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Giveaway-a-Day 2012: A Yeti to Call Your Own

December 29th, 2012 | Posted by Emily in Doggies! | Giveaways | Rufus | Stuff I Love | Stuff that comes in the mail | Yeti

********** THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED **********

Today’s giveaway is brought to you by our beloved Yeti, who is writing from an undisclosed location…

Hello friends,

With 2012 winding down and the New Year just around the corner, I can’t help but think about all the remarkable things that have happened over the last year. Rufus and I were reunited, Rufus and I were ripped apart, and then Rufus and I made peace with our involuntary separation. It is at moments of reflection such as these that I realize just how important the work I do really is. It is the only solace I can take in my current assignment away from my bro Rufus.

I don’t mean to dwell on the things I cannot change. The real reason I am writing is to share with you an exciting opportunity. One of my Yeti brethren has recently completed his assignment. This means you, yes you have the unique and enviable opportunity to retain the services of your very own Yeti agent. I’m sure you understand what this means, but in case you haven’t been paying attention, here is a brief list of the benefits of having a Yeti in your house:

Protection, camaraderie, and unconditional love.

So if you think you could use the help of one of us, check out the details below…


  • PRIZE: One Yeti dog toy secret agent (actual special agent skills may vary)
  • TO ENTER: Comment on this post with the words “AGENT YETI REQUESTED” and tell me what skills your dog possesses that would make him/her a good secret agent.
  • GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Saturday, December 29th, 2012 at midnight CST
  • PRIZE VALID FOR: Citizens of the U.S. and Canada
  • USUAL STUFF: One entry per e-mail address is permitted. The winner will be selected using and announced on Sunday, December 30th, 2012 as an update to this post. I will also email the winner on the 30th for information on how to redeem their prize.

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Congratulations to Keri on winning the Yeti giveaway! I will contact you for information on how to redeem your prize!

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27 Responses

  • avatar Lindsay says:

    Agent yeti requested. Daisy can slink from room to room with out being detected…she used to use this power to slink out of fences but no longer!

  • avatar syound says:

    Agent Yeti Requested. Otis has “spidey” senses, and while laying on the floor with his eyes closed knows when something or someone threatening (such as a squirrel or another dog) is near our house.

  • avatar Karen says:

    Agent Yeti requested. Oliver possesses super rodent-hunting powers. He can hear a mouse in the tall grass like no other super-agent, flying through the air to capture his prey!

  • avatar adorabully says:

    Agent Yeti requested! Buddy’s secret agent skills are hidden explosive(food) finder/defuser. He is so stealthy in his location and prompt disposal of said “explosives”. Bella has keen lizard detection and cat like responses to scare all the lizards out of the yard. She has even been known to scale a 8 ft block wall to get them out. Devo… Well Devo didn’t pass secret agent school. There’s always one.

  • AGENT YETI REQUESTED… Polly Pockets knows how to interrogate her suspects with kisses until they tell all. She also is very well versed in Agent Yeti-ettiquette.

  • avatar Mayzie says:

    AGENT YETI REQUESTED! As you prolly already know, our house is almost always under attack by Ninjas who frame me for stuff that I didn’t do. I haves to put my own secret agent skills to use almost every day to protect our stuff by making sure they don’t sneak in. I sure could use some back up!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  • AGENT YETI REQUESTED! Charlie Machete needs a companionship and protection during his nightly shifts as guard-dog-in-the-living-room. He could also use some help in monitoring the neighborhood from his back deck perch!

  • avatar Michelle Goodman says:

    AGENT YETI REQUESTED! Zoe has the most amazing spider-hunting skills. She takes them all on, big or small and dispatches them quickly and quietly. All this and she only weighs ten pounds!

  • Yeti Secret Agent Requested! Parker is very light on his fluffy feet. I’ll go into the bathroom to take a shower or brush my teeth and realize after I shut the door that Parker managed to slip in when I wasn’t looking. He also has dashing good looks and enough confidence to make Bond seem humble…

  • avatar skye mcfarlane says:

    Agent Yeti Requested! Agent Fuzzypants (aka Holland) requires assistance in her latest dark ops mission. Danger and daring await. Snacks will be provided. If snacks are not provided, Holland will “rescue” them from the humans. Cuz that’s how she rolls.

  • avatar Kristin says:

    AGENT YETI REQUESTED! Joey has super secret hiding skills. He’s been known to get sick in my bed and pull the covers over it. Emma can keep a straight face no matter the interrogation. :o). Where can we hire our own Yeti secret agent if we don’t win one of our own?

  • avatar Mikey says:

    Agent yeti requested. My pittie would be a great secret agent because she can be very quiet when scared. When a stranger comes in the house, she will peek around the corner and not say a peep!

  • avatar Melody says:

    Agent Yeti Requested. Kamanchi’s secret agent skill is the ability to stealthily sneak food right out from under your nose with lightning speed and then charm you into forgiving him with his big, brown eyes. Take that James Bond!

  • avatar Keri says:

    Agent yeti requested! Trinity would be a good sidekick she’s a good doggy friend & can out run anyone! Kylie would be good at ripping the enemy to shreds (if it was a piece of document, lol).

  • Agent Yeti Requested! My dogs need some help! They bark at nothing and chase the snow, other than that they have no secret agent skills. Both try to be sneaky, but fail miserably! Please help us Yeti!

  • Fantastic idea, all the requests for Agent Yeti are making me laugh and me thinks I shall have to track down a yeti in Australia :-)

  • avatar Corbin says:

    AGENT YETI REQUESTED!!!! Perhaps an agent Yeti will keep me from my tail!

  • avatar stolting21 says:

    AGENT YETI REQUESTED! Pete the incredible impostor who has the amazing skills of looking like a chihuahua but is actually a toy fox terror mix. This amazing skill allows Pete to blend in with the local Chi’s and report back on all there antics. This skill has confused many people which has resulted in several play dates with other Chi’s, giving Pete a plethora of information on how the local Chi’s run the neighborhood. Yeti would give Pete a sidekick to allow him to continue to observe the local dogs fromt the comfort of his bed (sleeping on the job…)

  • AGENT YETI REQUESTED! Oliver is a secret agent against the shenanigans of the local squirrel population and preventing them from world domination. He needs another agent to keep an eye on them, there’s only so much one dog can do :)

  • avatar Audrey says:

    AGENT YETI REQUESTED! Brutus is a secret agent who is adept at keeping tabs on the whereabouts of our local UPS, Fed-Ex and Mail men. If they are within two blocks of our house, he blows their cover! This skill has resulted in a broken window and a front door that has had to be repainted twice.

  • avatar Rita says:

    AGENT YETI REQUESTED!! Purdie (small mix breed) is your typical secret agent type, who is constantly in “investigate” mode, unless asleep, and her brothers Tiny (Pom-Chi mix) and Odie (small mix breed) are the “muscle”, standing guard against the “neighborhood bully, Brownie (the lab).

  • avatar Marisa Pont says:

    Don’t know if I can win again….but agent Yeti requested!! June’s super agent skill is hiding her toys so well no one else can find them! Too bad she sometimes forgets where she hides them!

  • avatar Kelli says:

    Agent Yeti requested! Diggory has super secret agent persuasion skills and easily bends his enemies’ (and friends’!) will into doing what he wants. His brown eye warms the heart and radiates trustworthiness. But the blue eye gives off an icy stare that one can’t help but surrender to!

  • avatar Shawn Williams says:

    AGENT YETI REQUESTED!! New foster Roger is lightning fast and amazingly full of energy. He should really be a super hero. He’d love a Yeti agent to help him scope out a good furever home.

  • Agent Yeti Requested! Although BabyGirl has excellent tracking skills and doing a very fine job at teaching Midnight all she knows af tracking. The 2 girls are terrible at sneakiness and Stealth mode. They need Yeti to help them to accomplish their missions.

  • avatar Ximena says:

    Agent Yeti Requested! Elli’s super secret agent skills include being able to vertically leap (without a running start) over a 7ft fence and walking along the top of it with relative ease.