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Yeti’s Secret Life

December 12th, 2012 | Posted by Emily in Doggies! | Overly dramatic | Polly Pocket | Yeti

We recently received a Facebook post from a reader regarding the death of Yeti.

Skye sent me a follow-up email after learning that her dog knew Yeti back in the day! We’re one step closer to solving this whole mystery!

Dear OWB:

The name’s Holland. Codenames Hollywog, Holly Bear, Monkeybear, and Princess Fuzzypants. I saw that my mom posted my picture on your facebook and I can stay silent no longer. Yes, I am an assassin. But I work for the good guys. I can’t go into details here, but suffice to say that someone’s got to do the dirty work on behalf of the democracy. I’ve already said too much.

Upon further reading of your blog, I can confirm that the deceased A.S.C. (abominable snow creature) is NOT YETI. I would know the real Yeti anywhere. He is one of our operatives (hopefully this explains some of his covert behavior in the past). I worked a job with him back in Nepal and…no, again, I’ve said too much. 

Here’s my theory of the crime: Your blog posts alerted the enemy that Yeti had returned to his home base at the Bungie. They sent an A.S.C. to eliminate him. Who better to breach the Bungie’s defenses than a Yeti-lookalike, right?? Yeti was forced to make a run for it while one or more of his brave housemates fended off the intruder, then lied about it in a selfless attempt to preserve Yeti’s true identity. This means that whoever took down the imposter-hitman-yeti is a hero and a patriot! I urge the responsible party to come forward and claim their Medal of Paw-nor.


Agent Fuzzypants

Polly, Rufus, and Turk are currently undergoing a second round of questioning, but we’re hoping that if Yeti is still alive, he will make contact soon so Polly can be released from the undisclosed location where she is being held for her own safety. More Friday!

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