One Couple + Two Dogs = Our Waldo Bungie

As any good foster parent knows, a key part of getting your fosters adopted is exposure. I make a point to take my fosters with me while I do my daily errands. I even make special trips to heavily populated, dog-friendly areas with my fosters in their Adopt Me vests (and me with a handful of fliers!) to see if a love connection can be made.

Ginger Rogers outside 5B & Co. Candlemakers – my fave candle shop (and bonus: its dog friendly)!

Polly Pocket – sitting pretty at the Rosterie Cafe while I had coffee with a friend.

But I have to be practical – not everyone comes running over when they see a pit bull-type dog walking around with an Adopt Me vest on. The big, blocky head and muscular body can be intimidating to some people, so I have to do my part to make my fosters as approachable as possible. With Ginger Rogers, that meant busting out a tutu and fairy wings

With Lucy Lou, it meant a custom St. Patricks Day dress and headband

And with Polly Pocket, we are utilizing a newfound accessory of choice: Just Dog Gone Cute decorative dog collars!

Kelly Andrews volunteered as a photographer for her local animal shelter before starting Just Dog Gone Cute. She would use feather boas, bandanas, and holiday costumes as a way to make the shelter dogs she photographed stand out from the crowd of “mug shots” that shelters typically market their dogs with. Still, she wanted to have some kind of accessory that made the adoptable dogs stand out even more than her boas and costumes could…

That’s when she started making her own decorative collars to use in her photos and before she knew it, Just Dog Gone Cute was a full-fledged business! Very reasonably priced at just $12-16 a pop, Kelly also donates a portion of the proceeds to animal rescue groups (much like a little dog sweater company that is near and dear to our hearts!). Oh, and did I mention she has a few pit bulls of her own?!

Seriously, we cannot get enough of her gorgeous decorative collars and will be using them to market Polly Pocket like crazy! The “clown collar” we purchased is sure to make Polly stand out in a crowd and will make her seem approachable to people who might otherwise be intimidated by her imposing physical features.

I have been eyeing these collars ever since Juliana at Peace, Love, and Fostering featured adoptable Joanie Rotten in an orange one back in October … and you better believe I bought Rufus and Turk matching Christmas collars to add to their collection of costumes (why should my fosters have all the fun?!). Turk was a bit camera shy but Rufus begrudgingly modeled a bit for me last week.

Seriously folks, these collars are adorable, fun, and help adoptable doggies stand out from the crowd (and help to pay for their care). What’s not to lurve here?! To order your own, contact Kelly at for order instructions or like Just Dog Gone Cute on Facebook.

What else do YOU do to help your foster dogs stand out in a crowd?

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