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Friday is for the Random: Yeti Edition

December 7th, 2012 | Posted by Emily in Overly dramatic | Random Friday | Yeti

So I’m starting to think Polly might be right. Yeti may very well have faked his own death. And he seems to be taunting us through a series of photos… we’re not sure what to think.

1. Playing “Where’s Waldo” with a group of his Yeti brethren at NoPo Paws in Portland, Oregon.

2. Frolicking with squirrels in Overland Park, Kansas. (Spotted by the lovely Chloe of Fido Fetch Photography)

3. Sleeping in another dog’s bed. Rufus is, obviously, quite peeved at seeing this.

We are trying to figure out what this all means. Is Yeti truly alive as Polly asserted on Wednesday? Did Rufus have a hand in his staged death? All we know is that Rufus isn’t talking and Polly is trying to dig a hole in the wall that she has crudely hidden behind a Justin Bieber poster. It’s embarrassing for all involved.

More on Monday…

If you want to save Polly from the slammer, consider adopting her! Check out her petfinder profile here!

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