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Besties Trip: Day 2

September 20th, 2012 | Posted by Emily in Bungie Nature | Bungie on the Road | Photography. | Stuff I Love

More beauty to behold as we visited Point Lobos State Natural Reserve. We may or may not have sung Colors of the Wind. And, as the last few photos prove – we were definitely those people during our hike. Luckily, we pretty much had the place to ourselves so the only beings who could be annoyed were the animals. And considering the gaggle of deer who followed us on our journey, I’d say they quite enjoyed our antics.

* Joanna shares the photo credit for these photos because we were passing the camera back and forth quite a bit. Now I don’t remember who took what. She is a fantastic photographer though so let’s just assume the extra gorgeous ones are her doing…

** The Kibble for Facebook Likes campaign is still going on … one more week! Can we reach our goal?

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