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What Makes a Polly Pocket?

November 19th, 2012 | Posted by Emily in Doggies! | Fostering. | Irrational Fears | Opt to Adopt | Pit Bull Pride | Polly Pocket | Super serious.

Today is the big day! Today we announce the results of Polly Pocket’s Wisdom Panel DNA Test. Today we find out what really makes a Polly Pocket so Polly Pocket-y.

Is Polly made of sugar and spice and everything nice? Maaaaaybe

Is she a 50/50 mix of “totally adorable” and “impossibly cute?” Some might say that…

There were lots of guesses on Facebook as to what Polly Pocket’s EXACT breed mix was… everything was guessed from Mastiff, Boxer, Chihuahua, Rottweiler, English Bulldogge, Burmese Mountain Dog, Jack Russell Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, Poodle, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Sharpei, Pug, German Shepherd, Irish Terrier, Basset Hound, Siberian Husky, Ibizan Hound, Beagle, French Bulldog, Black Mouth Cur, Bloodhound, Whippet, Herrier, Argentine Dogo, to Akita. None of those were correct.

Ha ha! Keep guessing!

The two breeds that make up the majority of Polly’s DNA were guessed by Facebook fans, along with a few of her other breed indicators, but not one person guessed the main two breeds together! So, without further adieu, this is what Polly Pocket is made of…

Considering Polly’s slim stature and penchant for crazy zoomies all over the yard – I totally buy this combination but I am trying to figure out how this went down… did a purebred American Bulldog fall in love with a Vizsla mix from the wrong side of the tracks?!

How did my parents meet?

The Wisdom Panel results lists a short profile of the two prominent breeds along with characteristic traits and photos of each breed.

As I read over the profiles and traits, I was shocked at how accurate it was. Is she an energetic, alert, intelligent, and active dog who may be exuberant? YES! Shy around strangers? YEP! Loves playing retrieving games? Totally! Chases wildlife? ONLY EVERY MORNING! Well, she is just acting out her Vizsla traits! Does she require daily mental and physical activity to prevent hyperactivity and difficulty in handling? YUP! Does she form strong bonds to her people?  SO. MUCH. SO! Well, that’s her American Bulldog side coming out!

Which side gave me these beautiful begging eyes, Foster Mama?

While it appears that the American Bulldog side is pure all the way down, her Vizsla-side is a bit more muddled. According to the Wisdom Panel, the “mixed breed” portion on the Vizsla-side is made up of several breeds based on a certain DNA markers…

I think this part interested me more than anything… Basenji?! Weimaraner?! Labrador Retriever (although, seriously, every mixed breed dog seems to have at least a bit of lab in them. Labs must just get around…)?! This is crazy! And what’s most crazy to me is that Polly is less than 4% “pit bull.”

Block head says what?

The American Staffordshire Terrier is the the main breed that is considered a “pit bull” by society. A lot of cities that ban “pit bulls” will include Am Staffs in the ban because they are so similar. So… Polly Pocket Pittie really isn’t much of a pittie at all. She has been looked over by many potential adopters since June because of her “breed” that really wasn’t her breed at all. Many of the cities with BSL determine if a dog is a “pit bull” based on specific characteristics, such as a blocky head and adorable smile broad chest, but if you look at the Wisdom Panel Photo Gallery of dogs who were found to be “American Staffordshire Terriers” (aka “pit bulls”), they don’t all have those exact traits. So one dog could safely live in a city with BSL while another could not.

So am I cool to live in Overland Park and Leawood now?

So many dogs with blocky heads and muscular bodies languish in shelters for this reason, whether or not they are, in fact, pit bulls. While I am stoked that Polly’s pool of potential adopters will get bigger now that we can change her petfinder profile to reflect her DNA findings, I am sad that is even a factor at all. We need to be pushing to have BSL repealed in areas that have it and prevent it from coming to cities that don’t. While recent repeals in Ohio and Massachusetts are wonderful, we still have a long ways to go because we need to realize, it may be pit bulls that are the target now, but who knows what breed might be targeted later if we don’t stand up and demand that our dogs be judged as individuals – not as a whole breed.

BSL is dumb, dudes.

Here is some information on BSL and what you can do to fight it in your area.

Oh, and if you’d like to adopt your very own Vizsla/American Bulldog mix, check out Polly’s Petfinder profile!

Also, I was not paid or perked by Wisdom Panel to use their product. I purchased it with my own funds out of curiosity of what made up our little Polly Pocket dog!

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25 Responses

  • avatar Melisss says:

    Aren’t those Wisdom Panel tests neat???? So happy she is NOT pitbull!! Now go adopt that precious girl someone and don’t be afraid! She is such a sweetheart!

  • avatar Anna says:

    Hmmm I shoulda thrown Vizsla in there for kicks (you know since I have one) but I honestly don’t see many body traits at all… Sometimes I wonder where they get their DNA samples from. She is a freaking cutie no matter what she is. I don’t like that they put shy with strangers as that really is not a trait that Vizslas should even have. Luna knows no strangers which is something I love about her. She does do the zoomies but I have seen many breeds do this as well. Bottom line, she sounds like a wonderful dog, surprised she has not found a home yet. If you ever need any help with her “Vizsla side” just let me know. 😉

    • avatar Emily says:

      Thanks Anna! I hadn’t heard that being “shy around strangers” was particularly a vizsla trait, but then again, I hadn’t heard that “aggressiveness” was a trait of American Bulldogs. Oh well, I guess we can’t expect everything to be spot on. 😉

  • She is seriously too darn cute. I see the AmBull all the way! especially with the pics, it seems just her color and size are off. Yay polly pocket! I can’t handle your cuteness!

  • avatar Anita says:

    VISZLA! I am totally in love with those dogs. I feel like the ones I have met can look right in to my soul. Yay Polly!

  • avatar Iwona says:

    I love big brown dog’s shakes 😉 She is a beautiful blonde! Isn’t she just perfect…

  • avatar Married with Dawgs says:

    She’s wonderful & a lesson in why our stupid labels are stupid. I’m so glad her potential pool of adopters has grown larger because that increases her chances of finding her forever home but I’m sad potential pitbull-ness was ever a factor or issue.

  • I never would have guessed those breeds are in her background! But, it’s never really mattered to me what breed a dog is, when I fall in love that’s it.

  • avatar tholupka says:

    I think she’s 100% love!!!!

  • avatar rachel says:

    Awesome results! I wonder if a city with BSL recognizes a DNA test as evidence that a dog that “looks like a pit bull” can live there. I do know that DNA tests can help a lot where housing and insurance rules apply.

    I can really see that mix in her! The Vizsla must be where she gets her pretty red coat from:) I could be wrong, but I think Wisdom Panel or any other brand does not recognize APBT as a breed to mark, that’s a bummer. But I can’t wait to test my dogs!

  • avatar Lyndsey says:

    I can totally see Vizsla in her coloring. I had a friend for kicks and giggle do a DNA test on her dogs (one was a pure bred and the other a mutt) she got some really weird results for her purebred and the mix was part Great Dane and part Beagle.

  • avatar Corbin says:

    Hmmm… I’m part American Bulldog! Maybe Polly Pocket is my long lost sister…

  • avatar Emily says:

    I am not super surprised yet also would not have guessed the mix.
    Jay will never want to test our dogs–I know he’d be “sad” if they weren’t pits! Actually I would too. It would never in any way change how we feel about them, not even close, but there is something in the “label” to us I guess. Maybe that’s ridiculous, but it’s honest.
    Polly is, bottom line, cute as heck!
    The American Bulldog description horrifies me–“There have been reported incidents of American Bulldogs being aggressive to other pets and people?
    Ummm hello there are reported incidents of any kind of dog being aggressive…that’s ridiculous.

    • avatar Emily says:

      Emily – I completely agree on the description of the American Bulldog – was that really necessary?! Also, I personally wouldn’t have done the DNA test but I wanted to know just to make sure I wasn’t discounting whole cities due to BSL! Bottom line – I just want Polly to get adopted by a loving family. But personally, I wear the “pit bull” label with pride! :)

  • I never would have guessed! Though she is so tiny for having American Bulldog. Some of these results are so crazy. Did you see Ziggy is part Yorkie?

  • I wonder what a Wisdom Panel would say about Turk. Wouldn’t it be crazy if he really was a Corgi mix? Seriously, though, I am so happy that this will help you broaden Polly’s pool of potential adopters! I am hovering right on the edge of getting Charlie Machete tested… I am certain his test would have some strange results.

  • I can totally see that. We fostered what looked to be a viszla/pittie mix and her nose wasn’t as square as Polly’s, but more slender like a viszla. Whatever she is, she’s adorable so she’s got that going for her!

  • avatar cafall says:

    BOL – Polly Pocket is an original!


  • avatar Pitlandia says:

    Very interesting results! Maybe someday we will do a DNA test for Athena, they are so very interesting!

  • Regardless of her DNA she is a beautiful girl and even though I am happy that her ‘non-pit bullness’ means more people will consider adopting her it is sad that it was even a factor. More proof that BSL is poorly thought out and ineffective.

  • avatar Mayzie says:

    Wow! I totally believes those results! I think it’s neat that they gives you some pawsabilities about what her mixed breed hair-itage is. They didn’t do that when I got mine. But no matter what’s in her family tree, she is 100% adora-bull!

    Oh, and momma says to still be careful abouts where you adopt her to. Lots of cities with BSL don’t accept dee-en-ay tests. They just use their eyes and their own (bad) judgments when they decide what a “pit bull” is. That’s another reason BSL is SO stoopid – cuz they base it all on LOOKS, not what a doggie actually IS (or what their pawsonality is like). Mom still doesn’t take me with her to Denver ever cuz of that very reason.

    Wiggles & Wags,