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Polly Pocket: I was framed!

December 5th, 2012 | Posted by Emily in Bumming Out | Doggies! | Fostering. | Overly dramatic | Polly Pocket | Rufus | Super serious. | Yeti

Polly here…  I’m writing to you from solitary confinement the bedroom. While I’ve been advised to remain silent so as not to incriminate myself, I have to tell someone who might believe me: I did NOT kill Yeti! I was FRAMED!

I don’t have much time, so let me makes this quick…. Yeti. is. not. dead. He faked his own death and tried to frame me for his “murder.” Now you may be asking yourself “how in the world could Polly possibly prove this?” I’ll tell you how: I have a photo of Yeti as he left the house! Look!

Okay, so I know the photo isn’t great… but can you blame me?! No one ever showed me how to use Foster Mama’s camera! But do you see?! Yeti is clearly leaving the house – ALIVE! Now, I can’t explain how he found that other Yeti and decapitated it to look like he died. Or why he framed me by leaving when Turk was in the crate so I would be the only suspect!

Foster Mama says I’m innocent until proven guilty, but I kinda feel like I’m guilty until proven guilty. Rufus keeps giving me death glares.

Foster Mama keeps saying soothing things to him like “Yeti’s in a better place now” and “we’ll find you a new Yeti” but then Rufus gets all harrumph-y and goes into his mourning cavern. Life is rough. I’m watching Shawshank Redemption on repeat hoping I can learn some stuff before I get sent to the slammer. Or else I have to prove that Yeti is still alive… and QUICK! Do you believe me? What should I do????

PS – I have started a twitter hashtag (yes, I’m a dog but I know what a hashtag is – I’m not an ANIMAL!) for Yeti sightings – #yetilives. If you see him, tweet me at @ourwaldobungie. Together we can prove my innocence! Oh, and if that doesn’t work, use the hashtag #freepolly to convince the warden to commute my sentence to time served.

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7 Responses

  • I believe you Polly, now just to prove it!

  • avatar Liliana says:

    Have you thought that maybe Rufus is behind all this?! Since Yeti wanted to leave the house, and Rufus didn’t want him to, during an argument, Rufus’ emotions got the better of him and HE killed Yeti?!

  • Well, I was wondering at the beginning of the post how Yeti could decapitate himself and still be alive. I must admit to having rather “guilty” thoughts there (no, no – not those kind – goodness!)
    Anyway, as you have now explained that it was a surrogate Yeti, I’m fully ready to back you on an innocent verdict.

  • Dear Polly,

    We’ll keep our eyes on the lookout. I hear the Pacific NW forests are a popular Yeti hang-out. I do hope Foster Mama is nice enough to at least give you bail. Maybe you pay her in noms and she lets you out of the bedroom? Just be nice to Rufus – remember, he’s innocent until proven guilty too!


  • avatar Kari says:

    I am CERTAIN you were framed

    Stop on by for a visit

  • avatar pitlandiapooch says:

    Miss Polly- I have to agree with Sarah. I do believe that Yetis like to hang out around our neck of the woods here in Portland. I will keep my eye out for him. If I were you, I would keep my eyeballs peeled to the computer in case anyone posts any Yeti pictures on your mama’s Facebook page. You might be able to use the sightings as evidence!

    I just know that you aren’t the guilty one! I mean, Yeti disappeared once before and then made a sneaky reappearance years later. I’m wondering what really happened during the Yeti’s first disappearance? Was Turkey wrongly accused of that incident as well?! Now I’m starting to think that maybe Rufus does have something to do with this after all……..

  • avatar Emily says:

    Probably the most hysterical post I’ve read ever/in awhile.
    I choose to believe Polly’s story! Shawshank Redemption is after all, one of my favorite movies.