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Friday is for the Random: Portland Edition

October 26th, 2012 | Posted by Emily in Blog Love | Bungie on the Road | Doggies! | Goal Setting | Not So Healthy Eats | Portlandia | Random Friday

My trip to Portland was everything I hoped it would be and more… even the rain was fantastic.

So, while I wish I could share every waking moment of my trip, I had to settle for a few of my favorite moments.

1. The doggies! Every night was spent sleeping with with Married with Dawg‘s Hurley, Sadie, and Maggie. It didn’t leave a lot of room for me on the bed, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. They were premium cuddle buddies.

I’m that lump on the bottom right. Sadie snored in my ear. It was fantastic.

Each day my favorite of the three changed. Maggie was the intense lover… she just wanted to be near me all. the. time. Preferably on top of me. Hurley is the goofball … always good for a laugh. And Sadie … sweet Sadie is so loving that she would wag her tail when the other dogs were getting loved on. I mean, seriously, what dog does that?

I also spent quite a bit of time with Athena and her mama, A, from Pitlandia. Actually, A and I hung out every day I was there (she was gracious enough to chauffer me all over the city). And I fell in lurve with Athena and her cheezin’ face.

A actually wrote a bit about our trip to the World Foresty Center for Doggiepalooza, including the story behind this photo…

2. The food…oh good Lord… THE FOOD! I felt like every time I turned around I was eating some other delicious treat. Whether it was chocolate chip cookie cupcakes at Cupcake Jones, pots de creme at Three Doors Down Cafe, red velvet cakes at the Sugar Shop, or Salt & Straw ice cream. I seriously gained like 10 pounds. It was ridiculous.

3. NoPo Paws. Sarah’s store in North Portland is like a wonderland of natural pet products, from the bulk treat bar to adorable toys to a great selection of high quality dog foods, you just can’t go wrong.

I am crazy jealous that Sarah’s job is to talk dog-stuff and hang out with Hurley (who is working on being a good shop dog) all day.

Some other notable moments of my trip? Screaming bloody murder upon seeing what I thought was a severed head (thanks Daniel, for watching Dexter and putting those images in my head) but turned out to be a homeless guy sleeping on the sidewalk. Exposing Pitlandia’s A to my rather unhealthy greeting card obsession, including these gems…

Finally, a fun-filled afternoon with Sarah and A at Pine State Biscuits and Mississippi Ave., including a visit to the taxidermy store (only in Portland, for reals) and at Flutter, where we tried on potential Halloween costumes…

A dissected frog – crochet style

“Oh hello. Can I pet your dog?” Probably not in these creepy masks.

I had such a blast in Portland, and while I started the trip with two new blog friends, I left with two new friends (period). I can’t wait to go back. Hopefully sooner rather than later! Thanks to A and Sarah for your amazing hospitality … I miss you both already!

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