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Turk Visits the Sea of Potatoes

September 24th, 2012 | Posted by Emily in Bungie Nature | Bungie on the Road | Doggies! | Fall fun | Rufus | Turk's Takeover

Hey guys! Turkey man here! Do you know what I did this weekend? I went to the Sea of Potatoes!

Well, Mama says it isn’t actually a sea… it’s actually a lake called Lake Pomme de Terre (Potato Lake in French) and (gasp!) there are no potatoes in it. It was named that because the rocks that surround the lake look like potatoes. But you can’t eat them. Bummer.

Mama and Daddy took the Rufus man and I down to the lake to stay with some of their friends for the whole weekend and sent Polly to live somewhere else and never come back daycare. Daddy was a little worried that we would freak out when we saw the giant sea lake or not know what to do on a boat, but luckily, he didn’t need to worry about a thing. Apparently all FOUR of my legs are of the sea-variety!

I took to the boat life like a pirate takes to scurvy (whatever that is). And the sun reflecting off the water brought out all the browns in my eyes that make Mama exclaim how bee-yoo-tee-full I am in her super high voice that she does when she gets around my auntie Jo-Jo.

My favorite thing about the Potato Lake was the Potato Island in the very middle of the lake. The Potato Island is really small and no animals live on it, so Mama and Daddy felt safe letting me explore all by my lonesome. Wanna know a secret though? I really preferred exploring with Daddy.

My new friend John tried to get me to swim in the water with him, but I was too scared decided that I should stay onshore and supervise our party instead.

I didn’t want John to think that I didn’t like him though, so I let him snuggle me once we were back on the boat. I know, I’m super nice.

Once I said that John, Becca, Auntie Jo-Jo, and Nick would fawn over him if he went for a ride, Rufus decided to join us for a morning cruise around the sea lake yesterday. Rufus’ legs aren’t quite as sea-worthy as mine, but he did okay as long as someone was cuddling him. And when Rufus wants a cuddle, he gets it.

I pretty sure of all the none times I’ve been to the sea lake, this time was my favorite. Once I figure out how to work the mouse without supposable thumbs, I’m going to start looking at real estate on the sea lake. Just call me Captain Turkleton – master of the Potato Lake!

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