions of Boomer and Dottie now. I think they would be too cute with squirrels, kongs, rope toys and a few other things.

    And, we do have decoration in our house that’s all about dogs. I have several pillows and numerous prints around… my favorite at the moment is the Three Lab Bakery print.

  • avatar Pitlandia says:

    Your house is so cute–I can’t even take it! LOVE your decorating style.

    I’ve noticed that Thean has slowly been influencing my decorating style. I’m going to need one of those paper doll pictures soon!! So cute!

  • avatar Emily says:

    I’d like to remark that we are quite possibly the worst decorators ever–in that we don’t decorate. We do have dog things surrounding our house a’plenty though. If we had dog paper dolls (which by the way, AMAZING, we need them!) I’m not sure what accessories we’d do. Hades’ choke collar! Just kidding, that’s horrible. Braylon would need a flower and tie for Hades but I’m not sure what else. I just think we need to order some!

    • avatar Emily says:

      You should definitely order some! Maybe you could include some doggles or something to symbolize how Braylon likes to go on car rides or something?

  • Love the wood pittie! The paper-dolls are so much fun too. I would love to do some dog-decorating but I am hoping to move out of my tiny apartment soon so it’s on hold!

  • I loooove this! I am still trying to talk the Mr. into ordering a painting from Yellow Brick….someday soon!

  • avatar Anita says:

    I feel like I have more dog stuff (mostly pug) then anything else! I love love loooooove all the pieces you have.

  • Very cool blog Emily. Our dogs influence our decorations….maybe a little too much =)

  • avatar Audrey says:

    So fun! I worry someday far far far down the road when we have a 2 legged puppy, there won’t be anywhere to put picture of him or her since we have pictures of the dogs seriously EVERYWHERE in our house. I am about to order two big canvases of my babies for my office too! Love the work from La Familia Green!

  • avatar Liliana R. says:

    Love all the decor, and Turk on the canvas came out great!!

  • avatar suzyallman says:

    You know, I never thought of decorating doggie-style (!) but this post is an inspiration. We have our Pocket Pitties all over the place, and our full-size pit bull plushes too — as well as antique plush dogs and a wall of cards from kind friends who seem to be really good at seeking out pit bull greeting cards!

    But this is inspirational. Sometimes you just have to see it first! (Paper dolls are incred.)