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Three Years of Blogging

October 1st, 2012 | Posted by Emily in Blog Love | Doggies! | Fishing for compliments | Nostalgia

Last Monday marked the three year blogiversary of Our Waldo Bungie! Three years ago, I wrote this post proclaiming my ownership of a little sliver of the blog-o-sphere with the intention of showing our family and friends the progress we were making with our first house – and waited for someone to say something back to me.

At first,  I was all over the place – writing to crickets about my obsession with the Nebraska Cornhuskers, how much I love the fall (with the first appearance of Turk on the blog!), and how I put up my Christmas decorations ridiculously early. I didn’t really have a set direction, I was just writing for myself and hoping eventually someone… anyone … would respond. After about a month, I received my first comments from other bloggers whose blogs I followed religiously, including Kasey from Thrifty Little Blog (who commented here on our living room decor), Sara from Russet Street Reno (who commented here on my first bout of bloglaziness), A & E from Two Pitties in the City (who complimented us here on Turk’s new trick), and Sherry from Young House Love (who commented here on our IKEA curtains in the living room – check out my total fangirl response to her comment. So, so, soooo embarrassing!). I’m not going to lie, getting those first few comments from other bloggers sent me to cloud nine! People cared what I had to say?! Amazeballs.

Daniel & I with our pumpkin bounty from this post.

 The posts that received the most comments from friends were not, in fact, about our house but about the dogs. Duh. How had I not thought of making the blog more dog-centric from the start? Here are a few nuggets that I am especially proud of: Reading Rainbow and Turk vs. Vacuum.

Turk’s fear of vacuums (and his ability to fit in tiny spaces) was documented in Turk vs. Vacuum.

Looking back on old blog posts from that first year, a few things are clear: (1) I blogged very sporadically (3 posts in a week! No posts for a month! Back to three posts!); (2) My photographs were lacking (no white balance, some were fuzzy, bad angles); and (3) I definitely blogged like no one was listening (because, most of the time, they weren’t).

He’s too sexy for the camera, apparently. And apparently I was too sexy for white balance.

I like to think I’ve grown as a blogger over the past three years. Sheesh, I hope I’ve grown! So this week I want to do something to mark the occasion – a celebration of my last three years as a blogger! I want to look at the evolution of this blog, including my highs and lows, and I want to know more about you, my readers (now that I can proudly say I have more than a few of those)! To that end – could you take a few minutes and head over to this link to take a quick survey? I want to know who you are and I’ll post the results later this week!

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