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Mission: A-D-O-P-T-E-D!

December 17th, 2012 | Posted by Emily in Doggies! | Fostering. | Opt to Adopt | Polly Pocket | Smiling from ear-to-ear! | Yeti

Hey everyone!

Polly here and boy, do I have a lot to tell you!

Now that my secret agent identity has been revealed, I’ve been reassigned to a new mission – Codename: Adopted! My new mission is to take care of my new Mama, who for her own protection I’ll refer to as S.F. for the duration of this letter.

I try to always move a little in photos to make sure my face is blurry. It keeps the bad guys off my trail!

You see, S.F. used to have her own secret agent assigned to her – Agent Heinz – but unfortunately, he passed away from cancer a few years ago. So for the last two years, S.F. has been operating without ANY secret agent protection! Can you believe it?! It’s a wonder she’s made it this long without me! So for the past week I’ve been setting up shop at my new location – checking out the perimeter, interviewing the locals, and figuring out which rugs are the most comfortable while doing surveillance. It’s been a lot of work, but I take my job as S.F.’s new security detail very, very seriously.

Okay, I have taken a couple of naps too. Secret agenting is hard work.

Foster Mama says I’m actually retired from the secret agent business, but I want to be sure I stay up-to-date on my most important secret agent skills that I developed at Foster House, such as…

While I enjoyed my time with Foster Mama, Foster Dad, Rufus, and Turkey, I have to admit, as Christmas approached, I was really hoping that Santa would bring me just one thing

Turkey told me that if I wished hard enough, Santa would make my dreams come true, and he did! I am so happy with my new Mama, S.F., and I am looking forward to all of the adventures we are going to have together in the future! I’m already teaching her so much about secret agenting – I think we are at the beginning of a very beautiful friendship.

Don’t worry! I’ll still check in from time-to-time! I never completely abandon my previous assignments. But for now, I’m off to interview the mailman…you never know which ones turn out to be double agents!

Polly Pocket

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