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PETA and Pit Bulls (apparently) don’t mix.

August 30th, 2012 | Posted by Emily in Bumming Out | Doggies! | Pit Bull Pride

StubbyDog Project posted an email exchange Tuesday between a representative for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and a long-time donor, Mina, who withdrew her financial support of the organization after learning about their stance on pit bulls. Read the post for yourself here, but check out this excerpt from the PETA “Philanthropic Specialist:”

“Are some pit bulls loving companions? Absolutely! But PETA must consider that people who have good intentions rarely come to a shelter to adopt pit bulls; almost without exception, those who want pit bulls are attracted to the “macho” image of the breed as a living weapon and seek to play up this image by putting the animals in heavy chains, taunting them into aggression, and leaving them outside in all weather extremes in order to ‘toughen’ them.”

“Foster Mama, what is a ‘macho?’ Is it like a nacho?”

In addition to having a completely offensive view on the majority of people who seek to adopt pit bulls, PETA also advocated for the ridiculous BDL ruling in Maryland. I wish I could understand why a group who comes together to fight for the “ethical treatment of animals” would be actively spreading falsehoods about the breed (which, on that topic, is a widely overused term to describe any dog with a stubby body and blocky head). StubbyDog Project summed up the “lesson” learned from this post perfectly: “it is important for all of us, as a community of pit bull advocates, to understand their (PETA’s) position when it comes to pit bulls and be prepared to discuss it with other animal lovers. Effective advocacy is about learning what the myths out there are, why they exist and why they are false.

Breed discrimination is the pits.

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  • avatar Sam says:

    I think PETA will lose a lot of support with comments like this.


  • avatar pitlandiapooch says:

    Thanks for sharing this. It makes me SO angry though!! I’m sensing some major PETA backlash coming from pit bull advocates in the near future!!!

  • avatar tholupka says:

    I have never been a fan of PETA or their words (or lack there of). But I am a big fan of you!

  • This anti-pittie attitude has been prevalent at PETA for a long time. It’s so unfortunate since they are such a force in the area of animal rights because they could be doing so much good.

  • PETA aren’t prevalent as an organisation in Australia and the more I read about them the happier I am about it because they don’t seem to care about animal welfare and education, instead they are hell bent on having some breeds becoming extinct.

  • Gah! That’s why I’m not a fan of PETA. They’ve strayed so far from their roots.

  • My impression of PETA is that the group just likes to stir the pot and sensationalize issues. Occasionally, they’re right about something but they often miss the mark. What really sucks about that is PETA is the animal rights organization that everybody knows, which means they have some influence.

  • avatar Elisa says:

    Hear hear!! So unfortunate that such a large organization *could* be doing so much more.. instead with every step forward they take 10 steps back. Cheers for all you do, Emily! (And Polly – it is *totally* like a nacho.)

  • avatar Kirsten says:

    That was a kickass letter from Mina! I used to be a big PETA supporter too and let them know why I stopped a few years ago. They are so right on in so many ways but this kind of cr*p–and their failure to advocate for no-kill policies that save lives in shelters–undermines the rest of what they do. Maybe they’ll get the message someday, or maybe Ingrid Newkirk will move on.

  • avatar Vicki says:

    Great post. PETA makes me see red! They really give animal lovers a bad name and make us look like nut jobs. Complete jerks.