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Giveaway-a-Day 2012: Collars that are Just Dog Gone Cute!

December 27th, 2012 | Posted by Emily in Doggies! | Fostering. | Giveaways | Pit Bull Pride | Polly Pocket | Rescues | Rufus | Stuff I Love | Stuff that comes in the mail | Turk's Takeover

*********** THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED ********** 

Remember a few months ago when I talked about parading Rufus around like this?

And remember how adorable Turk looked here?

Photo by Fido Fetch Photography

And let’s not forget when Polly wore this…

What do all of these photos have in common?? Besides featuring adorbs pooches, those pooches are all wearing Just Dog Gone Cute decorative collars! Kelly (the creative genius behind Just Dog Gone Cute) even holds a special place in her heart (and home!) for pitties!

Kelly and her pittie Sally (the face of Just Dog Gone Cute)

I absolutely love Kelly’s collars – and I love it even more that Kelly donates a portion of her proceeds to animal rescues. Now you can win one of Kelly’s amazing collars for your pooch (or for your favorite rescue’s pooches)… here are the rules …

  • PRIZE: One Just Dog Gone Cute decorative collar of your choice
  • TO ENTER: Comment on this post with the words “DOG GONE CUTE!” and tell me what your dog does that you think is, well, just dog gone cute.
  • GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Thursday, December 27th, 2012 at midnight CST
  • PRIZE VALID FOR: Citizens of the U.S. of A only
  • USUAL STUFF: One entry per e-mail address is permitted. The winners will be selected using and announced on Friday, December 28th, 2012 as an update to this post. I will also email the winner on the 28th for information on how to redeem their prize.

* Click here to find out if you were the winner of yesterday’s Pitlandia tutu giveaway


Congratulations to Ashley from Pitlandia on winning this giveaway! I will contact you with the details on how to claim your prize!

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24 Responses

  • avatar Courtney Bulis says:

    Dog Gone Cute! Our dog Nora backs up to go through doorways and narrow spots in the house. It is quirky and wonderful!

  • Just Dog Gone Cute! When Gemma insists on sleeping under the blankies in bed, then gets up and walks around the house like ghost dog!

  • avatar melandk says:

    Dog Gone Cute! When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is say good morning to Kamanchi. He responds by jumping up from the foot of the bed and giving me kisses, then snuggles up to me and gives me doggy hugs. I love it. Best way to start my day.

  • avatar Elizabeth Davison says:

    Dog Gone Cute! My pibble, Courage, is so dog gone cute when she zoomies

  • avatar Ashley says:

    Dog Gone Cute! My rescue pup, Ollie, loves to put his paw in your hand and will paw at your knee if he’s not done being pet! He’s the biggest cuddle bug on the planet, which is good since he will be having ACL surgery next week.

  • avatar Lauren says:

    Dog gone cute! Coco has started to not only sleep close to us in the bed, but sometimes sleep on top of us. She stole my heart when we met her at the shelter by doing something similar and laying on my legs in our first meet and greet :)

  • avatar Lindsay says:

    Dog gone cute! Colt, the 70 pound pit bull, is afraid of bath time and acts like a big baby during bathies!!!

  • avatar Keri says:

    Dog gone cute!!! I love it when I’m on my computer & Trinity lays on me for attention. I think of her as saying “pay attention to me!” Life is to short so I put down the computer for some cuddle time :)

  • avatar Kelli says:

    Dog Gone Cute! Our pittie Lucy loves to snuggle with me in the recliner, laying on her back (because she thinks she’s human).

  • avatar Emily says:

    I’d like to share that everything our foster, Madden, does is adorable! One of her lovely traits is waking us up in the morning by squeaking the crap out of her Kong wubba and shoving it in our face to tell us she is ready to play! She also will run circles in the house in hopes that we will join her in a game of chase. She’s a goofy girl, and sooo cute!

  • avatar kkoira says:

    Dog Gone Cute! Koira does this super adorable thing where, if I ask her if she sees Possum (the name of a border collie she is friends with), she will look around, look into the distance, then, if she spots Possum, will run full speed over to her, crouching down and licking her chin and jaw when she finally gets there, throwing a little party. It is especially adorable because Possum likes to pretend she hates other dogs, and will kind of huff about it. But Possum helped raise Koira, and actually will play with her sometimes.

  • avatar pitlandiapooch says:

    Dog Gone Cute! Well, I think pretty much everything that Athena does is ridiculously adorable. But, the girl totally melts my heart when she rests her little chin on things like the coffee table, couch, my knee, etc. and then stares into my eyes! I love her!

    • avatar Kerin says:

      Yes, everything Bonnie does is Too Darn Cute (exept her unfortunate and unpredictable book cover fetish). The cutest is how she gently crawls up into the recliner to cuddle and snooze during tv time. Isn’t that the best part of pibbles, the “I’ll even stop my zoomies to snuggle with you”????

  • avatar Leah says:

    I think it is just so DOG GONE CUTE, when my Gracie jumps up and down and whines every night when I get home until I pet her.

  • avatar Hannah O. says:

    DOG GONE CUTE! Pretty much everything Widget does is adorable (probably why there are about a million photos of her on my cell phone)…but one of my favorites is her morning routine. Every morning, when we first let Widget out of her crate, she runs over to her toy bin, sticks her head in, and roots around…she hardly ever takes anything out, but gives all her toys a good once-over to make sure nothing is missing…squeaks all the squeaky toys…then runs to the door to go outside. She won’t go out until she’s “counted” all her toys :)

  • avatar Liliana says:

    DOG GONE CUTE! It’s gonna be hard picking one cute thing out of five dogs! OK. I’ll chose Alli’s smile. She she is super, super happy, she smiles, and it is absolutely adorable!

  • DOG GONE CUTE! That’s the best way to describe how Charlie “Chetty” Machete looks when he perches atop our counter in the laundry room. The phrase is also an apt description of Scooby AT ALL TIMES.

  • avatar Shawn W says:

    DOG GONE CUTE! When I tell Bugbug to be adorable, he rolls over on his side and rubs his nose with his paws, It’s so cute!

  • DOG GONE CUTE! I think it’s so cute when Nola snuggles with one of us. She doesn’t do it very often, so when she does it’s the cutest thing ever!

  • DOG GONE CUTE! My dog is the cutest breakdancer in the history of breakdancer!

  • Dog Gone Cute! Every morning after eating breakfast, Skye insists on being tucked under a blanket to catch a few more zzz’s while I get ready for the day.

  • avatar Donna Devereux Mosher says:

    These collars are dog gone cute! And LuLu would be dog gone cute wearing it when she visits with Pets On Wheels!!

  • avatar Kathy says:

    Dog Gone Cute! Titan is cute when he insists on talking to me because I’m not paying him enough attention.

  • DOG GONE CUTE! Macy loves to do HUMONGOUS zoomies at the park when shes excited, nudging max along the way :o)