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Kibble for FB Likes: Our Waldo Bungie Style

September 10th, 2012 | Posted by Emily in Blog Love | Doggies! | Fostering. | Opt to Adopt | Polly Pocket | Rufus | Silliness | Turk's Takeover | Volunteering

It’s here! The $500 I won from GOODMaker in the Bloggers for Good contest is finally here!

As I explained in this post, winning the GOOD Maker contest entitled the charity of my choice, Unleashed Pet Rescue, to a $1,000 grant and me to a $500 cash prize. What I didn’t divulge in that post was that I secretly made a pact with fellow contestant Josh from That Touch of Pit to split the $500 prize if either of us won. So, as soon as my check arrived, I turned around and wrote a $250 check to Josh’s charity, The Bully Project, which offers free training for pit bulls and works to end dogfighting in New York City. The Bully Project will be using that money to pay for a rental space to host their next round of free dog training classes! Cool, huh?

So, with $250 burning a hole in my pocket, I needed a plan. What to do with the rest of the money? Since I want to use the money for shelter dogs, I thought the best thing to do was ask my dogs for advice on how I should spend it.

So, I posed one simple question to Turk, Rufus, and Polly Pocket: “what is the most important thing to a shelter dog?”

Really, Rufus?! Leave it to the only non-rescue dog to be completely clueless on what is important to shelter dogs! Well, I am going to take Turk & Polly’s word for it and follow in the footsteps of my good friends Aleks and Juliana with a Kibble for Likes Campaign through our Facebook page! For every person who “likes” Our Waldo Bungie’s Facebook page* and then leaves a comment about what they think is the most important thing a shelter pet needs between now and midnight on September 30th, I will donate 1 lb of kibble* to the shelter dogs at Unleashed Pet RescueSo, if you have been waiting to like our Facebook page, do it now! Share our page with your friends and tell them to “like” us for a good cause! It’s easy, it’s free, and the dogs of Unleashed Pet Rescue will love you for it!

*Up to $250 of high-quality kibble. Multiple comments from the same contributor will only be counted once. If you already “Like” our page, just leave a comment and you will still be counted!

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