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Friday is for the Random: October 19, 2012

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I’m baaaaack (from Portland) and I have much to say about that next week… but for now, some random.

1. I recently won a cool photo contest from the Staples Promotional Products blog, Your Brand PartnerI won a pet prize pack for myself along with another prize pack for my favorite animal rescue. So, obviously, the animal rescue I chose was Unleashed Pet Rescue, where Miss Lucy Lou was fostered through. Here is Turk modeling some of the items I won.

Bulldog backpack: not for dogs, although Turk is quite dashing modeling it.
I am going to use it to carry supplies on KC Pittie Pack walks!

Flashing collar light for late-night walks? Yes please!

2. A few weeks back I ran a leg of a transport for five shelter dogs that were coming from Oklahoma City and heading up to Lincoln, NE and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Yep, that’s five dogs in my Hyundai Santa Fe….it was just a tad cramped. The little beagle girl was lucky enough to sit up front with me, and I admit, I fell in lurve with her pretty quickly. Those big floppy ears?! I die just thinking about them…

The dogs going to Lincoln, NE (three black lab puppies) were heading there to be fostered by my old high school classmate, Sara, who has a major love for all things black lab!

Sara’s foster pack: Berkley, Bentley, and Simba.

We were able to catch up for a couple of minutes in a McDonalds parking lot when I was passing the dogs off to her, and I found out that she is very involved with the Nebraska No Kill Canine Rescue! I just think it is so funny how a similar calling to help shelter animals has helped us to reconnect 10 years after high school ended! Oh, and those dogs I brought to her to foster? Instead of facing death at an overcrowded OKC shelter, Sara and her husband adopted one (Berkley), one is in a foster-to-adopt situation (Bentley), and the other one is available for adoption (Simba)! What a great reminder on how even the smallest contribution, like volunteering a few hours for a transport, can make a huge difference in the lives of a shelter animal.

High school buddies turned animal rescue allies!

3. Lastly, and most importantly (according to Polly), is that Polly Pocket has officially thrown her hat into the ring for the 2012 presidential election. I have tried explaining to her that she doesn’t meet many of the requirements to run for president: (1) She is not old enough (who thinks a 1-2 year old running the U.S. is a good idea?!) and (2) she isn’t a human being (she disagrees). But regardless, she is running on a platform of providing more noms to those who are in need (and, according to Polly, every dog is in need of more noms), mandatory 4-day cuddle weekends, and the banishment of cats from all positions of power (because we all know how cats abuse their power). Campaign slogans are as follows: “noms you can believe in,” “occupy noms,” “we are the noms percent,” “believe in noms,” and “the government didn’t build my noms, but it would be cool if they did.”

We still aren’t sure which party she aligns with. She is currently looking for a vice presidential running mate.

Another Random Friday is in the books, and now, off to help Polly pass out campaign fliers, because people don’t seem to want the ones covered in her drool. Oh the perils of having no hands!

Would you like to live with your very own presidential nominee? Polly Pocket is available for adoption!

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25 Responses

  • avatar cafall says:

    We would vote for Polly! I’m so glad your friend is helping black dogs – it broke my heart when we looked for a pup for my Mom and saw the shelter was filled with black dogs.


  • avatar LizN says:

    Who can resist a Beagle?! You know how much I love them!

  • avatar Carolyn says:

    Best blog post yet. I am writing in Polly on election day.

  • Love this post! :) Thank you for all of the great things you do to help animals! And PS, we would totally vote for Polly… although I do have a kitty that would beg to differ with her feline assessment… maybe together, they could bring all the animals together?!

    • avatar Emily says:

      I’ll talk to Polly and see what she says about reconsidering her position on cats. Surely, as a pittie who wants to be understood, she can appreciate that a kitteh would want the same courtesy extended to him/her.

  • Polly has our vote, noms it is! And thank you for all you do for animals, you’re awesome.

  • Mushroom would like to be considered for Polly Pocket’s VP pick. She also believes wholeheartedly in noms, and as a former teen mom, she believes in promoting spay/neuter as well. Also, we think her energetic play style would make for a very interesting VP debate! (And sometimes she sounds like she’s laughing.)

    • avatar Emily says:

      Spay/neuter is definitely something Polly wants to advocate for during her presidency. I think Mushroom would be fantastic for our party – having good debate skills (and a hearty laugh) definitely make her a formidable running mate!

  • We love Turk in that flashing collar – and in the backpack! Thanks for entering our giveaway and helping us help a local rescue!

  • 1. Turk looks fab – but I already told you that!
    2. There must be something in that Nebraska water that gets gals like us excited about animal rescue.
    3. Charlie Machete really wants to be Polly’s running mate. BUT he would settle for being Secretary of Defense.

  • Very cool, doing a leg of a transport is on my “rescue bucket list.” :-) And I am very sorry to say that I cannot support the lovely Miss Pocket in the election this year, as I am backing a certain brindle candidate who currently lives in my house. (Ahem, COOPER FOR PRESIDENT!) :-)

    • avatar Emily says:

      I tried to explain to Polly that her campaign might split the canine/pittie vote, but she was undeterred! Can we agree that if one wins and not the other, they might reserve a spot in their cabinet for each other?

  • avatar pitlandiapooch says:

    Loving the random Friday! Congrats Turk, so cool that you transported FIVE dogs at once, and Polly will for sure be on my ballot this year!

  • Polly will definitely have our vote too! Although kitties outnumber canines in our house so she might not the all the votes. Way to go on the transport! I’ve stuffed a few crates in Fernando myself and way to rock the Super Levi shirt!!

  • Vote Polly 2012! You’ve got our vote! :-)

  • avatar Kirsten says:

    Transport must be such a satisfying thing to participate in. Five lives–saved, because of you! And the fun of having them all in your car for a bit….

    Polly gets my vote! I think she’ll motivate the younger electorate to get more involved for sure.

    • avatar Emily says:

      Transporting was definitely a satisfying experience, especially when I saw the 25+ drivers who participated in the transport from OKC all the way to Nebraska and Minnesota! Without each and every one of these drivers, these dogs wouldn’t have made it. Such a cool thing to be a part of!

  • avatar Kelly says:

    And you know that beagle type dogs nicely compliment the big blocky head dogs. ;-D Or atleast according to A&P they do.

  • NOMS you can believe in…hilarious, Polly has my vote :-)

    You do such great work helping dogs and saving lives, thank you.

  • avatar Lyndsey says:

    Hank would make a great VP for Polly, he loves to chase cats (squirrels, birds, anything that comes in the yard back out of the yard). Plus if you asked him he never has enough noms and is starving to death so he needs the noms.

    I love big black dogs, I had two growing up! But they are some of the hardest to adopt out because lots of people are afraid of them, wonderful thing you and your friend did for those 5 dogs!

  • avatar Of pit bulls and patience says:

    Parker and Skye will stand behind her! More noms and a tennis ball in every mouth!

  • avatar onedoglife says:

    I am SO jealous that you got to go to Portland and meet the star of Pitlandia! It’s been on my list of places to visit for a while. The closest I’ll be is Seattle for a business trip this coming week :)